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Oct 10 · 171
in Transit
spacewtchhh Oct 10
I was never an open letter.

I am that mail that the postman had lost while collecting other letters.

I am that letter that was never received.
Feb 5 · 285
spacewtchhh Feb 5
nakilala mo na ang dilim
sa paglipad ng bawat segundo
at ng bawat minuto sa iyong puso

hindi naman dulot ng gabi ang lagim
sadyang nakakagambala lang ang kanyang ingay
sa mga tenga **** naghihintay ng walang humpay

narinig na niya ang lahat ng iyong lihim
sa mga paghikbi
at mga luha na bilisang pinapawi

sa bawat aliw, poot man, o panimdim,
ika'y humiga at magtimpi sapagkat ito'y hiram lang
manatili kang payapa, at ang iyong isipan.

manalangin ka na lamang ng taimtim
baka bukas aawit sayo ang mga puno't halaman
makakarating kana sa patutunguhan
It feels good writing in Filipino.
Ramdam mo kung gaano kabigat ang pasan na nais mo nang bitawan sa paraan ng pagsulat.
Dec 2020 · 462
spacewtchhh Dec 2020
I love oceans.
I would sit on the shore with massive waves hitting this body of mine
With no one to see and no one to be with.

My lighthouse tried to fill in and gleam,
Yet I swerve,
Yet I ran away from the luminescence it gave.

I leap into the ocean and drown myself into the water,
And within I struggle
Within I suffocate under.

I am terrified of oceans
Yet I feel secure
Yet I could feel the warmth it provides inside.
Dec 2020 · 247
im not doing anything
spacewtchhh Dec 2020
surreal how we say we love
when we cant actually give it
when we really need it

when will it fall into place
when you fell into me
why are oceans down our face
i could call you
but i dont
Oct 2020 · 264
Optika: Araw at Gabi
spacewtchhh Oct 2020
Oh, kung masakit na sa paningin ang sinag ko
na dapat ay nagbibigay liwanag sayo,

Darating naman ang gabi, iiwas sa realidad, na kasama mo

Baka mas madali mo makita
ang kinang na hanap mo, kapag madilim at mag isa,

Ako, maghihintay lang na dumating yung oras na nakalaan sa akin para tanglawan mo.
This is my first entry in Filipino . Hello sa mga Pinoy dito sa HP 👋

Mahirap din isipin na parang tinutulak mo na lamang ang sarili mo sa isang tao, na di naman hinihingi ang tulong mo. Akala mo ay ikaw ang sandalan nya pero may iba pala syang pinanghahawakan.
Aug 2020 · 214
spacewtchhh Aug 2020
Hovering around
From this mountain on its ground,
Designing venture.
Besides, I've learned the danger.

I've prepared the map and the compass,
But I forgot to eat my breakfast.
Enough is breather from the multimedias --
Forced to pass, ached for the grass.

Lifting my weight up above.
Climbing the top to see the doves.
Gripping tightly, not to plummet.
Mind's fixation on the summit.

this rising brought to a halt
as i stopped in the middle, i could see
the trees, and houses and sea salt
How major? How big is this beauty?

as i lift this weight above, i've felt
this landscape of exception and worth,
my life of insignificance as i melt
how small i am compared to the earth

"and at once i knew I was not magnificent"
i sang as i hike as i taste the holocene
Jul 2020 · 781
spacewtchhh Jul 2020
if it's her time later
please let her scattered pieces be
these are what completes her

if she never wakes up again
slept with her shattered core
i hope you would know 'til then

if ever she'd made you feel lucky
knowing she sets fire like the sun
i hope you treasure it and feel free

if tomorrow comes today
she should've been here
but it kills her to last the day
spacewtchhh Jul 2020
I'm not gonna ask why.
But maybe you're also looking for a way for you to see each other. Maybe it's not just his actions that showed he misses you. Maybe you wanted him, too.
You already know it's a fill-in pleasure. When there's a chance to meet, you will take it. You steal moments that shouldn't be. But never think about the one that is always there for you. The one who is waiting for you to come home and show you love unconditionally. He doesn' t have an idea how you've lied about those stolen moments with someone who just steal moments too.
I hope you'll feel his heart breaking every time your lips touch your other man's lips. I hope you'll hear his crying every time you push those legs on your other man's body. I hope you'll see his ocean of tears every time you let the other man swim unto you.
I know you' ll part ways soon, but I hope you' ll know that you are already ruining his future relationship with your infidelity.
I adore you, but as a friend, I sometimes can't endure you.
It's been months since I last wrote here. But here, I couldn't tell this to my friend bc she doesn't listen anymore. I want to help her, but the only help I could give her now is respect her decisions.
May 2020 · 146
What Now?
spacewtchhh May 2020
From my sound sleep, I heard that sound again.
Oh, it's just the alarm.
"Will you hear me out now?" says the snooze.
I thought that I just need more time to rest.
I snoozed it again.
After a few minutes, he asked me again, "Will you hear me out now?"
I turned it off.
What do I do now?
Should I push myself up? Or get back to sleep?
May 2020 · 177
spacewtchhh May 2020
I clicked snooze on the alarm
It says that I should wake up
But I still want to sleep.
May 2020 · 187
spacewtchhh May 2020
I want to blanket myself but I struggle breathing
I just wanted to hide the transparency of sadness from my blood
I once opened the curtains, hoping sunshine would give me warmth
Then they asked why is there a stream from my eyes
I said I want to finally be honest to you
Then they said it's not the right thing to do
I said this is what I feel from behind
Then they asked why do I let the heart consume the mind
I said to myself this is enough
It shouldn't have been done
There's no difference anyway
Then it struck me like a lightning
I'm floating on the flood from the heavy rains
And it shouldn't have been done
I shouldn't have wished for warmth
When all I got is a storm
I want to blanket myself but I struggle breathing
May 2020 · 170
spacewtchhh May 2020
My mom used to tell me that even
before it was my first birthday
I had asthma.
I barely know how to live
yet instantly
life selfishly narrowed my airways.
I wonder why God chose air
to be the most essential element for humans
to live.
You need to breathe to live.
As to what they said, sixty percent of the body is water.
When a human is in pain, it sheds water.
When a human is in pain, its heart sinks.
When a human is in pain, it drowns.
Why not water be our air?
Why are we made up of weak bodies
that even plain words would make us cry
an ocean.
I wish that we would just live in oceans.
Tears then would never be salient.
Apr 2020 · 621
spacewtchhh Apr 2020
My body is weary from the aching times that makes me feel like a burden.
My head feels great weight.

My throat constantly sores from screaming my lungs out just to reach out.
My voice has run dry.

My skin sense a scorching sun from within that it aches my insides.
I could see the pain.

But I know it's not the virus.
Heal one's self.
Apr 2020 · 820
Soak in Water
spacewtchhh Apr 2020
Wash your hands
You held his hands too tightly.
Wash your hands
You pushed him hard, now he's free.

Wash your hands
You touched a heart that's not yours.
Wash your hands
You fool, love cannot be forced.

Wash your hands
You played a lot in the dirt.
Wash your hands
You stained through your shirt.

Wash your hands
We have sinned too much.
Wash your hands
Not everything is to be touched.
Apr 2020 · 284
spacewtchhh Apr 2020
we long for oceans
just to drown ourselves from these
waves of emotion
Apr 2020 · 350
spacewtchhh Apr 2020
being mad
is being sane
in this
mad world
Apr 2020 · 69
spacewtchhh Apr 2020
Another sun had risen
On the twenty fourth of August
One thousand nine hundred and ninety eight
Of calendars of eighteen ago.

Ms. Luce threw open her window
And it came the bursting of the light
She looked as far as she could
And everything was a feast for her eyes.

Green fields, nice-smelling flowers and old trees
Total contrast of the season of ice
What a pleasant time it is!
Such an advantage, this time of year.

She couldn't keep hold of the ninth
And she couldn't barely hang on so she cherished it
Politics isn't my cup of tea
But I agree a week is a long time.

Mostly, what larger than life
Was her singing,
"All was golden in the sky,"
Until now, it became her eyes.

She went out, clueless of the precipice.
She was dazzled with the light,
Her feet inching and inching to the edge,
And it happened, the fall.
Written: 08/24/16
Apr 2020 · 68
Conn'd by Rote
spacewtchhh Apr 2020
Many a time and oft
Hath you been so real to me,
To anyone and yourself? Nay,
This passion will bear no colour.

For it were a burlesque
Apt to be render'd, for me to write
In this kind, by means
To finally acknowledge you.

If I had been a man,
I would ope my doublet, and
I might hath offer'd you this,
But where art thou?

Am I yourself, but as in sort
Of talking to you sometimes?
I have not seen you set me down
Even 'tis just an especial crony.

Tut I am not in your bosoms
But I know wherefore you do it.
Dwell not in the suburbs of London,
As you might see your shadow.
Written: 7/27/16
Apr 2020 · 69
spacewtchhh Apr 2020
because you went too ideal
because you just want to heal
because of your self doubt
because of not going out
because you spent too much time on social media
because you know much more than wikipedia
because you get too excited
because you are anticipated
because you are not contented
but you want to be appreciated
because you're a witch sometimes
and you dont care oftentimes
because you are just too sad
that it erratically makes you mad
because your head cant stop the thoughts
the ideas and opinions that you fought
after all the things you missed, all the shots
you just want to remove that happy mascot

— The End —