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Jayne E 1d
woken by sultry rain
droplets big fat splots
upon my window pane
feeds the need
to feel your skins warmth
next to me
in nights dark pitch
at my fingers reach
you are here
closer, so near
not kept from me
by swirling vast seas
It hurts
pulling your pillow
in close
wrapping my body around it
whispering your name
is not the same
as feeling your breath
upon my skin
your touch
that I need so much
the rain falls
on and on
pushes me
through this barren night
til dawns light
breaks me apart
with it tears at my heart.

© J.C.
Covid19's ramifications include keeping lovers apart...
Jayne E 2d
From ******* sweet tips
and curve of hip
milky thighs and sighs
of feminine mystique

Its the inner sighs, smiles
and why's,
the mothers touch
that heals so much
the loving reach,
across the breech,
soothes woes of man
she is Woman.

© J.C.
Jayne E 2d
when I'm sick
with physical malaise
and pain gives way
to anxiety in waves
of rising panic
you soothe me
with tender care
ease me through
to peaceful calm
so I come to no harm
with you
I feel safe
for you to see me
stripped and bared
of my outer armour
fragile weak scared
returned to
a child-like state
needing reassurance
and 'there-theres'
to know that
someone cares
I feel it all with you
I feel cared for
I feel you
I feel loved
deep and true.

Its easy to be loved when you are at your best, strong, capable, independent...
Jayne E 7d
did it stick in your throat
bitter pill splutter spit spill
or was it sweetly released
surrender yield signed sealed
when you realised
your servant was your master
it all comes rushing back
needle slow drags back the track
thinking hit rewind you'll find
where it was you lost your mind
stolen in darkest night
or gifted in bright daylight
this challenge ne'er a win for you
push pull no matter what you do
hit hard from your blindspot
or a smack full face matters not
conceited pride fed fat surmise
while deft strategy spelled demise
this race is run dead in the water
vanquished by Mercury's daughter

© J.C.
Jayne E 7d
Memory's bell chimes
its knell pealing
back time
the tempo
of backward clocks
ticks following tocks
dusty mind locks
a voice long past
leaps the void vast
unbidden creeps
along my dreamscape
lingers haunts steeps
reminds me
there will be no escape
for lights trapdoor
fetid breath my captor
anchors me down bound
taste leaves moss
dirt fed fear in ground
breaking with silent loss
that which can never
be found.

© J.C.
  May 16 Jayne E
The lost art
of finding yourself
Jayne E May 16
organic machine

of natures engineers
webs touched
by solar gleams
organic artwork
we see
structual intricacy
dancing light fed
suns firstbeams
hitting morning dew
droplets catch colours
as prismatic mimicry
feigns fragile delicacy
underneath dancing light
steely strength persists
pretty deathtrap
shining bright

Et al insectas

all escape
organic machine
visibility overload
until hot sun
shrouds anew

© J.C.
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