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BLitZeD Feb 2016


For the second time around, I won't be too gentle.// You turds can't rhyme for *****, soft as a noodle.// Get rid of that shirt, Wordman, do us a favor.// It ain't bad at all, its just, one size too little.// Ill break you fools in half, straw snapping like a scarecrow// Cowardly lion come out, Monster Smashed you innuendo.// The reason why you got passed by the first time around// Like a girl post some pix up, cut my **** in half, now u goin down// You and Wordman teams up, who cares! a pair of freakin clowns//

let um start off first, either way ur a representation of a man in a hearse /hurt um real bad n rubbed his face in the dirt/the pics that I posted was just a ***** in a skirt/sskkirrt! on this *****, like who you ****** with nerd?/ that's a ****** sweater what u talkin bout shirt?/ an what exactly do you think you rhymed off ****?/ ******* from the start, pulled out and drove straight into the curb/ Asian drivers man, they'll never ****** learn/ a coward vs a lion I guess my warning wasn't herd/ why'd you delete the first battle? you coulda reread my words/ then you'd probly remember to go again would be absurd/ but everyone loves a under dog, makes emotion go reverse/ cause then when you go under dog , the wears not even worse/ an no one teamed up on you,/ I tagged in and hulk Hogan lumped a few/ American Dream, elbow jumped at you,/ then to your defense, in ran gorilla monsoon/ the way I see it, the joker popped both of you,/ a heist on ur thread but that's just my point of view./ sights locked retical red, not a sound with the front mount/ knights drop, clown with a crown, and a jester in bed./ leave um slumped out/ /roar/ I messed with his head/ take my advice and this cypher ...just jump out

Round 2

Let um start off first? Now what the **** was that?// Your no king of the jungle, but a little ***** cat!// A blissful of zits in your face a sign disgusting// BlitZed does not show off his face an ugly duckling// My rhyme is in verse, so fresh with multiple gears on my Hearse// You can't spit for *****, so your *** be going in reverse// A fan of hulkamania? That **** ain't real brotha!.// I bet your next line would be "Hakuna Matata!// You ain't no **** Mufasa, your like that fool Scar hangin out With them ugly *** Hyena// I laugh at you BlitZed, I ******, I flip the script with my skills// Your elbow dropped not fast enough a straight kick up your chest!// This is SPARTA!!!! So jump on out! off to the next round// Welcome to the Writer's Creed, A true MC battleground!//

if this is Sparta then ***** I'm Gannicus,/ two swords in my hand while u attack with some shallow ****/ your **** right I'm scar and ull still bow down to this/ u wont get to far hyenas surround in the mist/ Hakuna Matata but theres reason to worry kid/ shoot um point blank an laugh as he say the dots are blury miss/ from his stomach out leaks guts an curry strips/ no lines to connect, his souls in a hurry, drips,/ out his mouth like his mom as she dines in nutty bliss/ bust um quick like his dad, his sister we both miss/ a cute little thing, deaf dumb n blind, snitch/ I think not, i broke her fingers, a tight grip/ dropped her leg and screamed Hogan wins/ layed on top of her and counted to three/ donkey punched that ***** in the head an continued to proceed/ so ask her how much I give a **** about writers creed //


You claim to be a Marvel-Super-Villain-God-Like / If you are Galactus" I'm Lactose - Bacilli / Fermented like Lactic Acids what I spit!/ A genus of original but your just a make belief/ BlitZed please! step it ^ up a bit higher/ Your dealing with an oldskool underground ****** / None of that Kindergarten *****' of entry level / My words may be shallow but yet sharp as a Razor / Your write- wrist slice the veins blood burst just like a geyser / My word plays undefeated so try a little Monster / I sMashed your Baked Potatoe with chives a little butter / On side some bits of bacon a Cub is now a Lion / If you don't understand, im at work im eating Lunch / Im on break and wasted half of my time you little punk/ But its cool It's all in fun and that's what its all about / In a place full of infected A cesspool full of talent / Respect to my opponent a true Warrior of Poets / A Monster Mash Creator, A Master of Salvation / The bad *** Mr. BlitZed, Will continue this ***** later-/ Here at Writer's Creed, or where ever else you pleased/

A mutant, a radioactive contusion./My ***, gave it gas, now im ******* moving./Onto the end, the finish line, a ******* shoe in./Im new an, your old news, news i knew and /screws im loosing, as we pretend this battle im loosing, wrap it up with a few loose ends, /confusing, a thriving city, up an left it in ruins./Black cloaked, hooded druid, IV fluids, /Gat broke, firing pin, out i chewed it, trigger squeezed now, told you id do it./Ten teeth marks on the barrel, yea EG blew it./Face on some blue ****, stiff Elmers glue tip, /sticky grip, stick um up, Richy Rich, Jackson upper cuts, a Rampage, no *****./Bomb on the stage, chickens with no cluck./Took a bomb on stage, chicken heads, my ***** well ******./Salmonella poisoning, chocked the chicken, she likes it real rough. /In an out, left and right, my blade keeps the feathers well plucked. /Goose and a swan, I recognize no duck, bad luck, body covered up in the back of the truck./One G, no UN, i see, just pun./Mission complete, no fun, grey skies, trust me, no sun.. rains not done. /Bars run from bars, bring the heavens down from the stars, impacts bombard/even from behind bars locked cars explode far, gorilla tactics, no holds bared, reload the AR/Re-roll a new cigar, as i retold, another page from Scar/12 bubbles Gage the contents of this unmarked mason jar./I know your popping some corny something, but i wasn't listening./Busy kicking it with Popcorn Sutton, drinking an smoking **** in the kitchen./These lines must be glitching, space-time the fabrics ripping./Physics are ******, i need a new physician./Watch as my feet move, roots grew planted in a quantum position./Like Groot, stomp um like a twig, raging tunnel vision./A ton of incisions, a gun mixed with questionable decisions. /A life for a life, changes nothing, for both sides the death penalty still glistens./the only difference is the same as this blunt. *****, BLitZ3D is still hitting. /Next time i roar a warning make sure you ******* listen... /
Im already bored with you
I pulled a gun
And a sword you drew
Michael John Sep 2018
well that was lunch which
was preoccupied with such
thoughts of the typical poet
eg why does the world want
to cheat me..

what is the point and what
is for lover´ s eyes are
burnished fields´  of wheat
i thought of love
and lily..

a small blue bowl of vague
reminded of a broken heart
and since stopping smoking
marijuana has my art
suffered unnecessarily..

or is it better some clue
must tell the difference between
the placid and uncontolable rage
the compatability of lasagne and rice
the oxymoron..

the pollution of serviettes..
with our destructive urges
laced with inexplicable
flat cola and

not unlike hunting for
searching salt to will
made in our own likeness
cold soup to chips
to explain..

what is this thing called man
chapatti and jam..
we have to have to tell
we have to work
and then stack
to clear them..

begin again
the thoughts
of a typical
poet and soooo
Opgedra aan ‘n kind  wat gebliksem moet word.
Deur: Desperaatheid en vrees

Jy klim in en uit die ***** van bestaan,
beide die rede vir liefde en
die kind wat sy baar.

Jy is ‘n drievoud van godelike hervertellings
, want wie kan regtig liefde
in ‘n enkel sin verhaal?

Geminag , die seun van liefde en haat
- jou einste bestaan ,van die vroegste
paradoksale meesterstukke.

Verewig , verewig tot ‘n kind
tussen die Groottes wat
blindlings onder jou boogpunt swik.

Vir elke nasie ‘n ander droom
Vir elke geloof ‘n ander naam en
Vir elke mens ‘n ander god.

Amor , oh Amor!
Die sinnebeeld van liefde
wat die mendsom verbly

, maar Eros jou ramkat
jou hupse hygelbek!
Jou erotiese aanraak!
(die begeer ek)

En ek?
Met my koker van lig en van goud,
wat hulde blyk en bou en bring
maar bestorwe le voor my Laurel
oor ‘n lood-stomp pylpunt vir haar ‘n treuerlied sing!

Amor, Amor word wakker!
My son le liefdeloos in my bros hart
, wat instaan teen logika
– sterk op die oorlogspad!

Jy wat na my heuning reik
-met honger hande vieslik gryp
en ek wat jou met angel steek
in desperaatheid jou nat vel breek…

“Oh moeder”, roep die wetter na bo
vir die planete om aan te ****:
“Oh moeder, Oh liefde “ ,spat die sot se treur,
“ *** kan so bietjie , so klein – so seer!”

En die heumel druis soos die moeder lag
haar humor eg , maar haar woorde sag:
“ My naakseun, my hinksperd
My fallus met vlerke!
Jy ,nog ‘n roosknop.
gaan ook so te werke!
Aanvaar die poëtiese justitie
Stil nou liefstetjie
Lamtietie Damtietie …”

Amor, Amor!
Weerstaan tog skoonheid se wieggelied
en wees my genadig!

Begunstig my ten einde laaste
, selfs vader tyd is verveeld
met die son se enkelpad!

*** lank nog wil jy sluimer?

Amor, Amor!
Tel weer op jou leisels
en bring liefde op die wind
my wereld lê in afwagting
vir die dolfyn en sy kind!

Wees my genadig, Amor!
Deurboor my leemte met goud,
,want die bringer van lig is slapeloos
en my hart is droewig en koud.

Oh Amor, Amor!

Ek weet jys nog jonk,
maar *** speel jy dollos met lewe se vonk…

Amor, Amor!

Word wakker!

Vir die liefhebbers van die Griekse- , Romeinse mitologie en aanhangers van Eros...
DIe pleidooi van almal wat valentynsdag haat... geniet die epiese klagbrief aan Amor!
The Good Pussy Nov 2014
                               T h e
                        F an t a s t i c
                       Rocking Horse
                      T h e  Catherine
                     W heel The Glo w
                      ing Triangle The
                      ******* The Nirv
                      ana  The Padlock
                      The SlideThe Ape
                      The Butterfly The
                      Ascent  to  Desire
                    ­  The Balancing Act
                      The Splitting Bam
                      boo The Curled A
                      n g e l The Bridge
                      The Clip The Clos
                      se-up The Double
                      Decker The Seduc
                      Tion The Crouchi
                      ng TigerThe Hero
                      The Dolphin Th e
    Frog The Glowing   Juniper  The  Plow
The Peg The Classic  The Kneel The Reclining Lotus The Lustful  L  eg The Eagle The Cros
  s The Rowing Boat    The Star *******
    The Super 8 The         Bandoleer   The
          M a g i c                        Mountain
thinklef  Jan 2014
thinklef Jan 2014
We flip the page and write out our goals,
But yet we end up falling in the hole of circumstance,
Constantly been consumed by our own thoughts,
We are all familiar with that thy voice of confusion,
Apparently i was once in that uncomfortable position,
Were you have no mental authority ,
Were  your first thought becomes your final decision,
Authoritatively speaking you can gain full & total control of your mind,
First, you have to believe  
nothing works without believing,
Build your mind in a more organised & profound way,
Understand that your body is a vessel which respond to instructions,
And where does that instruction come from?,
The brain,
Your brain is the most sensitive and delicate part of the body,
Nothing is achieved without the use of the brain,
Now let's reflect back to where we started from,
We are about to work on your brain,
Now, understand that no matter the amount of thoughts that runs through your mind,
You have the ability to control it and pick the ones that best suit your condition,
Focus, without focus your can't achieve or attain your goal,
Now close your eyes and create an image in your mind,
The image may be what you want to achieve within certain period,
Eg,if you are saving your hard earned money in other to purchase a house,
Now close your eyes and create an image of that house , in a beautiful way..
Now let's go back to reality,
A friend comes to your house and tells you he found a beautiful car which is been sold at a very reasonable price,
You see,now your brain starts working,
You may totally forget about the house you are tryna purchase,
Due to the fact that the car is been sold at a cheaper rate,
But due to the fact that you have created an image in your mind of the house you want to get,
in such a way you have already seen yourself living in it,
There is no way anyone can change your mindset or persuade you in purchasing the car,
That is what is called,mind builder,
Apply this steps to your everyday life,
And you will see everything will start falling in place for you.
This isn't a poem but a little motivational note for the end of 2013..bless you'll..
Carmen Jane Feb 2019
You've slipped on ice and you broke your leg
It was a half a second when this happened
A small sound, like when you crack an eg,
Another issue to your life was addend.

You're always in a hurry my friend,
Superhero blood runs in your veins,
Everyone heartaches you try to mend
But you’ ve kept your own needs in chains.

Now the doctor suggested to rest,
So to hurry, you don't need no more
Unchaining your needs is your quest
And finding  your dreams is your chore!
Simon  Oct 2019
EG The Friend
Simon Oct 2019
EG is my friend of all values. She can’t respond in the sense of regular views. She responds with her heart, with feeling. Only changing in many different ways that bite our senses down a bit. Revealing more we never thought possible. We eat, scream, fight, dribble ourselves over every exercise we do. Maximizing the intensity of logic. She is fearing the logic. Not because she’s scared. She resents it. Not her thing. Biting down on senses is what reveals the delaying perception from fully maturing. Making our true self’s thoughtless. Yet emotional. Constant struggle for finding the brim full of pressure. Pressure that exist without being tamed. Thoughtless and emotional. Trying to find and tame brimming pressure. It’s not our faults. It’s life. Just live it. Another thing happens without whereabouts knowing. Maximizing another view. A promise of broader horizons. Through thick and thin. Full of trembling ice! One showing she has and always will be, my friend.
This poem is about a friend who helped me through the bad times, when I felt completely alone!
The Good Pussy  Jul 2015
Big Ego
The Good Pussy Jul 2015
                               Ego Ego Ego
                             Ego Ego Ego E
                            Ego Ego Ego Eg
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                              Ego Ego Ego
                   Ego Ego              Ego Ego
              Ego Ego Ego         Ego Ego Ego
           Ego Ego Ego Ego  Ego Ego Ego Ego
              Ego Ego Ego         Ego Ego Ego
                    Ego Ego               Ego Ego

— The End —