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I don't want to sell,
I wish not to have sold at all.

Religion is useless...
Spiky-Hats, pointy-things, death.

I am not a salesman,
for Death.
Emily May 2017
I sometimes feel I don't fit
I feel so wrong, so far away
I seem to clash with their outfit
A rainbow with a dot of gray

Other times they are a part of me
I am one of their own, a member of their pack
They become the best people I ever did see
I'm the missing puzzle piece that they lack

But mostly I just condemn myself
with uncertain thoughts of if they even like me
I become a timid shell of my true self
trying to become all I think they want me to be

My family is all so very white
I'm that one and only Asian
Isn't white said to be right
I'm Chinese, but I want to be caucasian
I know some of these thoughts are wrong, but they are some of the thoughts I do get and put to paper.
The Romans said that the name was so far in antiquity that the Celts did not know the origin of it.

The White man's actions when exposed to the light of day,
            cannot compete with the intellect of the black man.

Get it?
       ...Will Smith.


That's the whole point, that you got to defend your whiteness, your privilege!"

The fact that I have to defend you isn't reason enough?

           How about this; the fact that I defend you period is the reason why you a got a shot at the title?

~Mr. Caucasian(Whiteness Monster)
Stroke the boney-smooth
boney smooth


The further West we go,
the further Right to the beginning


clenched fists
angry thoughts, centered on...



...the fluttering


Turner it around,

skin stretched tight
muscles, display

On the Farm with Ole MacDonald
I live


Storm on horizon, lightning split the air,
thunder crack the night now,
'Cause we're always there.
You know Eight Owl's sittin'
stand in a council everywhere?
Forget your hopes see the future now,
Aryan teeth are bared.

I drive past a sign for Trump.

— The End —