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Mon Apr 2016
                    ­                                    hindi
                       ­                                                     kita
       ­                                                                 ­                                  iiwan

                                                          ­                                                iiwan
           ­                                                                 ­ kita
originally by JMS
Mon Feb 2016
i don't need any
flower's petals to know that
you do not love me
Mon Feb 2016
What's worse:*
your parents telling you that
you are to remain single
until further notice,
the day
they decide that it's
about time they put you
on the market?
Mon Feb 2016
The right question should be, "Who's on your mind?"
And the right answer would be you...
I just can't come up with the right words for a poem for someone, so maybe this is enough for now.
Mon Jan 2016
Hindi ko maamin
Na ako'y may gusto sa'yo

Hindi ko mapigilan
Aking nararamdaman

Hindi ko maiwasang
'Di mapatingin sa'yong mga mata

Hindi ko na malaman
Kung ano pang dapat kong maramdaman
Mon Nov 2015
steel against skin
blood like red lips
endless stream of dreams
a heart that hardly beats

encircle me in your arms
i'm emotionally unstable
tell me things they never said
make me feel like you understand

take me in our world
i want a quick escape
give me something i never had
make me feel like you understand
Mon Nov 2015
With their hands locked, they paced to catch the fireworks.
They made it just in time, as the first burst of colors lit the starless skies. It was beautiful.
In the middle of the colorful spectacle, the girl asked for a sign.
A sign for her to know if the hand she’s holding now is the hand she will forever hold.
She asked for applause.
Applause from the crowd at the end of the fireworks.
For her, it will be like God’s applause for the two of them.

The vibrant sight went on.
Illuminating the dark sky with lively colors.
The girl waited for the sign in joyful anticipation and the crowd murmured in delight each time a radiant hue marked the heavens. Finally, the last burst of color stroked the evening sky.

Then the people clapped.
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