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asija Apr 2015
Night is like a black ocean,
Where you can’t see a thing.
Night is peaceful,
But it’s also deathly,
Shadows everywhere
Whispers in your ear.
The moon glows,
Like firefly’s in the night sky.
When you go out,
You will also die.
The stars are like children,
Waiting for their mom,
To come.
But that something dark,
Is called the night.
asija Apr 2015
Her honey colored hair glows in the moonlight.
Her skin pale as a ghost.
The black sky is standing still.
It’s so quiet you can almost hear the
trees whispering.
A shadow is standing just
inches apart.
She doesn’t know that her death is
seconds away.
This is night horror,
The shadow whispers.
She screams loudly.
Her feet take her deeper in the forest.
She hears a sad lullaby in the distance.
The shadow has reached her.
“This is what you chose,”
He says.
Her eyes close.
She falls.
Suddenly, everything is darker than before.
But everything is now peaceful.
No more horror.
In the dark starry night.
asija Apr 2015
Something haunts her.
The secret.
She runs for her life.
But it never sails away.
The secret.
It stays there.
Glass shatters.
The wind is hard.
The secret.
It never goes out of her mind.
Her heart breaks.
Everyone moves on.
But the secret,
It stays there.
It haunts her.
For all her life.
The secret.
I ♥ the way this poem turned out lol. Please press the like button :)
asija Apr 2015
New York City is where
I most like to be.
It’s as noisy as a
Room full of bees.

When I’m there ,
I walk like a bunny.
Fast and quick hurrying
In the streets

People talking and
Horns blasting and
The smell of gas
Filling the air.

Oh New York City
You are the best city.
You are even better
Than Italy!
Similie and metaphor poem!
asija Apr 2015
The Ocean
The sun goes up,
It overpowers the dark.
It makes the world shine bright.
The ocean says, I need the sun,
Or people wont come.

The sand is warm.
Cotton soft,
It keeps me company,
the ocean coughed.

The water is cold
and sometimes, people
dont treat it like gold.
Who cares!?
The ocean flares.
All the garbage drifts away!

The wind is cold,
It doesn't keep objects ahold.
They fly around.
Never touching the ground.
As you can see,
the ocean says,
This is our little town.
The Ocean
This is supposed to be a personification poem ♥
asija Mar 2015
Everyone is cheering  
waiting for the ball to swing.
They are all so intense
waiting in suspense.
They want to see who will win.
Suddenly, the ball starts to spin.
Crash! It falls down
straight at the ground.
The batter starts to run.
In the hot, blazing sun.
YES! Its a Home Run!
asija Mar 2015
Did you know that one girl from poetry got her freedom?
For her, It was really needed.
Poems of all kinds can make you feel
angry, sad, happy and even cranky.
You can write about love,
or if you want, all of the above.
In your mind, poems can make a picture
Did you know, they can also make you richer?
In poems, you hear sounds like
Buzz, Crash, Pop, Meow and Boom.
And just like that, poems bloom.
So this isn't my best poem, but i posted it anyways.
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