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Katherine Laslie Feb 2017
I think the biggest curse of them all
Is life

It stretches and bends you
Until you break
And never hesitates

Death seems like an escape
But has cold, bitter hands
And a beautiful, warm face

Not to mention
Life is temporary
Death is permanent
Life can be amazing
Still, death is eminent

All through our lives
We weigh out which one
We would rather have
When things go good, we choose to live
But we would throw it all away
The very moment when things get bad

Between all the contradicting
One fact still remains
That one simple fact that completely separates:
Life is a choice
We choose to live
Every day, even when it's our life that we want to give
Life is waking up
And choosing that this day
Will be a good one
Just one choice
Can make life miserable
Just one choice
Can make life worth living
“Do you ever feel like…
like in a moment you see where you were a year ago
and you wonder how you got to where you are
and you trace it back, reading through a journal or something
and you can’t remember so much
it all happened so fast
and you wonder if you’ll ever get back the time you lost
I barely ever look back
but when I do
it feels like looking down the other end of a tunnel, where it’s so bright now that it’s hard to see the light that I started out in at the other end.”
Shawn Callahan Jan 2015
Trust me when i say,
I never thought I'd admire you.
Silently sitting there
Waiting to catch that sparkle in your eyes.
Your smile; so perfect, so white.
I'm at a lost when you're in my head.

We talked and laughed together.
Talked about relationships and school.
Maybe it was the way you looked at me,
or the fact that you even looked at me
But I wanted more from you,
More than the school hallways.

I still have your notes,
That we passed in Math class.
Do you remember them?
I remember how flattering it was
To watch you beg for homework answers.
I gave them all to you,
expecting a little something in return.
I gave you everything, you gave me nothing.

I truly loved our flirtationship
That is what I liked to call it at least
You gave me butterflies and I developed a crush
You had everything you ever wanted
Even a pawn like me.

Its been years now,
And it still hurts; rejection.
But I have one more note to pass
I'm no longer the girl admiring you from afar
I'm the beautiful lost
But, don't mind me
I'm just writing you away.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Don't mind me, I'm stuck with what I've got.
To live a little, means you've learned from a lot.
So go out there and take the world by storm.
Then meet me down where the water gets warm.

Don't mind me, I'm stuck with what I know.
When your holding on, you have to learn to let go.
Treasure yourself, you have a heart full of gold
Never measure your wealth, for you will never be sold.

Don't mind me, I'm stuck with all I need.
And all I need is that you come find me.
Don't mind me, lets go set the world free.
Because there is no other place where I would rather be.

Don't mind me, I'm stuck with plenty of time.
To do all of the things that come to mind.
Live in a dream when I open my eyes.
Then fall asleep after the big surprise.

Don't mind me, I'm stuck with not enough answers.
To save the world, find a cure for cancer.
Live each day, Like hell I try!
To discover the answers when I wonder why.

Don't mind me, I'm stuck with memories.
Put them all together, find out what it means.
Keep hold of the good and take away from the bad.
Those are the best years I've ever had.
I couldn't help but begin to describe what made me 'me' and what we people go through over the course of our lives.
Haych Nov 2014
The screams now shout louder than ever in the silence of my unspoken words, but just like me, they go unnoticed.

— The End —