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Asteria Aug 2016
she's good at fading
at being invisible
and being nothing
Haiku #8
Asteria Aug 2016
she hides in the dark
and in places doubt and fear
quietly reside
Haiku #7
Asteria Aug 2016
she hated the cold
bleak silence, for that's when her
thoughts are the loudest
Haiku #6
Asteria Jun 2016
and i long for my
name to be immortalized
in his guarded heart
Haiku #5
Asteria Jun 2016
he was made of dark
matter, i laugh cause i see
his constellations
Haiku #4
Asteria Jun 2016
your words are my undoing
save me please
i'm falling
10w #3

-a fatal flaw leading to the downfall of a tragic hero or heroine.
Asteria Jun 2016
now i think of you everytime i hear this song
and it makes me miss you even more
10w #2
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