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Batool Nov 2020
Her love for him
bright enough to
turn his darkest hour
into a sky full of stars

His love for her
fragrant enough to
make it's presence known
to the blindest eye !!
Harkaran Apr 2014
Somewhere someone is going
Without anyone even knowing
Across massive rivers of blood
In the young revolution flood

While the mothers in black hide
Their tears which now have dried
Out of bloodshot sleepless eyes
Across vast open miles and miles

Mothers with their sons throwing
Themselves into the river flowing
And with tireless soldiers of God
All for the long forgotten cause

The blasted and wounded call
They cry for battle but never fall
What is war for widows and mothers
What is freedom for young lovers

There is only endless years of waiting
There is only loneliness and hating
And somewhere someone is going
Without anyone ever knowing

— The End —