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Don Bouchard Jul 2014
A gray hippopotamus lived in a zoo
At the end of the Tropical Line,
Harry the Hippo lived next to the loo
Right by the Northern confines.
With his wide toothy smile,
And his great double chin,
He greeted his neighbors
With a great hippo grin...
Made friends with the deer,
Made friends with an owl,
Avoided the white scowling bear,
Avoided the family of wolves,
(He'd heard they liked to eat meat).
Decided to friend a great, walloping moose,
A challenge, his neighbor seemed rather elite.
Tall and severe with a beard on his chin,
He stood like a tree on his heavy brown hooves,
And branches of antlers stood heavy and grim.

"I see we are neighbors,"said Harry the Hippo,
"Name's Harry," he said with a grin,
"Since it looks like we'll be here a while, ya' know,
I figure we ought to be friends!"

"Bull" Moose only chewed a bit more on his cud,
Burped in the gray hippo's face,
Turned his wide antlers for well and for good...
He spurned the whole hippo race.

But Harry had patience,
Had nowhere to go,
So he waited a week and a month and a day
For Otto the Moose to come 'round,
And he did! And now the two of 'em play.

Our Harry's advice to you is be nice,
And after a while, it comes true....
The balkiest neighbors will have to think twice
And fall into friendship with you.

For my grand kids. (0=
Antino Art  May 2019
Mr. Hippo
Antino Art May 2019
Mr. Hippo, you are 3,000 pounds. How is it that you are able to swim? Tell me, Mr. Hippo. Your legs are so short that your belly drags against the ground. Your head is huge, and your body is intensely round. Yet you are able to stay afloat and not drown. How is it that you are buoyant? And how is it that those stubby legs of yours can propel you forward in water?

Mr. Hippo, I hear you can run up to 30 mph on land. *******. You don’t even need to run. You’re regarded as the most dangerous animal in Africa. I hear you can snap a crocodile in two with one bite. What do you eat, Mr. Hippo, to get that big? I hear you only eat grass and you don’t really fight. Yet you have those giant teeth that lions do not ***** with.

Mr. Hippo, you’re that dangerous and feared, but still in a good enough mood to wiggle your ears. And maintain such shinny Hippo skin. It is for all these reasons that I would like to have you as a pet, Mr. Hippo. I’d walk you down the street and show you off to all the neighbors and let them gossip. You could swim in their pools and feed on their blossoms. You could stop their cars in their tracks and their yards, you could cross them. They will say, “Mr. Antonio, you are strange.” But it will cost them. Because later they will say, “Mr. Antonio, we are sorry. Mr. Hippo, you are awesome.”
A gray hippo lived in the zoo
It was so stressful it turned him blue
The Giraffes laughed at his skin so blue
That only made him bluer times two

Now the Lion was wise but a little slow
That's why he wound up as the star of the show
He and Hippo were playing a game of solitaire
While the Lion played fleas were biting him everywhere
Hippo ate chocolate cake
That the tourist threw over the gate
Wise old Lion said ,
"You better watch your weight
Your getting a little thick in the hip ."

"Humph !" , said Hippo ,
"Why do you think they call us
Hip-po-***-a-mus ."
Simon Nader  Feb 2019
Simon Nader Feb 2019
This is a story
Of a hippo dressed as a man
In which no one could see
And no one would like to believe

There's an animal inside him
Yawning his jaw is huge
Yet, people cannot see
Wondering in the city

Wearing a hat
And a safari getup
Drinking coffee
In this setup

Goes shopping like others
In which no one could point
And he doesn't even bother
Even with the flip of the coin


He's a hippo
Hippo in disguise
He's a hippo
Hippo none to see in eyes

He chews in everything he sees
From cakes to human flesh
For him, it's such a breeze
Another wonderful dish

Gullible humanity
They could not figure out
There's a hippo wondering around
Shaking while jumping on the ground

He's always hungry for more
On the subway, he takes two seats
With his body, he always break doors
Of every shopping stores
Still many give him the greets

He's happy
He's smiling
This is a dream come true
Still no one has ever knew



(Guitar Solo)

Bathing in mud in schools
Laughing children playing with him
No one knows his deal
When he make the kiddies
Into his own MEAL!!!

He's happy
He's smiling
And now, many had started to figure out
What this thing is all about



In the end,
He got tranquilized
And sent back to Africa
As he started singing....

"It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do
I bless the rains down in Africa
Gonna take some time to do the things we never had"
Idris Muntaqim  Aug 2020
Idris Muntaqim Aug 2020
A supervillain named Hippo sees a beautiful white woman jogging, which is true;
Killing the jogger is what Hippo wants to do.

While swinging through the air, Spider-Man sees Hippo;
The villain tries to **** the jogger and here are more things that you should know.

Spider-Man lands on the ground and spins a web on the evil fool;
Spider-Man knocks out Hippo, which is cool.

Spider-Man spins more webs on Hippo and what I'm saying is right;
The jogger thanks Spider-Man for rescuing her, which is polite.

Spider-Man calls the police, which is smart;
He had torn Hippo apart.

When the police arrive to arrest Hippo, Spider-Man swings away;
Hippo is going to prison and that's all I have to say.
Maple Mathers Feb 2016
“I have something for you to remember me by,” said Tim.

    He held a little foam Hippo – the lone play animal supplied by the loonybin to patients in need.

     It was brand new – just as every Hippo looked – and I wondered why he’d chosen something seemingly impersonal in comparison to his other, odd gifts.

     However, what he did next made his hippo – my hippo – absolutely ideal. To people like Tim and I, that is.

     For, to my astonishment, he casually took the toy in his hands, twisted, and ripped it cleanly  in two.

     He ripped off its head, which he gave to me, whilst he kept the body.

    I will never get rid of that mutilated, foam hippo head. For he understood what no one else had ever come near.

     In this way – perhaps – Tim and I became synonyms. Synonyms for what ignorant perceptions would later christen ******, or merely, crazy (the latter - coined by those who remain too depressingly colloquial to invent unfounded diagnoses).

     These epithets, catalyzed post personifying such societal taboos as Tim or I committed, follow me still, and have yet to disperse.
     A criticaster disaster, personified.

     Yes; in this way – Tim and I became synonymously insane.

Chapman University destroyed my life.

(Edited out(?): My failed death-wish, and subsequent involuntary hospitalization, would render malicious and ignorant individuals to alienate and shun my entire existence. My former allies, friends, and peers - those who had "loved" and "supported" me - would soon slander and sabotage me simply to maintain their own fabricated facades.
     Associating with someone who failed at suicide is a social deathwish, apparently; yet, if I'd succeeded, they'd lament and mourn their "loss.")

(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016)
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Some of us are really hungry hungry hippos
But I'm a ***** ***** hippo
Sometimes I'm both
there was a little hippo he lived in the zoo
he was very fat and doors could not get through
he decided he would diet ant try to lose some weight
hoping to get thin enough to fit through any gate
he started doing exercise every single day
gradually the pounds began to go away
he stuck to his diet and made his life so knew
now where the hippo goes his body will go through
there was a little hippo he lived in the zoo
he was very fat and doors could not get through.

he decided he would diet and try to lose some weight
hoping to get thin enough to fit through any gate.

he started doing exercise every single day
gradually the pounds began to go away.

he stuck to his diet and made his life so knew
now where the hippo goes his body will go through
Fake Name Nov 2016
Blue Bacon and Mexican Swiss Cheese with Krusty Jam

My name is Bam Da Pam
Bam da Pam my name is

Dat Bam-da-Pam-I-am
Dat Bam-da Pam!
I like Dat

Do you like blue bacon and mexican swiss cheese with krusty jam

I like them,
Bam da Pam
I like
Blue bacon and mexican swiss cheese with krusty jam

Would you still like them
In or out
Would you not like them
In a spout

I would like them
In or out
I would like them
In a spout.
I do like
Blue bacon and mexican swiss cheese with krusty jam
I do like them,

Would you hate them
Up or down?
Would you hate them
All around?

I like them
Up or down.
I like them
All around.
I like them
In or out.
I would still like them
In a spout.
I like blue bacon and mexican swiss cheese with krusty jam
I like them, Bam-da-Pam-I-am.

Would you hate them
On a platter?
Would you hate them
with a splatter?

On  a platter.
With a splatter.
In or out.
With a spout.
I would eat them up or down.
I would eat them all around.
I would eat blue bacon and mexican swiss cheese with krusty jam.
I do like them, Bam-da-Pam-I-am.

Would you? Could you?
in a bar?
Hate them! Hate them!
Here they are.

I would,
I could,
in a bar

You may hate them.
You will see.
You may not like them
in a bee?

I would, I could in a bee.
In a bar! You let me be.
I do like them on a platter.
I do like them with a splatter.
I do like them in or out.
I do like them in a spout.
I do like them up or down.
I do like them all around.
I do like blue bacon and mexican swiss cheese with krusty jam
I do like them, Bam-da-pam

A train! A train!
Could you, would you
on a train?

“On a train! In a bee!
In a bar! Bam da Pam! Let me be!”
I would, I could, on a platter.
I could, I would, with a splatter.
I will eat them with a spout
I will eat them in or out.
I will eat them up or down.
I will eat them all around.
I do like them, Bam-da-Pam-I-am.

Would you, could you, in the dark?

I would, I could,
in the dark.

Would you, could you,
in the rain?

I would, I could in the rain.
In the dark. On a train,
In a bar, in a bee.
I do like them, Bam da Pam, you see.
On a platter. With a splatter.
In a spout. In or out.
I will eat them up or down.
I do like them all around!

You do like
Blue bacon and mexican swiss cheese with krusty jam?

I do
like them,

Could you, would you,
on a hippo

Would you cook it with a zippo

I could and would on a hippo
I will, I will cook it with a zippo
I will eat them in the rain.
I will eat them on a train.
In the dark! In a tree!
In a bar! Please let me be!
I do like them on a platter.
I do like them with a splatter.
I will eat them in a spout.
I do like them in or out.
I do like them up or down.
I do like them ALL AROUND!

I do like blue bacon and mexican swiss cheese with krusty jam

I really like them,

You do like them.
SO you say.
Try them! Try them!
And I will walk away
Try them and you may I say.

If you will let me be,
I will try them.
You will see.

I hate blue bacon and mexican swiss cheese with krusty jam!
I do! I hate them, Bam da Pam
And I would not eat them on a hippo!
And I would not cook them with a zippo...
And I will not eat them in the rain.
And not in the dark. And not on a train.
And not in a bar. And not in a bee.
They are so bad, so bad you see!

So I will hate them on a platter.
And I will not eat them with a splatter.
And I will not eat them in a spout.
And I will not eat them in or out.
And I will not eat them up or down.
Say! I will not eat them ALL AROUND!

I do, I do, I hate
Blue bacon with mexican swiss cheese and krusty jam!
I HATE you!
I HATE you,
Feedback please, i am turning this in and would like some other peoples thoughts

— The End —