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Ashley Mellinger Jul 2020
Thank you for loving me.
For greeting me with a smile,
For encouraging me,
For picking me up when I fall down,
For forgiving my mistakes,
And reminding me I am not my faults.

Thank you for hearing me,
For listening,
For taking action,
For your careful word choice.

Thank you for reading me.
For listening to what I wasn’t saying.
For picking up but I wasn’t laying down.

Thank you for staying by my side.
For fighting for me,
For taking up a war you didn’t have to fight.

Thank you for teaching me.
For explaining so thoroughly,
For waiting so patiently,
For understanding my misspoken words,
For knowing me.

Thank you for taking the time to truly understand me.

Thank you for seeing me —
As a person,
As a gentle soul,
As an emotional teenager,
And not brushing me
Like you so easily could’ve.

Thank you for loving me
Even when it was hard.
who am I to you
that you have never seen
am I but a thought
or just a faded memory

who am I to you
that you have never known
am I but from the past
of which you have disowned

who am I to you
that you have never loved
am I but a thing to you
that brings you such disgust

who are you to me
that I have never seen
you are but a thought
just a faded memory

who are you to me
that I have never known
you are but from the past
of which I have disowned

who are you to me
that I will never love
you are but a thing to me
that I am letting go of
Not much to say about this, I think it speaks for itself.
Destiny Fertig Aug 2015
I needed a father Not a friend,
I needed someone to chase the monsters outFrom under my bed.
I needed guidance and praze ,
Not someone I didn't hear from for days.
I needed someone to teach me how to ride a bike ,
Not someone who brought me to drug fights.
I needed someone to dry my tears,
Not someone to get me beer.
I needed someone to right me when I was wrong ,
Not someone who did drugs , to make them feel like they belong.
I needed you there .
The disappointment I can no longer bare.
I've held these words in for so many years ,
I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't even care.
I hoped that one day you'd chose me over drugs,
But I realized that the high was you're only love.
I always tried to be daddy's little girl.
I tried my best to belong in your ****** up world.
I realize now , that I have never known you,
As much as I always wanted to.
You chose your addiction over me,
As I grew up it was clear to see.
I always had hope.
But in the end ,
You chose dope.
I saw the life from your eyes slowly disappear,
Loosing me was no longer a fear.
I tried so hard to help you out,
But you always brushed it off as if you didn't know what I was talking about.
Weight started to shed and I could see your bones,
With a room full of people , I have never felt So alone .
If You taught me anything it is this ,
Not every one should have kids.
Madeysin Dec 2014
I cursed every tear that dripped from my blue forsaken eyes, rolled down my cheeks, to rest at my lips, the ones that never got to call you dad.
I don't know how much longer I can keep my head above the waves.

— The End —