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Don't fall victim
It's a trap
Sadness wants
To eat your soul
Away to
Nothing; Nothing
E**ver replace you
This was a poem I wrote at age 18 when my boyfriend at the time was away at boot camp
Poetry Art  Jun 2020
s adness
Poetry Art Jun 2020
i don't know
but it lingers within me
flowing through my veins
causing my muscles to ache
scratches my heart
and causing that pain

i must say
that emptiness
is finding its way
to knock down my walls
and make me think
about those dismays

never stop until i fall
into the grave of darkness
and loneliness

i am slowly fading
but sadness keeps on prevailing
it just happens.
Zoe Irvine Nov 2012
m aking ends meet
e nding
d reams
i n pools
o f money and
c urtaining off
r eal
i n-depth
t ruths about
y ourself

i nsert
s adness

t aking
h old of
e cstasy and

m artyring it
a way, bartering it and bashing it
d own into
n othing, letting its
e nergy
s eep,
s lowly trickle to a
Àŧùl Jan 2017
Your presence is benign,
On this planet,
Unto Mars your scent reaches.

Finish the pending job,
Articulation is the work,
Reaching far is your scent,
Tackling this humourously,
Ending this ode I will be,
Doomsday seems to descend.

A** rainbow of blood,
Not visible to humans,
Deathly is the scent.

I mean it for real,
Totally serious.

Wasps from hell seem to sting,
As needles of repugnancy *****,
Sadness descends for forever.

Himalayas seem to be an escape,
On the change of atmosphere,
Rows of roses are required,
Right now and right here,
In an attempt to save us,
Breathing became hard,
Lost was the will to live,
Early was fresh air needed.
You farted and it was horrible.
A dark & seriously funny poem.
Another secondary acrostic poem.

My HP Poem #1381
©Atul Kaushal
Nina McNally Dec 2017
Champion; what does it mean?
How can you be a champion?
And I'm back with a madness;" a
Madness that comes and goes, but "I'm a champion of the
People who don't believe in champions."
If I can live through this, I can do anything!"
Only you can control you're life and don't let
N**obody tell you you're not a champion!
                       *Stay Strong, you can do anything!
first writing of champion that I didn't really care for but wanted to share.
Cam E  Mar 2014
Cam E Mar 2014
Depression means
Endless nights of emotional
Rainstorms of
Sadness that cannot be
Stitched shut because this
Injury is an
Open wound no
N**eedle can fix
JJRKelly  Feb 2018
JJRKelly Feb 2018
In madness
He leapt into the molten stone
To feel once more the warmth that was her and with her left. he's alone
And prefers the silence that wraps
Him tightly as he stares into the
night sky ablaze with stars, like her
eyes were when they locked onto
His own, to the madness of life that
Reminds him of the madness of
The things they did together
Promising each other the mad
promise of “me and you forever.”
In madness he drank of tears from
Bottles of sorrow
And slept dreaming of the last
And never tomorrow.
With her there was a tomorrow
To look forwards to with the sun
Always at his side smiling wide
And lightening his day. His love
Knew no limit but that is past tense
And none could convince
Him that moving on was best.
So he lived on in madness.
Waiting for her return,
He pushed on in sadness
Àŧùl Aug 2019
Lonely I am not anymore,
Obvious was the need of a companion,
Tears used to roll down as if I chop an onion,
Unending is the happiness in this poem,
Sadness, I have forgotten you.

I now manufacture more happiness,
Shying away from smiling is nonsense.

Thoughts of mine finally orient east,
Heavy thoughts morph into light ones,
Estuary of sadness into a sea of gladness.

Becoming one with her, I am,
Expanse of the rising sun beckons me,
Sit we shall with one another,
Thickets of Selection Grass await her.
My HP Poem #1765
©Atul Kaushal
Every thing has always been black and white
Happiness and Sadness, black and white.
Love and Hate, black and white.
Dreams and Reality, black and white.
Life and Death, black and white.
Good decisions and Bad decisions, black and white.
Grey has long faded from my life,
From the time I was a little girl full of innocence and I fell and scraped my knee at the park
To the time where you threw me away at time square and acted like you and I were nothing at all
That's when I truly found out,
Everything is black and white,
Good and Bad,
Grey does not exist.

— The End —