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I am mistake
I am word
The laws I live by are more than absurd
To break my heart
And live by the course
Is to tread tired ground
And call my feelings rehearsed
I've been here before
The bored lover's interest
Feelings I feel for you
Are those of the separatist
My heart is forsaken
And my love is all but robbed
Swipe right and tell me you're taken
I'll do nothing but sob
My social EMP
A goodnight to thee
Shutdown my thinking
And let the misery be
Andrew Rueter Oct 2017
I can't compute and become mute
When you walk by
My circuitry is fried
Because your program is an encryption
And your pulse is electromagnetic
My car dies, so does my phone, so does my home
I'm immobilized
And demoralized
By immoral ties
To temporary generators
They're validating veneraters
Ultimately unsatisfying
When you're still not buying
I'm attracted to your charge
Until there's a battery
Yet you're the cure to your lure
The EMT for your EMP

Your negative charge casts a cloud around my nucleus
But if you could be positive for a change
We could meet in the middle
And feel energy in our synergy
But as soon as I feel electricity between us
You shut me down
With your EMP
I can't get free
ConnectHook Apr 2017
Weapons have been developed
to create the damaging effects
of high-energy EMP. These are typically divided into nuclear and non-nuclear devices. Such weapons, both real and fictional, have become known to the public by means of popular culture.

                                                      ­                               Wikipedia

One E.M.P. could bring this whole thing down;
finale to steal the technocrats’ crown.
Did God intend for us to live this way
like hell on credit with heaven to pay?
One burst of apocalyptic clarity:
all it would take to reverse the polarity…
one massive electro-magnetic pulse
the data-driven ******* to convulse.

You were dumbed down so they could set you up
to drink from the Nanny-State’s golden cup…
This Babylonian One-World vintage
exacerbates thirst: accursed beverage,
enhancing global madness as it’s drunk;
imbibers cannot gauge how low they’ve sunk.
The dregs are drained, only to be refilled;
the elixir of doom is thusly swilled.

When the chips go down as the system ends
and there’s no cash paid for your dividends,
assurance (like health insurance) falters
as your inhuman condition alters.
By then you’ll be ready to wonder why
(although you appear unready to die)
whether Man without God is worth a ****
in the Sovereign Redeemer’s master-plan.
NaPoWriMo #25

Globalism *****.
The Bible warned us about
such godless nonsense
KathleenAMaloney Aug 2016
Wedding Ring
Upon Finger of Hope
Sweet Spring of Life
Again And Again

Daughter of Smiling Adoration
Harp Strings Majesty
Sweet Holy Song

Written Upon a Hammers Blow
An Artists Brush
A Mind of Bits and Pieces ever Floating

Your Soul
My Wife

A Bit Young .. I Thought
..But Not Really
For Your Innocent Beauty
Is Commitment to Life
Protection Loves Circle

Shrouded Starlights Glory
Turned Outward
Loyal  Guard

Shine Beauty
None Shall Have Your
Sparkling Eyes

This Smile
For Your Heart
Is True

— The End —