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Steelyvibe Jun 2018
Let there be no mistake
No error or contradiction
It is already taking place
This is not science fiction

Wake up and look around
We already have acceptation
Everyday a little bit more
Is changing our inception

Our body parts have changed
Towards final automation
All our senses have been controlled
For our reincarnation

A telescopic vision
Storing hyper information
Mechanical robotic limbs
A cyber man mutation
To lessen liabilities,
to lower costs and
make the world more,
more productive; exacting...

To make everything easier,
a life more fulfilling...
...more predictable, perhaps,
more equal than now.

To eliminate sadness,
anger, depression, anxiety.
To work less at everything,
they will do it all for me.

The planet will be saved by the extirpation of human activity...

...for who needs humans to trade stock?
...who needs humans to make widgets?
...who needs humans to clean things?

Who needs humans at all?
I find it humorous to ponder the state of capitalism when A.I. becomes self aware and makes it's own decisions. Poor poor capitalist's will be crying Communism.

— The End —