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spartan73 Aug 2020
Because boredom screams
spartan73 Nov 2018
99 cents
Is all it costs
To make you
A vegetarian meal
With love,
and Cajun-spiced passion.
No need to light that fire within,
I thought - for you are my
big-hearted babe
worth much more
than a 99cent food trip.

For you trip me up,
you work me up,
you weave together
my disparate thoughts...
in the still of the night,
to spark that trust in me
to dream the impossible,
plausible dream.
How are you today? What are your dreams?
  Mar 2018 spartan73
In this life, feet catch fire
people burn

Remember your dream
it is your turn

You will see your ashes
you will manage to breathe

you sustain the flames
your dreams

Your ashes will float
shimmer like gold

You will rise as a
with wings to behold
When a cycle ends, a new one begins. Stay true to your dreams, persist.
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