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I'll ignore it
It'll go away
I won't dwell on it
There's nothing to say
You did it all wrong and lost your mind,
Knock on the door,
It’s all now gone.
Where have you been?
Away from here..
You missed it, didn’t see it,
Blown into oblivion.

                                                     ­             .1998.
understand, i wrote this back in 1998! i was a volatile 17 year old girl trapped in a private school, living in the middle of nowhere with no transportation, my nearest friend lived 15 miles away, and her nor i had a vehicle, and my parents were always gone... i was a miserable angry teen.. where this poem came from in my messy brain, i do not know.. but re-reading it just now, it caught my attention.. its just a thing i suppose.
who am I to you
that you have never seen
am I but a thought
or just a faded memory

who am I to you
that you have never known
am I but from the past
of which you have disowned

who am I to you
that you have never loved
am I but a thing to you
that brings you such disgust

who are you to me
that I have never seen
you are but a thought
just a faded memory

who are you to me
that I have never known
you are but from the past
of which I have disowned

who are you to me
that I will never love
you are but a thing to me
that I am letting go of
Not much to say about this, I think it speaks for itself.
You slip under the sheets beside me, I didn't hear you come home. You adjust till you're beside me, your lips graze my cheek.
I can feel your need.
I need you too.
You rouse me with a kiss, and gaze into my eyes, so deep and loving, I can see your soul, and it makes my heart swell.
You touch my face, your fingers dance down my neck and my body trembles in response.
I am yours right now, for always.
Touch me, hold me, feel my breath quicken.
I am almost there, you are soon to follow.
I wish this moment could last forever, being with you, time is frozen.
I hold my breath as the fire between us rages and roars, exploding then lingering as our heartbeats return to normal.
Still in your arms, we drift off together into euphoric dreams.
Drops of cold that sting my skin,
As I walk on through the rain..
The sweetness of this
It may be bliss
But is only measured as pain.
i look in the mirror
and scowl at what i see
because the creature staring back
isn't truly me
tumble into darkness,
passed the spider's web,
close my lifeless empty eyes,
i am forever dead.
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