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they see my skin
and notice the red cracks,
but they don't know
that i've been through hell
and back.
Dhaara T Jul 2017
The rain pours
As we sit
In my car
I occupy
The driver's seat
my heart and head
Dhaara T Apr 2017
A lot of our hearts
Would have remained
Should we have treated
Our dreams
Like we did
Our lovers
Nylee Mar 2017
There is much to read
There is much to know
A lot to grow
And one day less to go
yúyīn Jan 2017
He fell in love with her leaves, not her roots, so when autumn came he didn't know what to do.
trudging on the road of life
can be sometime so hard
and lonely.

I am grateful I am not alone.
koreen Oct 2016
Of all the little things you do that I noticed,
My favorite is that you always make me the happiest.

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