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  May 2014 A
Michael Falls
I think I'm gonna hang,
down by the willow tree that stands,
so tall it touches the sky.
Think it'll keep me tied to this earth?
I don't think it will, it doesn't care.
Down by the willow tree I'm going to hang.

A traveler stops by,
asks me why,
tell him I'm hanging to forget
and to be forgiven.

They untie the knot,
pull me down and say,
life ain't fair and it's definitely not easy,
but it's not worth hanging' yourself for.
For anyone thinking of suicide, know that people do care and you don't have to die.
A May 2014
They tell me

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
but I hate you.
Walking under a ladder is bad for the soul
but I like to.
Don't break a mirror you'll have bad luck
I broke them all so I could no longer see.
Don't do drugs
I was hoping it would **** this monster
in my bloodstream.
Don't inject
I'm dependent on everything else.

Don't cry
but I don't paint my face.
A May 2014
I think of you often.
Though you are not here.

Wake up.
Why won't you answer me?
Wake up.
Can you not hear?
Or are you ignoring me?

Clouds suffocate your light.

You're already gone.
A Sep 2013
You're slipping away from us
In-fact you're almost gone
I wanted final moments with you
to cherish ever-long
I love you eternally,
my dear.

You are the light that brightens up
every soul that meets you
And though you're almost over
and your soul is almost gone
In my heart I will cherish you
The memories will live on
A Sep 2013
I want to tell you all
every single one of you
I have been trying
things just get in the way
every time something stops me
I want you all to know.
A Sep 2013
A flower, beautiful with long strands of
hope, lies among the hills.
A bark in the distance, to remind her, beautiful
you are not alone.
A gust sends the slightest shiver down
the length they call her stem.
She is stronger than she thought after all
the times she has been damaged.
Picks herself up again and just like before,
beautiful stands again.
And though the sun may cause her to wilt,
and those heavy shoes may break her.
Beautiful stands again, nothing can defeat her.
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