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Gemineyed Gypsy Jul 2016

Don't turn off your minds to them.
They are the answer.
They are the key.
Born time and again into innocence.
Reminders that we all start off with the chance to be free.

Look at the world through their bright wide eyes.
See the magic, the imaginary and fun.
Numb your ears to the mindless matters of adulthood worries.
Fill your soul with excitement and laughter.
Live to enjoy the now.
© 2016 Gemineyed Gypsy
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.
Reine Monroe Apr 2016
When i was younger,
I would take baths...
The purpose was to get clean,
But my purpose was to just feel...
My purpose was to see...
My purpose was to feel free...

I bathed the all-day smells away,
I bathed my ****** wounds,
I would lay back & close my eyes.
If i could sleep in the water,
I would...

Fingers had gotten pruny,
It showed me i been in for too long .
I imagined myself swimming,
The ocean was the clearest blue.

Warning signs of when you need to get out..
The younger days were the best...

Bathing with demons now,
They're not friendly...
I wash up with the richest soap,
But I'm still *****...
Insides spits hell,
Skin feels heavenly...

He is talking to me through a glass..
I'm trying to listen,
I sit...
I sit in a chair at the bottom of the sea,
I see....
I see in the dreams...
Chained by the feet,
Eyes closed shut,
Wherever my mind leads me...
Sydney Ann Feb 2015
there are moments
when i fade out of existence
disappear from reality
this reality
into a new one
a place you wouldnt believe
my place
my realm
it's my place to hide
safety from life
when you hurt me
i have to go there
it might protect me
wont hide me from your kind
your species
but maybe hide me from the pain
oh how it kills me.

— The End —