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Jeff S Sep 2018
i'd say the #2 has etched its genius
on the pale, ruled stock for the last time—

(imagine when Paul said that, scribbling his
preach and practice between the lines at the foot of a fiery cross)

but the truth is, my work is ephemera;
the etch of a keyboard stroke imprints only

as long as the flaming feet of a
hurried conflagration.
a night of horror when closer to an edge
why post hale is frost and sessions ready grow indelibly  
but this graph of tornadic activities is in seasons that link with terror

as these sounds are supposed  
dead by nightfall there in rounds a vacuum as a bog
with the stream in time always lore
that hinds are grouped
and in deep silver rose heart but with matching lines
this cryptic fisher afield puissance
en route to parallel city of god
KathleenAMaloney Aug 2016
Wedding Ring
Upon Finger of Hope
Sweet Spring of Life
Again And Again

Daughter of Smiling Adoration
Harp Strings Majesty
Sweet Holy Song

Written Upon a Hammers Blow
An Artists Brush
A Mind of Bits and Pieces ever Floating

Your Soul
My Wife

A Bit Young .. I Thought
..But Not Really
For Your Innocent Beauty
Is Commitment to Life
Protection Loves Circle

Shrouded Starlights Glory
Turned Outward
Loyal  Guard

Shine Beauty
None Shall Have Your
Sparkling Eyes

This Smile
For Your Heart
Is True
KathleenAMaloney Jul 2016
How Inspired is this Rocket Ship
of Fate That Bares this Night
Refusing Sorrow,

Ever more Friendly does it Shine
Electricity of a Black Sky
Filled With
From the King
of Fire.
Lovely Evening For a night Sky..
Randy Johnson Mar 2016
The Apostle Paul was a saint but he was a sinner in the beginning.
He killed Jesus's followers and Jesus struck him blind for sinning.
After Jesus sent Ananias to restore Paul's sight, Paul changed his evil ways.
He vowed to be Jesus's Apostle and preach the gospel for the rest of his days.
Paul began preaching that Jesus is our savior.
Some people became infuriated by his behavior.
They planned to have Paul put to death.
He was warned about this and he left.
After leaving, he continued to preach the gospel and made tents for a living.
Even though Paul was a former murderer, Jesus knew that he was worth forgiving.
Paul was worthy of forgiveness and so are today's sinners.
If people put an end to their sinful ways, they can be winners.

— The End —