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EphemeralLikeGold  Mar 2019
It's three am.
You want the arms of a man you've never met,
It only takes a bit,
Nibbles on the neck,
Only takes a little lip,
To get a little wet.
Beach day soon,
Summer comes as soon as you do.
Oh hello, guess this one was done. 2/22/19

Reference to an earlier poem I wrote. "Beach Day"
Bella Kiilani  Apr 2016
Bella Kiilani Apr 2016
We went from friends.
To friends with benefits.
To just benefits.
If I could only have one of the two,  I would pick being your friend a hundred times over.
It's where we began, and what we built everything on.

I wish you were my friend again.
I miss you.
Kyle Andree Ore Sep 2013
Today’s generation breathes on superficiality. Always looking for someone who will make them feel good and look better, like a trophy they carry around. People are going crazy over a buff physique and luscious curves never knowing the real person behind the costume. Mind you, I am into looking good and am a love handle-hating man with a highly elusive six-pack abs but being superficial is just not what I was taught growing up. I was taught to look for substance and not just the stance. Know what I mean? What will you do after you got bored with her? After you’re through with her? You have nothing in common. What will you talk about? You just went after her to make you’re friends jealous, to make your status as a ladies man more credible, to make you look like a demigod and makes you more popular than before. All of these are false judgments about being with someone. There’s less love around my love handles now but character still matters to me. There are bad apples that we, Adams, shouldn’t be tempted, like the girls our mother warned us about. Like the woman who has more degree than a thermometer, not only bilingual but travelled the globe more than a stewardess. I’m not saying that they’re a no-no but they’re on the major league while you are on the little league. They will step on your ego like an elephants stampede and breathe life out your senses. My point is, be realistic. Get to know the person. Know what she wants. Know that women aren’t born with titanium-based sense of confidence and that insecurity will creep in her system. You know the classic: Am I getting fat? Is she hotter than me? Do I look old? You know how it goes. Insecurity has moved with time and even the modern woman remains vulnerable. Easy on the emotions ‘coz when it comes to sensitivity they’re the warden in this joint. So do your homework. She may be the world’s most desired model, capable of reaching a Ferrari’s top speed but she still needs assurance. Sometimes. Occasionally. Periodically. Always. Know that and you’ll be rewarded. Appreciate her. In any size or shape, spell it in front of her. Make literal or mental notes of the big and small deals in her life. And love the princess. Naturally. Stir, simmer and serve it steaming hot. Be patient. Watch her play. Laugh. Cry. See her at her worse. Take time to see her with her friends and family. These are the people she is most comfortable with and will make her act naturally. Don’t jump hastily into a relationship even if it’s the most logical thing to do. Prefer to be comfortable with each other idiosyncrasies included. Heed my word as your guide to a better you and a more blissful relationship, just in case. This will save you from heartaches and depression. And you will not end up seeing someone pull out the yellow card in the relationship and you won’t be making that 2 AM text messages and more importantly the 3AM breakdown.

Rushing in is like passing a busy intersection. You might escape some speeding junkies but you can’t dodge the midnight meat train when it marks you. You’ll end up on the pavement licking your wounds and wishing God will give you a second chance. When we let our emotions decide for us we might as well be a puppet. When we affiliate our need to be with someone with lust, which is insatiable, we will become uncontented. The process leading to forging an actual relationship with someone you were initially attracted to has changed dramatically. The days of long and winding courtship where we woe our object of adoration is gone. Today being intimate don’t apply to couples anymore. The pleasures of carnality are taking the world over and our concept of love is being shaped by ******* bunnies. The line separating love and lust is getting distorted and thinner. No wonder labels such as FuBu, FWB, PP (Pleasure Pal) and Rebound have gained pop culture concurrence. They simply mean consenting bedfellows who contend themselves that there is no ocean of difference between couplehood and ****** friendship besides the scope of emotions involved. Friends can. Especially when, lately, people have become savvy to the idea that *** does not ruin the relationship, which is now rendered all but platonic in an entirely emotional sense. There will be those who disagree and will protest but its making things more audible, making the idea spread like virus. The concept of a FuBu, FWB, PP or whatever you call it is inevitable for a variety of reasons. For starters lets say old school values have been exposed to be total fronting, hypocritical billboard signs of secretly debauched Puritans. Some just start on a harmless get together, a few chitchats, ***** and more *****. And when the night is over and it’s time to go home, some take detours and most of it leads to bed. An exception is on the rebound - dumper-dumpee. Rebound is trying to get back at your dumper, making them jealous or guilty. This involves an innocent victim who’ll fall in the trap of being played on. Believe me, you don’t want to be at the end of the rope. The emotion that comes with the need to be with someone is totally deceiving. Even if you and your date have gone out a few times (even slept every time you see each other) but neither one has confirmed that you are indeed dating, then don’t assume or you’ll suffer the embarrassment of your dating status being denied.

Relationships have drastically changed and this wave of change will press on, as the players get more adept at playing the cards dealt them. And even if the rules of the game have changed dramatically to allow certain breaches on morality, people have to be more cautious in making decisions pertaining to relationships. Never bite off more than you can chew. Or you can kiss your **** goodbye.
Danielle Luongo  Jun 2012
Danielle Luongo Jun 2012
When we became more,
We were hip bones and scars.
We were late nights, bottles of wine,
Long hands pressed to my side.
When it ended, I watched the world burn.
L Smida  Nov 2012
L Smida Nov 2012
We can hold hands
And not get serious
We can make plans
And not get delirious
We can kiss each others faces
And shimmy out of our laces
While my heart races
When you touch those places
And it's all just fun
So we call each other ***
There's no strings attached
Just my heart to be patched
And it's you I adore
Because we both want more
But we'll just cuddle on the floor
No energy anymore
I just want to play
I like the cute things you say
There's nothing to stress
I can't possibly make a mess
For that's what I fear
Hurting you my dear
Getting serious scares me so
******* up makes you my foe
I have to let you know
That I really don't want you to go
Because a friend is what I need
I don't mean to mislead
I thought we agreed
We'd aim to succeed
Gibson  Sep 2013
Gibson Sep 2013
Show me I'm beautiful in the most sinful of ways
Objectify me, touch me, convince me to stay
Soak me in your lust and cover me in kisses
I want to be a ****, I don't want to be your Misses

I want to be ***** and I want to be sly
I want to be artwork that captures your eye
Just let me feel love just until dawn
And then in the morning I'll **** like a fawn

And no, You won't have to see me again
But I'd be down to **** just as friends
I'll come to your house in a **** trench coat
Expose myself and slip you a naughty note

And allas, there we'll be again
Pondering if we're only meant just to be friends
Well, I don't really care as long as I'm laid
And it's perfectly legal 'cause I'm not being paid

But it's still just a crass and it's still just as fun
And we still act like grownups when it's all done
Because all we are is fun and games
We're crazy teens that can't be tamed
Chaundra  Apr 2018
Chaundra Apr 2018
This isn’t want I wanted
I just want you
I want to love you
I just simply cannot
But I go along
For the adventures
For the poetry
For sweet nothings whispered
By you, a stranger
Unknown  Jul 2019
Unknown Jul 2019
Just friends we promised
"Nothing more"
He said as he pulls me to the floor...

That night I went to bed with a *****.
He left before dawn...

He uses me but I dont mind
God help me...
I've fallen for a *****...
Ardm  Jul 2018
Ardm Jul 2018
Now that we're, in a sense,
together again
we're just *******
friends with benefits and
unspoken residual feelings
I stopped calling

     stopped texting

             unfriended you on Facebook (LOL-not even my account....I don't have one) today

We've been friends for more than half my life

     more than friends from time to time (FWB....BFF....NSA.....OMFG!)

            and now it's like neither of us exists

Because you had to lie

     you had to hold out....lead me on

          to cover your *** for doing something I repeatedly told you to do (***!!??)

So painfully slowly I'm erasing you

      deleting you

           turning my mind off  you (IMY  :-(  XO)

We are nothing and everything.

I want to be in your arms
Having you hold me tight
As we say how we've missed each other
You'll kiss me for the second time
Not understanding how rare it is
For me to enjoy a kiss
Not understanding it's how I first knew
I had fallen in love with you
My dear friend with benefits
Whom I call baby cakes and honey bear
Who calls me princess and babe
Who shares I love you's and means them
As just as friends when I mean more
Who makes me call it love making
Who I believe and trust
You touch everywhere
Even the stretch marks
You want to see all of it
You call me beautiful and say how happy
That I always make you
We make love fast
And it is wondrous
My legs tremble
You love that they do
You ask if I'm okay
I'm timid and just nod furiously
You laugh and call me amazing
Telling me how tight I was
And I hold in tears
Because you're the only one to say it
We text after we part
Letting it all unfold
All the things we didn't do but wanted to
Repeating how amazing making love is
I smile and wish you knew how I felt
Wishing I could call you mine
But instead we talk about other suitors
And you tell me to be careful
You're so cautious and always worry
And I love it
You don't think I'm weird or crazy
Even though everyone else always has
You say I'm flawless and cute
You say I'm perfect
And I say you're perfect too
We are nothing and something
We are floating between
And I might love it.
I wonder if you're seeing this J.J.I or I.S.N.
Victoria Jennings  Dec 2015
She let herself go unloved
She let herself fall more in love
She let the friendship grow
Hoping one day
In the middle of making love
He would slip up
And confess
He's in love with her too.

— The End —