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A Simillacrum Aug 2018
See where it gets you?
In the toilet bowl.
Open mouthed,
force fed remains,
gasping ****
instead of air,
grabbing at hair.
stop it stop it!

See where it gets you?
Wrapped up in business
never meant for
your energies,
fitting, in turn,
into crowded

Save me. Save you.
Save me? Save you?

Matter is finite.
I'm of it.
Build your empires.
Believe through the matter,
of course.

I pick myself up from the floor,
and sweep back my soaking mop.


I had a whole day
worse than tonight
just last week.

I'll enjoy my selfishness
while I can,
but thanks.
Alyssa Paca Jul 2018
every day
they'll be looking
looking on the net
to find a much
cherished pet

constantly searching
for that special guy or gal
who'll offer them love's gift

out there in cyber land
someone seeks out another
to adore
a heart to heart exchange
carrying on forevermore

lonely souls wanting
the joy of a relationship
being close and contented
in a loving partnership

every day
they'll be looking
looking on the net
to find a much
cherished pet
Steelyvibe Jun 2018
Let there be no mistake
No error or contradiction
It is already taking place
This is not science fiction

Wake up and look around
We already have acceptation
Everyday a little bit more
Is changing our inception

Our body parts have changed
Towards final automation
All our senses have been controlled
For our reincarnation

A telescopic vision
Storing hyper information
Mechanical robotic limbs
A cyber man mutation
She Writes Nov 2017
I often find myself longing for
A kiss I have yet to taste
Skin I have yet to touch
Eyes I have yet to gaze upon
How do I miss these things
I’ve never known?
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