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Jayne E Sep 2022
it's cold here
in the shade
of your waning love
blue moon bruises
of the heart
left to rot
like fruit in the bowl
as the gnarl in my stomach
dark matters knot
to a widow black hole

© J.C.
Jayne E Sep 2022
2 3 1 5 (valentines day)

Valentine's kisses
blown by fists
set coordinates
as markers
of unholy tristes
days in lieu
spent chasing back time
fooling myself
that I can run down
the night
trade in those seedy lows
for peakless highs
masquerading sobs
smiles to hide sighs

© J.C.
Jayne E Sep 2022

craving for some love
on the empty side of the bed
feeling the hollowed pain
of things felt but left unsaid
the air has grown colder
as knots settle in my chest
are we going where we said
we'd never?
being so much less
than our loving best
I know sometimes I can be trying
less than easy, more than complex
your absented  love has me crying
falling into a blue emotional vortex
a growing gnawed bone deep ache
as the sadness rises steady
how much more before I break?

© J.C.
Jayne E Jun 2022
come to me
in whispers and kisses
consume me
with trembled breaths of love
call for me in urgency
growl my name
****** me
utter up to me
all your ardent wishes
envelop me
our love the white hot flame
burn for me
be open love
see how desire frees
ravish me
make my salty sweet
your most delicious
surrender with me
give over to love
bent on her gentle knees

Jayne E Jun 2022
The Kiss

Blissfully lost in you
the wetness
inside your mouth
matches the
rhythmic rain
for you
in a city doorwell
this kiss is
The Kiss
by which all kisses
must forevermore
be measured
we persist
to the 9-5'er passers-by
never have I been
so beautifully kissed
time dissolves
stars align as
our kiss blossoms
lips locked
in bliss
hearts set free
in this moment
forever I'm yours..


(An older poem written many years ago)
  Mar 2022 Jayne E
guy scutellaro
fallow moon
lifeless moon
on the rise
over the ocean

we take off our clothes
to dance in moonlight pale

and i lay my shirt
and pants
and her blouse
and skirt
across the sand
and hold her hands
as she flows down
like water

her legs spreading,
an ace high
straight flush
fanned  across
life's gambling  table

and then
the ebb and flow
like the ocean

deep and faster
to the rhythm of the earth

primordial beasts
we are
organic and carbon
howling at the moon

fallow moon
heartless moon

there s a death that waits
in the pale moon light
Jayne E May 2021
The super flower moon is shining
golden through my window as
I lie in bed catching moonbeams
dancing over my bed
and glinting in my eye
I am thinking of you

I am thinking of you
and aching deep within my core
knowing you are sleeping
an ocean and a day between us
as we share dreamtime
under the glisten and glimmer
of the super flower moon

© J.C.
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