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  Mar 10 Jayne E
guy scutellaro
fallow moon
lifeless moon
on the rise
over the ocean

we take off our clothes
to dance in moonlight pale

and i lay my shirt
and pants
and her blouse
and skirt
across the sand
and hold her hands
as she flows down
like water

her legs spreading,
an ace high
straight flush
fanned  across
life's gambling  table

and then
the ebb and flow
like the ocean

deep and faster
to the rhythm of the earth

primordial beasts
we are
organic and carbon
howling at the moon

portent moon

there s a death that waits
in the pale moon light
Jayne E May 2021
The super flower moon is shining
golden through my window as
I lie in bed catching moonbeams
dancing over my bed
and glinting in my eye
I am thinking of you

I am thinking of you
and aching deep within my core
knowing you are sleeping
an ocean and a day between us
as we share dreamtime
under the glisten and glimmer
of the super flower moon

© J.C.
Jayne E Apr 2021
I still have 100's of poems for you
they are stored in my heart
even when my notebook falls silent
and the pages yawn blankly white
it does not mean poetry has stopped
blossoming inside me
or that I no longer burn for you
sometimes it is so intense
this big love I have for you
it consumes me
consumes my words
renders me tongue tied
my heart beating
like a hummingbirds wings
caged in my chest
the catch in my throat
and the fall in the pit of my belly
my quickened pulse ticking wildly
at the back of my tongue
all of my senses on hyper alert
tuned to the pull of you
I wake up every morning
reaching for you
a hand draped over my hip
my fingertips and palm
seeking the fuzzy warmth
of your sleepy belly
willing you to be there
wiggling into the curve
of my sleeping body
you be the big spoon
if it's still dark
I can hold the illusion
keep my eyes closed
allow sleep to pull me back
into some kind of dream
that's not quite a dream
float in that space
we occupy together
when we are both sleeping
on opposite sides of the planet
space folds in on itself
I can feel you loving me
I can feel your warmth
I can feel your breath
on my skin
the spell is broken
as soon as the day breaks
as soon as you are awake
10,699 km's away
and starting your day.

2 years of loving you.
Jayne E Feb 2021
two breaths from dawn
the night is
on loop
breathing me in
spitting me out
stuck in stasis
small and
wanting more

nights tendrils
offer small comforts
a place to hide
the silence
is deafening
feeding the urgency
a filtered glimpse
of emergence
corners of night
pealed back
stripped bare
no succour
or blessed offerings
to be found
as the dark
spits out
dawns dusty light
your side of the bed
empty & cold
I lie in wait
less your sleeping form

all these
scissored thoughts
a shattered mosaic
birdsong crashes in
I am left
for more...

Jayne E Jan 2021
my heart lifts
in upward flight
a bird on the wing
in the presence
of your love
like a lark ascending
on the thermal current

* * * * *

I've loved you
all of my life
even before we met
the promise of you
was cast in my heart
its double barreled
pulsed rhythm
secretly calling your name
your love for me
so sweet and true
became this littlebirds
homing beacon
guiding me
I wing my way
to the refuge of your embrace
to the rapture of your kiss
to the nest of our bed
to the radiance of your love

J.C. (littlebird)
This piece of music communicates how your love feels to me. Also my favourite Ralph Vaughn Williams piece.
Jayne E Dec 2020
i remember #2

i remember
cats eyes
lighting up
the edge of never
a silent heightless
between life
& a plunge into death
trusty bertha
golden bullet
speeding through
the silvered night
on the edge of sleep
still dreaming
moonless skies
twinkling stardust memories
the smell of the forest
filling my sleepy mind
Bertha's headlights
throwing ominous
beautiful tree shadows
across the night vista
back into slumber
hungry jaguar purring
biting up the bitumen
into the blackness
devouring tarseal
& endless miles
the scent of Chanel
drifting from
the nape of
my mother's long
elegant neck
floating weightless
80 mph to morning
waking within
the sound of the ocean
bacon & eggs
cooked on the hot engine
then running
into the summer
south pacific
perfect summer morning
I remember.

© J.C.
#childhood #perfectsummers #thecalmbeforethestorm
Jayne E Dec 2020
I remember
long car trips
in the back of the jag
bench seats like beds
the smell of
and rich red leather
being lifted in slumber
not sleeping but sleeping
half awake moments
a quilt to cover
draped warm & heavy
over my childs body
falling asleep
with the smell of the ocean
stars twinkling by
in the passing
evening sky
the rushing of air
windows cracked
to the traveling night
I remember.

© J.C.
#childhood #calmbeforethestorm #innocenceintact
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