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hiraeth Dec 2019
this feels bittersweet
you in my arms
half asleep
on top of your soft blue sheets
your breathing deep
i’ll be leaving
after a short sleep
but i know these memories
i will always keep
hiraeth Dec 2019
whenever i picture us together
i see us laying side-by side
holding hands
talking about dreams
and fears
talking about everything
and nothing at all
and i kiss the back of your hand
still in mine
and it’s dark
and i say your name
and we’re tired
and i think i’m falling in love
i tell you so
hiraeth Nov 2019
my heart aches
for the friends i never had
the hands i never held
the oceans i never swam
the love i never felt
the food i never tasted
the clothes i never wore
the adventures i never went on
the risks i never took
for the life i never lived
and the person i never became
hiraeth Nov 2019
i have nothing to say
because it doesn’t feel okay
how am i supposed to hold you
when you’re a million miles away?
hiraeth Nov 2019
your love didn’t chase the darkness away
but it kept it at bay
and that is more than i ever thought i’d say
hiraeth Nov 2019
and then
all at once
every song
every poem
every book
every sunset
every beautiful part of nature  
every movie
was about you
hiraeth Nov 2019
i have never been afraid of the dark
and i have always liked to be alone
never needed a light or a spark
the darkness is my home
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