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Aug 2020 · 78
Why do we dream?
spartan73 Aug 2020
Because boredom screams
Nov 2018 · 207
99 cents
spartan73 Nov 2018
99 cents
Is all it costs
To make you
A vegetarian meal
With love,
and Cajun-spiced passion.
No need to light that fire within,
I thought - for you are my
big-hearted babe
worth much more
than a 99cent food trip.

For you trip me up,
you work me up,
you weave together
my disparate thoughts...
in the still of the night,
to spark that trust in me
to dream the impossible,
plausible dream.
How are you today? What are your dreams?
Jun 2017 · 330
The river
spartan73 Jun 2017
I am the river
Running deep
We swam together
In an island dream
In shallow, lilting waters
With the sun on our backs

We were the river
Running deep
Shadowed by
10 bittersweet years

We kept the faith
The love
The passion brief
But the river ran too deep
Too troubling still

I'm now the river
Calm after before the storm
He's still the river
Running strong.
Apr 2017 · 249
For Adrienne Toles
spartan73 Apr 2017
You are strong
And you are loved

We love you.
#friendship #eternal
Apr 2017 · 271
My hand, his paw
spartan73 Apr 2017
My hand, his paw

Swing paws honey?
Sure honey, swing paws

p.s. He has big hands, like tiger paws.
I miss him all, I miss his paws.

#10Years #loveLost #soulmate
Apr 2017 · 227
Burn babe
spartan73 Apr 2017

Let our scented
#10YearsGone #LostLove #soulmate

Why did i keep them collecting dust while we were together?
Why oh why?
Apr 2017 · 356
Fat.belly pork
spartan73 Apr 2017
With Dijon mustard spread
Fresh.grown sprouts
On thick.sliced bread

For your long journey home
10.000 kilometers
Back to Barcelona

Until we meet again
For Christmas
Then you.ll show me

Your fine version
Of fat.belly pork sandwich
For my long journey home
To KL.
#10YearsAgo #loveLost #Soulmate
Sep 2016 · 809
Pork lard
spartan73 Sep 2016
Pork lard
        For the heart

Make it
    5 Jotas
Lard from jamón de bellota is exquisite, healthy and divine. Farmers call such pigs bred on acorn, herbs and insects and in liberty "olives on legs".
Sep 2016 · 1.7k
Jasmin et olive noire
spartan73 Sep 2016
Jasmin and black olive
In her corridor
To whisk away
The smell of death

Of her landlady
Of great corpulence
A weak heart
And diabetes
But the sweetest smile
And contagious laughter

She gives thanks
When lighting her candle
De jasmin et olive noire.
New home.
Aug 2016 · 314
Almonds on our lips
spartan73 Aug 2016
Xixona icecream
On a sweltering
August day
After extensive
New market research

Let's make it Xixona
Again when we meet
Next week
As we'll have
Plenty to talk about
With the taste of
Almonds on our lips
Aug 2016 · 893
Reverse hug
spartan73 Aug 2016
May i give you
A reverse hug?

He stands still
Opens up his arms
For her
To embrace him
From behind

As she lay her head
Between his shoulderblades
Listening to the murmur
Of his heart.
We gave each other reverse hugs when we were tentative in need of love and affection. No longer for we are now living separate lives.
Aug 2016 · 810
Beggar gets a life
spartan73 Aug 2016
Beggar gets a life
After saving one
Writer gets a life
After losing one

When all hope is lost
But for a sliver of light
In the form of an Angel
From Spain

He saw her unconscious
He saw her fuming
He calmed her
Troubled mind

She lives on
With that chimera
Of a goodbye hug
Or was it one that said:

Beggar gets a life
After saving one
Writer wins a life
Writing to
Her Angel of Spain

Of all thoughts
Good and bold
Of all thoughts
Clean and right

Of all means
Clear of sorrow
Of all things
High and low

— The End —