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Here's a little story I tink you'll like.
It's not bout' two shmucks looking for amour.
It's all bout' me, my life, and my big fat bluntz.
Imma bout' to tell ya what Reggae's for.

Reggae stands for peace and the luv in yaself.
It's bout' them spankable honies and big fat beatz.
It's bout' sweet **** chicken and otha tasty stuff.
It's bout' that dank smell of ***** fillin' da streetz.

Reggae's da warm sensation from a fresh beef patty.
It's the chill rub-a-dub sound of dat Marley noize.
It's the Jamaican sun spreadin light on ya gurl's curves.
It's the dutty jammin ya get in to witcha dazy rond-boys.

*My life is Reggae. Reggae is my life
My first post. Hope you island boys preciate ma style.
Empty theatre, no sound.
Spotlight on Marley.
Smoke rises to da ceiling.
The room fills witta rasta feelin'

Dis is no baldhead.
Dis is Marley, the great.
Dreads as soft as silk.
Riffs creamy like milk.

I wanna watch fo' de rest of me life.
Face 'gainst guitar as he wails.
He paints da skies wit his sound.
Catches me wit a reggae trap, I'm bound.

Feels like just yesterday.
He was on dis Earth.
I feel his watch, from above.
Flying tru da sky, like a reggae dove.

Sun Is Shining
Forever Loving Jah
Get up, Stand up
Stir It Up
Redemption Song

He wanted what he all did... One love... Just one...

**Plus, massive bluntz
We miss you very much. Spread the Love. Spread the kush.
We wish you a Reggae Christmas,
We wish you a Reggae Christmas,
We wish you a Reggae Christmas,
And also some kush.

Good ****** we bring,
To you and your spliffs.
We wish you a Reggae Christmas
And also some kush.

Now play us some fresh Bob Marley,
Now play us some fresh Bob Marley,
Now play us some fresh Bob Marley,
And we'll jam out some too.

We won't smoke until ya roll some,
We won't smoke until ya roll some,
We won't smoke until ya roll some,
So bring dem right here

OH ****, please don't green-out,
OH ****!, please don't green-out,
OH ****!!!, please don't green-out,
That was a close call. PHEW!

Good ****** we bring,
To you and your bluntz.
We wish you a Reggae Christmas,
And a Happy Blem Year.
Reggae Christmas, everyone!
3 reggae doobies sat on a wall.
One of them was seven feet tall.
The second was short, and fat.
De **** was tough, n' carried a gat.

All of a sudden, a doobette walks by.
De tree doobies wanna giv'er a try.
De bluntz lean in a little closer.
Each givea whistle lik a poser.

De female spliff dismisses deir plees.
De doobies cut 'er off n' get on deir kneees.
Dey beg, and dey beg, and dey cry.
But she turns away and says, "nice try".

De doobies jump back, onto deir wall.
Didn't get how she resisted their call.
A new baety walks by, to test their luck.
Hopefully dis spliff will be down to ****.

The tall one walks around front.
She waves her hand, shooin' dat blunt.
The fat one takes a shot, talks derty.
Clearly she ain't in da mood to be flirty.

Da gangster ****** roll takes a shot.
Literally, he ******' shot 'er bumba clot.
De doobies flee, as the doobette falls.
Dere goes 3 reggae doobies who sat on a wall.

*Respect women. You never know when they might save ya life.
It'd be jokes if the doobies were all cats instead. Right?
Batibwais got bluntz
Me thinks I like to try one
Take one puff, I'm gone.
Me boy Darius got de best kush.

Ja feel, ja feel
Pc  Mar 2016
Pc Mar 2016
Radiant like basquiat
Throw my every thing at nothingness
In hopes of achieving..
No job holding radicalism
True expression 
Why fix a flat when you (walk) amongst stars
Real inspiration
No concept of (madness)
repeated (method) Vicious cycle
Timeless chaos..
Seconds of every hour
(Countless) inspiration
New thoughts entrance into old minds
Wisdom of having knowledge
the jewels of life
Without ever noticing
(Omniscient) (translucent)
A diamond in a goats ***
The rose that grew from concrete 
The art of being
Just words to a page of no readers
(Blind audience)
audio visuals
Brail the (real feel) a noise for those whom cant hear
Emotionless pit
The deepest depth
Never to be touched upon
Seek and you shall find
(Negative aspect)
First time ive scripted a composition
In such a way scholar
No scholarships missed out on the college creds
(low credit)
Middle class
Irs out to audit a poor man thumb tax
Little ******
(Play on Words)
Romeo n Juliet tragedy
deep rooted (Jean pool) Denim
Faded new terminology, wavy
Turnt up
Burn bluntz the essence of mother earth
Sweet aroma
Quit smoking its bad cause i say so..
Well ive done so
at free will but felt enslaved
(Irrational thinking)
Third eye awakened
Opened chakras Encoded language

Simply Untitled

— The End —