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Elizabeth Novak Nov 2015
Waiting at an auto place
Mourning the decline of the horse
as good a ride as any
except if they went lame.
Audrey Maday May 2015
I find myself reading more and more
In a desperate attempt to find
Someone who feels the same pain as I do.
Sarathustra Jun 2014
I, a butterfly.
A lazy one , though.
I, a light.
But not a neon one.
I , an actress.
In my mind only.
I could hear today a waltz as I was waltzing .
One , two , three.
One two , three.
And I, a ballerina.
A laughing one.
A dreamer , an illusionist.
For myself only.
I, a rose
Without petals.
A kisser too,
with painful kisses.
I , not a swan
but the shadow of it.
I , lost.
and found.
Happy, with tears.
but anyway
it all fades...
Randi Williams May 2014
15 MPH
caution, the kids are at play
embracing the youth they will
one day lose
just like you have

50 MPH
you get where you're going
but on the highway there are hazards
if you don't watch where you're going
or look through the dark
you'll wind up turned over

70 MPH
you're making time
straight forward shot
but you can not see the scenery
and the music is too upbeat
but speed along, sweetie, speed along.

100 MPH
only on the track are you really safe
you're passing strangers
you're losing control
but you can't slam the breaks
you can never stop

280 MPH—
Get it?

— The End —