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  Oct 2015 Pauline
Nicole Dawn
I can't decide which is worse

Where they're so real
And terrible
That you wake up sobbing
In the middle of the night


Where they're so real
And wonderful
That when you wake up
And realize none of it was real
You feel the temporary joy
Drain out of you
And cry hopeless tears
What do you think is worse?
  Oct 2015 Pauline
Nicole Dawn
The harder I'm laughing
The more I want to cry

The brighter my smile is
The dimmer my soul is getting

The lighter my humor is
The heavier my heart is becoming

*Don't let appearances deceive you
  Oct 2015 Pauline
Nicole Dawn
If I get angry
It's probably because I said
I'm fine

And I really hate lies
  Sep 2015 Pauline
Danielle Shorr
there are too many people writing about the moon tonight,
too many hearts lonely from the thought of her greatness,
wondering how it is possible
to love something that makes you feel so small,
that in comparison,
renders you insignificant.

this is how it was to love you.
this is how it is to still do.
to look up at a sky that is too big to notice you
to imagine a selfish lover as the vastness in which
too much attention is granted
this is how it was,
this is how it has always been,
this is how it is,
loving you.

there are too many people staying up late tonight
to watch the atmosphere unfold its secrets
open-eyed anticipating some kind of beauty unfrequented,
I will not be one of them.

waiting is a chore I no longer perform
the only galaxies I admire
are those I create.

there are too many people writing about the moon tonight,
and I have become one of them.
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