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Feb 19 · 81
Jayne E Feb 19
The kaleidoscopic
reel to reel show
of life
how it played
in contrast
to how you filmed it
or imagined
it would unreel
our hopes
reflected upon
whilst washing the dishes
the great divide
yawns chasm like
where we are
to where we believed
we would be
that niggling unrest
just one more
life test
the beauty is found
in the revelation
still abound
is all that keeps us
anchored to ground

Feb 14 · 85
B.E.A.U.T Y.
Jayne E Feb 14
you are true beauty
to me
tiny glints
of amber fire
in your forest floor eyes
your generous
full lipped mouth
for all my kisses
perfectly made
to kiss all of me
your errant eyebrows
misbehaving daily
their cheeky allure
endears my lips
to lovingly
chastise them
it is how
beauty radiates
from the way
you communicate love
it floors me
renders me trembled
at the knee
and flush cheeked
you are to me
golden warm light
exuding joy
when you speak to me
whispering my name
uttering words of love
and devotion
softly growled
against my mouth
my entire being
as one
with the vibration
of you.

© J.C.
Jayne E Feb 14
she leans into the strain
forcing at the point

trying too hard painful
written all over her face

strives to be
the good (#2) wife

swears that she is
"a woman's woman"

but can't wait to stab
a sister in the back

wears her insecurities
like a gaudy housecoat

thinking unthinkingly
she has everyone fooled

professes love her mantra
while her eyes say bitter

maybe it's the palsy
bitterness of a crooked face

she's sure she can beguile
tilts her head a little too much

her up made pan cake face
creating powdered wrinkle rivers

keeps the leash short and tight
and thinks unthinkingly "he's mine"

she wound up tighter
than a dollar watch

he loose as a goose
has her well fooled

she winks as he slips the hood
one bad person de serves another

she believes he the perfect catch
I guess they are a perfect match

Feb 14 · 55
Jayne E Feb 14
lay with me naked
in the warm afternoon
droplets of sunshine
dancing on our skin
let's build a secret fort
christen it as
our temple of love
a place just for us
and maybe the cat(s),
if they are good
no clothes allowed
and no talk of
serious things permitted
there will be penalties
and punishments
for transgressions
you can be in charge
of structural soundness
leave the comfort
to me
explore my body
with your hands
your mouth
your ***
I want you
to know every inch of me
just as I want to know you
I'm already in love
with the endearing freckle
on the shaft
of your ****
when I think of it
I'm overcome
with  tender affection
and the desire
to kiss it
feel the deep love
I have for you
in my  kisses
in my caresses
let my body communicate
all the love
all the love
all the love
I have for you...
love me gently
take me
with passionate intensity
but always
with love

you are
the light in my day
and the shine
of my stars at night
I will arch my body
over you
stars falling from my hair
to grace your skin
as I take you inside me
and make us as one
you are
all the love
I've forever needed
the unknown missing piece
of my enigma puzzle
when you moan my name
in our tenderest moments
my entire being
buzzes, filled
with golden light
and I feel as though
my heart will burst
into a trillion particles
of glistening joy

there can be no other
every breath I breathe
I breathe for you

© J.C.
For my one true love.
Feb 12 · 84
the tone comes in...
Jayne E Feb 12
dreaming you
sonic ally  of love
the tone comes in
enters stage right
quiets all the din
blooms open in pre dawn light
as summer on heat
exerts her beautific might
elementally present
you feel so right
your breath the air
my skin needs
to breathe
your seed the nourish
my earth it feeds
your touch the flame
that fires my heart
your infinite tiny kisses
quench my drought
to set this love apart
the tone comes in
enters stage right
colours burst in my eyes
I feel you as sound
carried by light

© J.C.
Synesthesia - when the stimulation of one sense, triggers an involuntary experience of another sense.  My fours are green as is Wednesday, and September sits just behind my left shoulder...
Feb 8 · 108
Valentine's rhymes
Jayne E Feb 8
honeyed kisses
you buzz around my heart
full lipped & delicious
I knew it was you
my forever one, from the start

(honey bee my valentine)

honey honey your nectar is so sweet
honey you're my favourite thing to eat
honey love how I squirm in my seat
honey bees love makes me complete

the honeyest kissiest of them all
for your sweetest love I did fall
our fit is perfect like hand in glove
kissiest honeyest blissfully in love

(I love you my honey-bee, silly valentine rhymes to you from me, now and forever your baby-baby)

Feb 6 · 146
diurnal rhythms
Jayne E Feb 6
my diurnal rhythms
the push
and the pull
of my tides
now ruled
the magnetic force
that is you
your love
felt deep
in the rising swell
of my desire for you
I am powerless
this gravitational pull
of wanting
of aching
of breathing
only for your touch
for your kiss
I can feel you
in every beat
of my heart
taste you
as the whet
on my tongue
the vibration
that is you
as both sound and sensation
like a stretched string
quavering in perfect pitch
my pounding heart
the buzz
running through my core
like a hummingbirds wings
in oscillatory motion
every fibre of my being
every atom
in an excited state
your love both
the catalyst
that causes star bursts
behind my eyes
in a myriad
of beautiful hues
the soothe
the restorative
that lends a deep peace
to my soul
your kiss
your loving caress
the balm
that heals my heart.

© J.C.
Feb 6 · 126
whispers and kisses
Jayne E Feb 6
come to me
in whispers and kisses
consume me
with trembled breaths of love
call for me
urgent & tender moan my name
****** me
utter up all your ardent wishes
envelop me
let our love be the flame
burn for me
be open love & set desire free
ravish me
my salty sweet be your most delicious
surrender with me
to  love given bent on gentle knee

© J.C.
Feb 5 · 144
love true love right
Jayne E Feb 5
take my hand
lead me to your bed
lay so close with me
in evenings fading light

cover my body
with a blanket of kisses
map my skin with your mouth
love me true love me right

run your hands all over me
read me like braille
arousing all my senses
find the heat between my thighs

take your time
tease me delicious
slow burn your love on me
free my moans & loving sighs

let me show you
with my body
the deep love I feel for you
in evenings fading light

cover your body
with a blanket of kisses
map your skin with my mouth
love you true love you right

© J.C.
Jayne E Feb 5
you told me you loved me
you told me "you are mine"
you told me you'd love me forever
you told me "you belong to me"
you told me I was your alpha & your omega
you told me "you are why I was born a man, to love you"
you told me you were going to marry me
you told me "I can never love another now"
you told me you'd never let me leave you
you told me "I'll put you in a box in the ground, before I'll let you go"
you told me you'd never hurt me
you told me "I'm going to **** you"
you told me you loved me.

love is not ownership
love is not obsession
love is not violence
love is not suppression
love is not breaking bones
love is not silence
love is not feeling alone

you saw me like you see
one of your treasured
first editions
a thing to show off
to brag about
to your mates
a thing to pick up
and put down
to keep locked up
to covet
a thing you own.

I loved you
when you were
my loving lost boy of the morning
I loved you
when at loves first bloom
you were sweet
I loved you
when you made me feel safe
I loved you
before the strong arms
that held me close
broke my bones
and broke my heart
broke my faith
and tore it all apart.

Bad dreams carry bad memories into the now...
Feb 5 · 85
passionate peace
Jayne E Feb 5
to lay so close with you
the warmth off your body
your breath at rest
on my skin
is pure
to feel
your sweet kisses
one after the other
dusting my skin with devotion
I feel love like never before
hold me this way forever
bellies pressed in caress
no words spoken
the spell
your touch
feeding my desire
to be without you
is to no longer exist
there is nothing without your kiss

© J.C.
wanted to play a littlevwith form, descending word count then ascending etc thought I'd apply it to this poem
Jan 31 · 108
honeyed love
Jayne E Jan 31
Honeyed Love...

In your loving arms I can finally be
loved true loved deep and set free
from a past scarred deep by mistrust
took my love and he eroded it to dust

Here in your sweet loving embrace
as you set my heart to sing & race
your love flows over me like honey
turning my dark days to warm sunny

Within these short and simple lines
my hope is you'll pickup on my signs
tho' not sophisticated nor contrived
they signal my true love has arrived

Yes, my style is usually to embellish
but darling I want simply to relish
be immersed in your love so very good
finally love feels just as love should

off my body the clothes please rip
fingers & tongue do tantalisingly trip
finding my mouth, neck, belly, my ***
as all my senses you set to perplex

the lost key to my enigma machine
secret code you know what I mean
you unlocked unbroke my caged heart
how you love sets your love apart

I'd given up on finding love again
you are the soothe that let love in
I am ruined now for any other one
I am yours alone 'til all our days are done

It's true love,
our love true
has truly  won
honey love
you are
my one true one.

© J.C.
A little more 'simple' in structure and vocabulary than how I usually write, but when the feelings that are so deep and pure,  it just seemed right...
Jan 29 · 54
waited too long
Jayne E Jan 29
You waited too long
its light dimmed from
brightest star in our night skies
to falling star burning too bright
right before it dies

You waited too long
the breath i held only for you
ran out of oxygen
burned out in a vaccum then
withered away to cold blue

You waited too long
the spell is now broken apart
yet manacled fetttered strong
your soul to my beaten heart
quiet lingers not for long

You waited too long
my colours ache to seek the free
all these tergiverstates a mess
as you flicker quiver wink blink me
come again behold me undress

You waited too long
my fired passion fades to grey
your velleity extinguished potent fire
our love with no locus left for play
embered draff detritus of our desire

You waited to long
so its dried wither on the vine
finds me persuasible no more
faltered failed to make you mine
I feign sublime and close our door.

© J.C.
Another 'older' write from April last year, it's interesting to read and revisit previous lines, especially when feeling 'blocked' as I am, and have been for a little while now.  I'm used to writing at least several poems a week, but recently have been a little stuck. No doubt they'll all flow out at once when the **** is unplugged!
Jan 29 · 47
Life lessons
Jayne E Jan 29
I have danced naked in the desert
chased the sun fallen after the moon
I have kissed the tricking serpent
As he slithered slyly thru my room

I have talked to that fat little Buddha
rubbed his jolly belly for much good luck
I have bled deep from gifted slashes
white as a rabbit from all that he took

I have seen those chessmen up stand
show me moves ahead x20 across the board
And won every wager laid paid up in hand
bullwhips &  ancient bibles to add to my hoard

I have bore & freed many burdens heavy
More than your infants soul will ever know
Earned my stripes and paid right my levy
not to be tricked or pulled in by your cold undertow

I have birthed a civilization in my mind's eye
Seen the world laid to ruin so fickle and so cruelly
lost favour aft love was given most truly
It draws a tear from my jaded eye
and from my heart pulls deep the sigh

I have dreamed you pure in one too many ways
Gifted generous from my well of love deep
Still persistent on the aether you try to play
It's all ashes to dust now and not yours to keep

I have made my peace with the mountains
given grace to the deepest bluest seas
persist if you must try to ebb my fountains
for no longer do I need your sick to set me free

© J.C.
This is quite an 'old' write, over 8 months ago...
Jayne E Jan 20
"sobs are not prayers"
the burial place & final home
of my father's ashes
is an endless tundra
of dotted dashes
a plague of plaques
and headstones
I wonder
at the volume of tears shed
watering both weeds
and plastic roses equally
their gaudy colours
once bright now faded
like the bones and ashes
of the once was person
whose grave they mark
loved ones lie deep
feeding the dug ground
along side the worms
and slaters alike
all washed by the same
salted river of stolen tomorrows.


(many thanks to my friend & gifted scribe, "Liliths ghost" for the title and 1st line, and also the inspiration ).
Jan 10 · 58
the snap
Jayne E Jan 10
just like that
I felt it
the snap
the fall in my chest
dissolving inside again
the spell broken
as pain
floods back in
irrevocably scarred
by the monsters
cruel intentions
he follows me
lurking in the shadows
hiding in wait
deep dusty corners
of my mind

a self promise made


the wolf
wears sheep's clothing
comes a hunting
with gleaming smile
sharpens his teeth
on the soft bones
of fair children
fills his belly
with a ragout
of broken dreams
and lost childhood

the hunters knife
sliced away
all my goodness
left fear
left mistrust
left pain
left emptiness
in goodness's place

could I be too broken
to ever be good again
when simple words
sets parralel tracks
a moving together
in beautiful sync
on a collision course
becoming a train wreck
the track snaps
love at its neck

the spell is broken


I remember
I remember
I remember
I remember
why I have remained


to love
to open up
to be vulnerable
to trust
to allow myself
to be loved
is it
too late?

my shattered pieces
have very sharp edges
such a good man
such a good heart
too good
to lacerate
vicariously injure
to hurt by proxy
too good

for me.

© J.C.
Jan 4 · 76
morning love...
Jayne E Jan 4
wanting more sleep
trying to drift back
the sound of your moans
replaying in my mind
******* with you
lazy Saturday morning
softly waking moments
spent in bed
spent with you
spent and sated
love expressed
with our bodies
craving to rub my ***
on your mouth
coat your tongue
with my earthy seawash
of love
lovingly lick
every pearly glistening
droplet of your essence
wanting you to break my fast
needing every delicious moment
to last
fat rain drops
splat and splot
against the window
blurring the glass
our morning love
savoured deep and slow
wanting to make it last

Dec 2019 · 92
9 months...
Jayne E Dec 2019
Its been 9 months
of love perfectly incubated
23,652,025.9 moments
of blossoming emotions
warm tender and deep
elevated by
honest open communication
I still thrill to the sound
of your voice
uttering my name lovingly
uttering my name tenderly
growling my name passionately
I've given up
waiting for the intensity
of these wondrous feelings
to peak then ebb
to find a settling ground
It is a futile pursuit when
my love for you
keeps growing
more tender
more complex
surprising me with wonder
and filling me with joy
every day spent in your love
is a day I want to last forever
you are the honey bee
buzzing around my heart
your love is a rich deep tapestry
full of hidden intricate beauties
your love is a summer garden
lush with nourishment
for my soul
your love is a spring shower
washing me in warm kisses of light
I want to inhale you
to breathe you in
as my air
taste every inch of your skin
as my nourishment
I want you
to chart my body
with your kisses
lay claim
to all my territories
I am your baby baby
now and forever

J.C. 28/12/2019 3.33am.
Dec 2019 · 59
Jayne E Dec 2019
Its 2.22am
these multiple numbers
keep making themselves
pushing into my sight lines
sleep has slipped the knot
my head a turmoiled eddy
thoughts and worries
swirling in the dark waters
of my sleepless mind
feeding the toss and turn
the empty side of the bed
the ache inside grows deeper
with the fast advancing dawn
I want to beat back the clock
turn the tock to ticking
slide backwards into midnight
like grains of sloe ice
pushing the hands of time
moving against gravity
moving toward you
your empty side of my bed
yawns an armless embrace
cold and hollow
I want to bend space
in on itself
turn this cold chasm
into a vacuum
of charged particles of light
pulling against time
pulling toward you
my heart beats in it's cage
like a hummingbird in flight
beating only for you
this  broken dinted night
sleep slipped again at 2.22.

© J.C. 28/12/2019 @ 2.22am
#sleepless #nightmares #aching #numbers repeating #insomnia
Dec 2019 · 75
The hunters knife.
Jayne E Dec 2019
The Hunters Knife.

Let's play a game missy
A game of hide and seek
one where I do the hiding
but also I do seek
I'll give you one chance
to solve the unsolvable
beware if you guess wrong
what I have hidden there
the blade will linger long
my hunters knife
will come to collect
a little blood, just a little
from thee miss,
not enough to be noticed
not enough to be missed
close your eyes
while I bind your wrists
dry your eyes
mute your sighs
or the hunters knife will collect
a little cut a little stab
not too shallow
nor too deep
just enough
to make thee bleed,
make thee bleed missy
bleed for me.
do you like my game,
girl child trapped in time
held here eternal by me

Hush now
don't sob for
your lost innocence
I'm far from finished
with you yet.
I'll sing you a lullaby child
close your eyes
go to sleep
and whilst all soft
in slumber you lie,  
from your heart
the joy I will thieve
Hush now girl and sleep
for while all soft
you lie in slumber asleep,
the joy from your eyes
I will break
when from deepest sleep
you stir and wake
forever mine
is  your soul to keep.
I will take all
you don't have to give
then I will take some more
for by mornings break
sweet child
no longer a sweet miss
broken you'll be my *****

Tell me child
how you love my game
of hunters hide and seek
any answer you can give
will never be right
will never set you free
the only victors of this game,
my hunters knife and me.

© J.C.
This was written quite some time ago, but directly relates to my last poem "silver dollar shimmer"

Torture, abuse, childhood, lost innocence,
Dec 2019 · 126
silver dollar shimmer
Jayne E Dec 2019
you lifted my arm
to see it drop flop
like I was a rag doll
when I was still a child
should have still been
a child instead
my body heavy
limbs drugged
and sleeping
my mind
still awake
although drowning
small heart pounding
I could feel your heart beating
excited with anticipation
carrying me to
the midnight garden
silver dollar leaves
their dusky shimmer
my focal distraction
blurred points of light
guiding me back
to days spent in sunshine
sunlight glistening
on gentle ocean waves
childhood delights
dusted with light
slipping the knot
mouth filled
with leaves of rot
mixed with coppery blood
escape artist extraordinaire
Houdini of the mind slip
not to feel young flesh rip
invoking warm summer air
not to feel the rip and tear
making myself spring rain
not to feel the searing pain
recalling my mother's embrace
tactics to temporarily erase
to catapult
through time and space
leaves shimmer
feeling the burn of the rope
grasping any filamental
glimmer of hope

© J.C. 25/12/2019 3.40am
Christmas memory, abuse, torture, lost childhood.
Dec 2019 · 239
rue the ruse
Jayne E Dec 2019
passion desire love
and where they take us
past the point
that can almost break us
revealed true selves
to never fake 'us'
lean into the bruise
becomes the soothe
trust freely given
defies the ruse
then you were gone
so begin the rues...
not to regret
never to forget
upturn the stage
to make it reset
it lingers long
after the sting is gone
the memory of your kiss
your teeth lips
your fingertips grip
Is it you, or is it that me
that I cry for and miss?

© J.C.
Originally a response comment to another hello poetry poets write...
Jayne E Dec 2019
Gwerful Mechain - (1460 - 1502)

The female genitals

Every foolish drunken poet,
boorish vanity without ceasing,
(never may I warrant it,
I of great noble stock,)
has always declaimed fruitless praise
in song of the girls of the lands
all day long, certain gift,
most incompletely, by God the Father:
praising the hair, gown of fine love,
and every such living girl,
and lower down praising merrily
the brows above the eyes;
praising also, lovely shape,
the smoothness of the soft *******,
and the beauty's arms, bright drape,
she deserved honour, and the girl's hands.
Then with his finest wizardry
before night he did sing,
he pays homage to God's greatness,
fruitless eulogy with his tongue:
leaving the middle without praise
and the place where children are conceived,
and the warm ****, clear excellence,
tender and fat, bright fervent broken circle,
where I loved, in perfect health,
the **** below the smock.
You are a body of boundless strength,
a faultless court of fat's plumage.
I declare, the **** is fair,
circle of broad-edged lips,
it is a valley longer than a spoon or a hand,
a ditch to hold a ***** two hands long;
**** there by the swelling ****,
song's table with its double in red.
And the bright saints, men of the church,
when they get the chance, perfect gift,
don't fail, highest blessing,
by Beuno, to give it a good feel.
For this reason, thorough rebuke,
all you proud poets,
let songs to the **** circulate
without fail to gain reward.
Sultan of an ode, it is silk,
little seam, curtain on a fine bright ****,
***** in a place of greeting,
the sour grove, it is full of love,
very proud forest, faultless gift,
tender frieze, fur of a fine pair of testicles,
a girl's thick grove, circle of precious greeting,
lovely bush, God save it.
Mediaeval poetess, female ****** power, history
Dec 2019 · 94
my eternal flame
Jayne E Dec 2019
Your love is the soothe
the succour
the spark and hot flame
the embers
ever smouldering
at the core of my being
when lovingly you
moan my name
a growled whisper
at the peak of our passion
I feel every ounce
of your love for me
as we fall
into perfect sync
our bodies
our hearts
and nothing exists
outside of our fused heat
it is more
so much deeper
than physical release...
In those moments
I have all I could ever need
you become my air
my nourishment
my shelter
and my bones
my skin
my pounding heart
your bones
your fevered skin
your pounding heart
with you
inside me
beside me
our skin pressed close
the universe dissolves
and evolves
as you growl my name
so lovingly in ******
time stops
you pull me in
and I let go
in ecstacy
in joy
in love
I have never felt more loved
more beautiful
more right in my skin
than when you growl my name
tell me that you love me
rain kisses on my face
as i shudder and tremble
in your loves embrace
colours bursting
exploding stars
behind my eyes...
you are the soothe
the succour
the spark
in my heart
the eternal burning flame
when you lovingly
utter my name...

J.C. 14/12/2019, @ 3.33pm
love, connection, tenderness, passion, ***, ****** synthesia, bliss, joy, love of my life.
Dec 2019 · 243
the cat whisperer
Jayne E Dec 2019
when I see you
petting your beloved cat
and the new big fluffy one
who recently adopted you
cat whisperer that you are
it's not exactly envy
that comes over me
yet I can't help it
when I see
your wonderful hands
in caress
but wish
they were stretching and bending
stroking and tickling
all my hidden places
that when caressed
make me purr
A rough first draft...
Dec 2019 · 92
love expressed
Jayne E Dec 2019
I want to lie against you
my back to your chest
my cheek to your cheek
my head laid
on your shoulders to rest
feel your deft hands
on my hipbones
finger tips on my belly to press
feel you swell beneath me
as skin to skin we caress
my body your blanket
your body my bed
no words between spoken
love expressed in the unsaid

Had to stop, or ud keep adding and adding....
Dec 2019 · 70
Jayne E Dec 2019
the ache for you
settled deep in my belly
wakes me at 5.30am
I feel every inch
of the distance between us
sleepy fingers reach out
to find you
not there
my ***** sigh
with the roll of the ocean
keeping you from me
pulling the pillow in close
tears of wanting
stain its case
the ache for you
settles deep in my belly
at 5.30am.

missing you, wanting you, love.
Dec 2019 · 153
missing you
Jayne E Dec 2019
It is too hot
for sleep to come easy
even a light sheet
is too much cover
I need you
to be my blanket
your arm laid over my waist
your breath my skins coverlet
your sweet love
the pillow
to cradle my restless mind

Dec 2019 · 67
night winds
Jayne E Dec 2019
curtains billow and sag
the summer night wind
lends no relief
to my toss and turn
it just blows more thoughts
of you
around my unsleeping mind
dusts the empty side of the bed
with longing
I can feel you
inside me
I feel it the pain
the ache & the want
coming off you
in waves
it feeds my own pining
the hot night wind
lends no relief.

J.C. 02/12/2019 3.33am
Dec 2019 · 83
my monster
Jayne E Dec 2019
do you see it over there
crouching in the corner
horns prone, teeth bared
don't take a breath
don't make a sound
maybe he will leave
if I don't turn around
unpealed screams
hidden deep down
push it push it push it
back down underground.

Nov 2019 · 87
non thoughts
Jayne E Nov 2019
my thoughts have become
non thoughts
since you won my heart
no more
do any thoughts exist
of being touched
by anyone but you
no more
can I even summon
the filamental thread
of imagining another's
lips on my lips
your hands only
now exist
to caress my skin
pull me into
your loving embrace
stroke my cheek
and thread your fingers
through mine
in lovers repose.

J.C. 30/11/2019. 4.44pm
Nov 2019 · 222
Jayne E Nov 2019
fingers of sticky tar
pressing on
pressure down
a deep dark well
echo chamber
the girl child's sobs
shaken at the throat
his laughter
how he
gloats gloats gloats
steely glinted blades
pressing down
pressure on
a chamber
made of dank air
warm trickle
ruddy blood
mixed with muddy moss
his laughter
at her loss loss loss

J.C. 25/11/2019 - 3.40am
nightmares, flashbacks, abuse, loss
Nov 2019 · 99
his love
Jayne E Nov 2019
I pinch myself sometimes
marveling quietly
that it is me you love
how did I get so lucky
how did the others
the ones before me
miss it
how did they not see
that the love you give
and how you give it
is truly remarkable
quietly I wonder at this
for fear 'they' might now see
the rare beauty of your love
and try
to steal your heart away
from me.

Nov 2019 · 66
love is a warm blanket.
Jayne E Nov 2019
when the light
is becoming obscured
by the black dots of panic
closing in
in number and volume
buzzing and fusing together
you pull me in
draw me back
your voice, your love
guides the stillness in
the warm blanket
of your loving care
gifts me the pause needed
to find my centre again
to not feel alone
or isolated
it is a new thing for me
not dealing alone
feeling your love
and how you give it
the power it has
to soothe my fractured soul
turn the black dots of panic
into shimmering glints of light
golden and dusted opalescent
how is it
you can both thrill me
and instil such deep peace
at the same time?

Nov 2019 · 103
coming home...
Jayne E Nov 2019
when I think of your hands
traversing my body
your breath dusting my skin
and your kisses
constructed of love
over my lips
my neck
******* thighs belly
traveling between
the valley of my hipbones
finding shelter
in the garden of my ***
I feel my pulse quicken
the tiny hairs on my skin
all stand to attention
and the pull deep in my belly pit
becomes a homing beacon
seeking you out

I want to map your body
with my kisses
set guidelines
with my tongue
navigate you
every inch of your being
all your coordinates
are locked forever
in my unconscious mind
so at any given time
I can follow the lines
explore you
discover your hidden wonders
exclaim "eureka!"
and plant the flag of my love
firmly in your heart
you feel like coming home
forever in your arms is
the place I'm meant to be

Nov 2019 · 101
he is...
Jayne E Nov 2019
he is warmth
like the sun kissing my skin
he is nourishing sweetness
like raw honey on my tongue
he is peace
like a cool stream deep in the forest
he is a deep calm
like stillness felt just before dawns break
he is pure happiness
like a summers day at the beach at 8 yrs old
he is sweet wonder
like 1000 butterflies first upward flight as one
he is unutterable joy
like feeling his love pour down on me
he is my love, he is my honey bee
he is the panacea that set my heart free.

Nov 2019 · 170
Jayne E Nov 2019
you called me
1001 nights of the sahsrara
you called me Laylah
you called me Lilith
your queen
little beetle
you called me to you
with carved silver
circled pentagrams
wrapped in silk
and petals
wrapped in spells
and incantations
wrote me poems in your blood
scrolls tied tight with
strands of your hair
sealed in wax
you were the lizard boy
dark eyes and your heart
once bright filled
with sparkled light
charred to dark ash
the day she took from you
your innocence
and lightness of being
hungry to feed
on the potency of your youth
to erase times lines
from her haggard face
the scar lines engraved
upon your soul forever
we called up the summer rain
one hot January night
danced naked in the garden
under the full harvest moon
laughing chanting
willing the rain to fall
moonlight shimmering
through the droplets
we were as children again
for a few moments
you thought I did not love you
because I walked my own path
you told me too late
of your sufferings
in a note left on my pillow
found after you drove
off the cliff into the deep gorge
the water kept you for 6 months
spitting your body up on the rocks
at the tender age of 23
torn apart by the rapids
for years you haunted my dreams
your long fingered artists hands
reaching out from the rushing waters
pulling me down
each night
to lay with you forever
your elegant hands
my eternal slaughter.

Nov 2019 · 64
catapult games
Jayne E Nov 2019
I beseech you
forget my name
played out
in obsessions shadow
your sick thoughts
know no shame
the fuse wire lit tripped
in too deep all gone fallow
nerve casings stripped
fight or flight mode triggers
back to hard nought
unrelenting you remain
ingrained an old
fibre rotting blood stain
while your harridan sniggers
my senses are now fraught
I feel you dreaming me
the nausea rising like gut fire
the tension wires pull taut
walls closed in emergency
smiling tiger dressed as a liar
don't speak my name
don't remember me fondly
don't profess undying love
hang your sick head in shame
for you treated me so wrongly
fists and boots a kick a shove
there is no escape
no peace here found
you hurt you destroy you ****
made a slaughterhouse
of loves playground
you pervade
as you invade
in your masquerade
a monster costumed
as a 'good son' a good man
my love cannot be exhumed
do not delude yourself it can
I see your vile truth
sadly know you better
than I should
I would erase you
rubbed out
like a pencil sketch
if I could.

J.C. 14/11/2019 12.12am
Nov 2019 · 75
twin flames
Jayne E Nov 2019
you complete me
the missing piece
of the enigma puzzle
without realisation
it was ever lost
or even existed
this thing
we have found
with each other
this rare
and ignited
by love
we are
twin flames
burning now
as one.

J.C. 11/11/2019 @11.11am
Nov 2019 · 149
falling in grace...
Jayne E Nov 2019
If I could hold you
inside me
like the beating wings
of the bird
that is my heart
caged in my chest
and how it beats
like a hummingbird
at the sound
of your breaths
falling in grace
against my skin
I would keep you
inside me
carry you with me
wherever I go
If I could hold you
inside me
like my coursing blood
how it boils
pulses through me
at the sound
of my name
falling in grace
from your lips
I would keep you
inside me
carry you with me
wherever I go
to hold you
inside me forever.

Nov 2019 · 282
wildflower tea
Jayne E Nov 2019
Picking wild roses
and mint
a bird on the wing
bound in stems
and cooled
summer tisanes
from the garden
a little honey
on the tongue
sweet joy
of life

Summer is here!
Nov 2019 · 90
sleepless mind slip
Jayne E Nov 2019
sleepless feeds my mind slipping
elusive rest seeds as unrest unfolds
unsure footed & fraught head tripping
spiralling down wantings rabbit hole
super helix on hyper speeded axis
these thoughts find nowhere to go

I miss you in this cold night dark
I need your warm side here to lull me
the pain the pine has me fretting stark
craving to sleep beside you peace fully
I toss I turn yearning & burning

willing myself into fragments of light
and the 3am wind to lift me and carry
so I may elementally flee on the night
to my sweet loves bed with no tarry
every star is blown dark without you near

my hearts caged rhythm beats your name
as night chases dawn down to her knees
ruined by your love and it's white hot flame
a night larks song calls out across the seas
my waking fingers reach to not find you here

© J.C. 02/11/2019. 3.40am..
Nov 2019 · 88
you are not gone...
Jayne E Nov 2019
you are not gone from me
still constant
your love remains
yet an imposed shift
the fire break gap
pushing space between us
an emotional wall
a memory trawl
evokes strange
unwelcome feelings
frets shivers
begins a
in my chest
she returns
not a stranger
yet estranged
the cuckoldress
a once in common
I hold your heart
within mine
as you hold
my heart dear
I know you are not gone
from me love
I still feel you
between every beat
held caged in my chest
no notice given
or taken
or regrets
a returning
hits that feeling
within my chest
my mind cursed
with overactive
she employing tactics
static crackles
inside my head
take the hit
the pull of you
felt belly deep in the pit
the cold empty
side of the bed
then taints
twists longings knife
after a few swift
sliced precision bites
you are not gone from me
logic puts up a good fight
when the heart is in so deep
and falls the long cold night
thoughts simmer
they steep and creep
you are not gone from me

© J.C.
Oct 2019 · 76
the stretch & the bend
Jayne E Oct 2019
We don't stay 23
to the end
the body shifts
it yields
it stretches
and it bends
fertilised life
coughs it out
labours rife
to waiting
stangers hands
the mid wife
the ooh lahs
the wah wahs
new life crys
through shut eyes
rooting out
crying for
its mother's ******
suckles to nourish
for comfort
for succour
to flourish
at first ****
feel pull of
a now empty womb
now no more
hermetically sealed
liquid echo chamber
organic incubator
more now
abandoned life tomb
as cords cut
signals separation
that first wail
a call for independent
new identification
what was one
now severed
becoming two
life brand new

© J.C.
Oct 2019 · 148
afternoon siesta
Jayne E Oct 2019
drifting in slumber
so close to you
I close my eyes
as your eyes close too
warm is my body
soft in repose
warm is your body
to feel you so close
losing myself
to dreamless sleep
gifting my heart
for you to safe keep
as you gift yours to me
unbound by a love
that sets us both free
so sleep my dear love
my love so dear
rest deep and peaceful
know I am always near

Oct 2019 · 75
elixirs elemental
Jayne E Oct 2019
I crave
I burn
I ache
to lick the salt
from your skin
to breathe you
inhale every atom
all 7*10(27)
of them
feed this
elemental need
bury my face
in your musk
I must
I must
I must
taste you
ravish you
with kisses
your magnet pulls
with orbital force
pulls me
from the pit of my belly
drives me
to press my skin
against your skin
no air between us
heat of our bodies
fusing skin to skin
feeding the fire within
your breath
breathing my name
love caught in the moans
sets my body alight
with desire
with love
with longing
I want to hold you inside me
carry you with me
saturate you
with my love
mixing elixirs
I am lost in you
in bliss.

© J.C. 11/10/2019 3.03am
Oct 2019 · 198
holiness in the sighs
Jayne E Oct 2019
holiness heard
between the sighs
speaking in tongues
untied untithed
united bodies
fused in heat
god whispers
softly in my ear
says my name
your voice I hear
heaven revealed
behind my eyes
as fractal colours
burst within sighs
my love utters
prayers of devotion
elixirs mixing
to loves potion
dissolving walls
breaking ceilings
oh holy morning
our souls revealing

© J.C. 30/09/2019
Oct 2019 · 58
we choose...
Jayne E Oct 2019
I am
as a flower
blown by
a gentle breeze
in a field
I will bend
I will yield
to the heal
by nature soft
even tho my will
be iron strong
in deed
not wrong
to say
I am super feisty
on that day
I'm  treated coldly
my tongue
will be a sliced blade
slicing boldly
cutting old or young
sometimes in life
on both sides
mistakes are made
both sides
can debride
can throw
a good heft of shade
we decide
what price is paid
whether to weather
the storm
keep the tether
or walk away
connection sever
to cut
or to repair the rip
down to us
and how we choose
to trip
to 'win' to 'lose'
smile happy
or play the blues
keep it real
or run a ruse
so simple
we choose
we choose.

© J.C. 05/10/2019.
Oct 2019 · 80
bye gones.
Jayne E Oct 2019
Bygones be gone
bye wrong
wires crossed
lost in the why
this world is full
of unseeing eyes
unfeeling hearts
unthinking minds
not ours
not yours
not mine
we find the depth
in between the lines

© J.C. 24/09/2019.
Sep 2019 · 183
Jayne E Sep 2019
there'll be
no saving it
not any
the entire orb
toxins too many
then abraded
gone far too bye
alas too late
to buy time back
no turnaround
11th hour saving
or magical miracle
in denial of why
our planets health
status - critical

we did
what we did
yes we did
shift axis
misuse & abuse
bleed her dry

it is mans(kind)
turn for him
be to wither
carbon nation
in degradation
rock stars erosion
chemical illusions
a weathering of time

Mother earth
will rejuvenate
do (the) over time
yielding to years
millions (billions?)
once more
but...only....if... then...
sans **** sapiens
a non negotiable must

torpid audience enervate
we (manunkind)
made the earth
into 'progresses' *****
pimped her out
for a TV dinner
a 100 inch flat screen
a remote control life
instant gratification
homologating toxic emissions
no ratification
given by nature
override permissions
ego over easy
(supersize default position)
greed gone greasy

not today
not tomorrow
not next year
100 years from now
but in a time
long after you
long after me
when we and
our offspring
(& theirs & theirs...)
long dead too
earth will reset herself
hostile to human life
yes **** sapiens
lease on this fractured land
will for sure expire
but the planet will regenerate
and survive
destructions fire


mother earth will have the last laugh...
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