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Shari Forman Jul 2013
Her name is Ava,
An autistic girl who just needs love,
A beautiful angel sent to us,
From almighty God, up above.
She's in her own little world,
That is far from here,
What she doesn't know is that she's loved,
An innocent girl who lives in fear.
She may be aggressive at times,
Disobey the rules and cry,
But she can't help her actions,
We can only hope and try.
I can empathize with her,
I can cry like her as well,
But I will never see the world through Ava's eyes,
A girl with much to tell. :)
Shari Forman Jul 2013
He picked up the glass,
Right up to his lips,
He closed his eyes and clenched his teeth,
As he took consecutive short sips.
He put down the glass,
And sank down in his chair,
As he contemplated his thoughts,
Of every wound, every tear.
He looked through the glass,
And saw his reflection on one side,
But why did he have to see himself this way?
As he put his head down and cried.
He drank his sorrows away,
And emptied the glass soon enough,
He couldn't bear drinking alone,
When the times do get rough.
Shari Forman Jul 2013
He ran until he could no more,
Insipid pawprints, on all fours.
He was instantly taken aback,
Thinking they'd attack!
But fooled by him,
His reflectin oh, so grim!
He pranced through the night,
Out of his own hidden fright.
Yet it wasn't until,
He solemnly stood still.
But there had not been a sound,
As he foolishly turned back around.
If he only knew he was not the same,
Would he experiance no shame.
But he walked unwillingly amongst the night,
With not a sound heard, not a sole in sight.
Shari Forman Jul 2013
I stand atop a hill,
Right in the thick of love,
Deeply pondering my thoughts,
From high, up above.
It was not until I saw your face,
Did my heart slowly start to pound,
Envisioning nothing more than blurriness,
From all around.
As I look into your eyes,
I can’t help but form a luminous smile,
A feeling that comes only within,
And appears all the worthwhile.
How did I find such a worthy guy?
Respectful and sincere beyond belief,
Loving and very much admirable,
Attractive, heartwarming, with perfect teeth.
I stand atop a hill,
Embracing you with loving arms,
Kissing your lips with passion,
Discovering all you’re charms.
You leave me in much suspense,
Every time we unite,
You’re love to me exceeds all expectations,
A feeling oh, so right!
So much freedom,
We endure,
As we embark on new adventures,
With much to explore,
I stand atop a hill,
Smiling endlessly through the night,
Because I know you’re always there for me,
Always shining bright. <3
Shari Forman Jul 2013
I love my boyfriend,
I love my friends,
I love my pets and sports I play,
I love em till the end!
Shari Forman Jul 2013
My family depicts a broken heart,
But it is my heart that has shattered,
My heart that fought to become happy,
My heart that truly mattered.
A broken heart can never be fixed; only strengthened,
And I wonder why I have a difficult life,
How I'm always forcing happiness into my heart,
Actual feelings of hard work, pain, and strife.
I make myself cry,
A broken heart not healed,
I ponder my former thoughts,
That have tightly shut and sealed.
But if I died a smart girl,
Causing her own pain every day,
I would have some form of life,
Where I would surely be okay.
I can't control others; only myself,
And I made many mistakes I will forever regret,
But a broken heart remains sealed,
And to never forget.
Shari Forman Jul 2013
What is truthful

Don't ever give up your life,
For the one you care very much about,
Because the others are left with everything but *you
Feelings of sorrow, rage, and doubt.
Why did you abandon our family?
Why did you neglect every one of us?
Now only you can tell us why,
There's decreased love, and abandoned trust.
Don't ever let him make you feel inferior,
Losing grip of your dreams,
Because you are nothing but youself,
Or so it seems.
Don't force love into your heart,
It gives love a great shove,
But if you comfort each other,
That's true love.
You cannot change him,
Only he, himself, is able to,
So do what your heart desires,
Pursuing what you want, and what you choose.
Love is omnipotent,
And can only be felt by you;
In only a matter of time,
Will your love appear true.
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