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Marta May 24
In my madness
I’m a lone wolf

When I’m sane I will be with you
I’ll care for you
I’ll be kind
I’ll smile and chat

But in my madness
I’ll be magnificent
Greater than Life

Nobody dare to touch me

When I’m sane I’ll be with you
When I’m mad
I’ll write poetry

I’ll be with you when I’m sane
Because you read my poetry
Marta Feb 21
There is a BOX with many moving parts It
is a GAME The object of the game is to
move the parts in such a way that all
shapes and colours align in perfect ORDER
Every time you move one piece all other
pieces move in response Creating ORDER in
one corner destroys it in another Removing
TENSION in one place creates it in another
It is an IMPOSSIBLE game The game is
called LIFE Its purpose is to seek order The
way to ENJOY it is to appreciate DISORDER
Marta Feb 13
in the world that moves so fast
our bodies do not keep up
and the instincts that
served us so well
lead us astray
I find that my automatic reactions - fight and flight responses for example - often lead me to behave in a way that I later regret. What would be a matter of life and death in a jungle, in our society, is a matter of embarrassment.
Marta Jan 2
I remember when things used to happen in the future
The dreams, the hopes and the worries

Suddenly things stared to happen in the past
The memories, the victories and the regrets

How did I miss the time when the they were all happening now?
Marta Nov 2018
My mind is under attack

A tumour in the grey matter
creates connections where there should not be any
destroys the paths that define who I am

The person I was
dissolves in front of my terrified family

It is so hard to hold on to who I was

I feel more peaceful when
I transform into an illogical mess of a being

A part of me still knows that this creature
is me

The same me in a different brain

And that me finds the courage
To forgive the mess
And love myself
As I am
As I end
Marta Nov 2018
Which one is real?

Blink in and blink out?
Seething mass of chemicals?
Two animals?
Two lovers?
Love story?

All real
All needed
Just as it is

The reality has many layers
Marta Nov 2018
I am painting a portrait

I was painting a portrait of my FRIENDS
But instead

I am only portraying what I THINK

There is so much I DON’T see

My words
They don’t portray the friends at all
They only portray how I SEE them
They only portray ME

Is there a painter WHO paints what IS
Not what is SEEN?

Would you have to be HEARTLESS
Would you have to be FEARLESS
Would you have to be THOUGHTLESS

Let’s face it
I am painting a SELF portrait
Words, they convey more about ourselves then the topic we trying to cover.
Words, we all interpret them differently.
Words, they are so frustrating!
How can we ever hope to understand each other!
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