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Skaidrum Jun 2015
In my act of
defiance and grotesque penmanship,
I'll be the silver-eyed poet to beckon you from wonderland.

I've written you the universe and I'll
sew the seams to your switchblade shoulders.

"What are these?"


Come Lycan,
time for you to trust in your wings

© Copywrited..
Io  Jun 9
Orange Outsider
Io Jun 9
You watch the world go by, contempt
You need not change a thing

Warm, yet distant from the heat
Watching, unaffected and not affecting, you smile
You could watch the world burn and the heat wouldn’t touch you
You’ve already faded, you’re jaded, scars lost long ago

You’re an Orange Outsider
Insusceptible, unimpressionable
You’ve surrendered, yet you continue on
Looking on
Watching waves crash
With a worn smile
and dulled Orange eyes
Curly hair
KnudsonK Sep 2013
Your actions
speak like knives
that carve away at the soul of my being.
They stab the tender flesh of my faith.
Your words force their way
through my heaving chest
From the fork of your tongue
and rip out my battered heart,
Leaving a gaping cavity
of tangle arteries
that ooze out scattered emotions
from deep within the shredded
bloodied tissue that remains.
Exposed and vulnerable
to the elements of your
ramped terror,
the wound quickly festers
from the stench of your
infectious hatred
that slithers it's way into
the detatched arteries
and consumes any thought
of compassion.
And is diseased with
progressive revenge
and retaliation
that becomes the driving force
of strength that remedies
the  forgiveness
that unconditional love's
natural immunity  produces
and is temporary remedy to
the heart retching incurable
depression and permanent
lifelasting pain.
That haunts me
it taunts me
again and again.
...... And so begins the plague
Skaidrum  Dec 2015
Skaidrum Dec 2015
The black sun coiled around you by morning,
Gingerly tending your wounded mind
You basked in the tall shadow of two lovers;
Waltzing along the line of indecisive love

Seven has always been your favorite number,
As we embarked to raise the tiger-eyed moon
That desolate soul wrapped in your inked bones
Couldn't silence the riptide that conquered like our kiss.

You were an addiction that took five months to sober,
Feathering every "I love you" with a pitiful look to me
I guess we just headed off to war in different directions
We were spilling blood in agony for each other.

There are regrets surfacing in your heart
I would know,
It's in my palm, right?

I am unwelcome and detatched, it seems.*"
--                                                                                   Am I wrong, Lycan?
cleo  Oct 2018
cleo Oct 2018
her words
were rainbow birds
chirping light
and i was dazzled

inside, i find feathers
detatched and *****
without body

her rattled, twisted words
taken from the world
on open and unknowing skies

and i listen to the lies
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2018
I once was a Heaver, just like you
Lost in a sea of solemn blue

My boat capsized at an early age
My mind was so detatched I barely remember this stage

Slowly I found my way back to shore
But I sometimes fear I'll end up like before

The night will haunt me still, with things I've overcome
The dark reminds me of what I can still become

So you see, I've had scars where a light is shone
And I've rowed in a sea that was not my own

I have found my breath and now I give it to you
A blot of yellow in your solemn blue
I've gone through depression, and I've gotten to know people who have. I hope that I'm able to use this to help others

— The End —