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Jayne E 1d
It's the vibration of you
carrying love clear to see
the resonance of two
aligned, us, we, you + me

balance found
the surprising delight of
newly trod fertile ground
the ways we relate
openly communicate
unbinds joy limitless,
and so it abounds

the warmth of your belly skin
against my cheek laid dear
tender caresses do begin
with your warmest embraces
as you draw me in closer, near

breath carried tiny kisses
infinite in number
bringing too
a newly found peace
I am content and renewed
curled in your arms to slumber

emotional landscapes
painted in hues of affection
open hearts open minds
receptive & kind
no need of deflection

or even protection
safe, warm, happy at peace
to discover this sweeter love
and  true loves release.

J.C. honey-tiger 15/06/2019.
Jayne E 3d

Michael, how your name feels leaving my lips
Michael, the way you love me like honey drips
Michael, how you say my name when passions high
Michael, the way you feel so right no need for why's
Michael, how my heart sings when you are near
Michael, the way you care for me so tender dear
Michael, how my pulse quickens for your touch
Michael, the way I love you, knowing you love me just as much.
Michael, how I need you in my life forever more
Michael, the way you, my one and only, I do adore.

J.C. Honey-tiger 14/06/2019.
For my love..
Jayne E 3d
Roses red roses are so ruby red
Loves skies are so cerulean blue
you my lovely love fill my head
with loves myriad colours every hue

Pansies pink,pansies so peachy skin pink
Loves fields so viridian of green luscious
you my lovely love are all that I can think
loves abundance of thoughts so delicious

Poppies purple swirled sleepy passion
Morpheus winds over fields of sleepy dust
you my lovely love always be my fashion
your sleepy sent kisses and lip blown lust

Tulips black tulips so rare inky velvety soft
loves flowing rivers carried me to your heart
you my lovely love lift me up so high aloft
this rare sublime love will see us never apart...

J.C. honey-flower 17/06/2019.
Jayne E 4d
It's one of those days
in no good way I'm shaking
from deep in my core
I'm shaking
been yelled at hissed at
It's one of those days
in no good way I'm weeping
from deep in my core
I'm weeping
been spat on shat on
it's one of those days
too much to do too undone to do it
got rained on nay hailed on
beaten up my nature man and
the universe
It's one of those days
told I write ****** verse
many expletives used to curse
Ok I give up
roll in the hearse
it's one of those days
I get it I'm a *******
for human consumption not fit
so pass me over on me spit
it's one of those days.
toss me aside I'm just anti matter
a toying thing emotions scatter
while you're there put the boot in too
It's one of those days
make me oil at your service
go on, go ahead I deserve it
for daring to breathe to even think it
for opening up then believing
it's one of those days.

J.C. honey-tiger 13/06/2019.
Ok so this is slightly edited but written more than a few months ago, on a particularly bad day.. just a contrast piece really, we are all so much more than just our lyrical lovely lines of love..right...? Write! **
I saw you hopping this morning, now you have me hopping too
I'm not quite sure, but I might be a kangaroo
I saw you sliding around, I even heard you hiss
Now I'm slithering with you, after all you did insist
Today I was a cow, a dog and a cat
We slithered swam and climbed all before your nap
I'll be all these animals and I'll be your best friend too
I'll be anything you need
Even a Kangaroo
Jayne E 5d
From ******* sweet tips
and curve of hip
milky thighs and sighs
of feminine mystique

Its the inner sighs, smiles
and why's,
the mothers touch
that heals so much
the loving reach,
across the breech,
soothes woes of man
she is Woman.

J.C. 09/03/2019
Jayne E 5d
worlds of difference made in our whirlwind days
the most lovely way that you say all that you say,
lends life, lifts my heart in most marvelous new ways
when you are gone even for the smallest of time,
the ache descends and with it unbends all my rhymes,
so I breathe for that next moment so sweet and so true,
when once more I am able to be with you...
I could go on and on and on and then on some more,
how this new thing has touched me, how I do so adore,
but mostly my dearest, your dearest dear true heart
moving me so deeply, my dear I know not where to start
your words, your voice, gifted upon your soft generous lips,
all these my lovely, do more than unchain my hips,
draw me in to you, make me the moth to your flame,
fill me with longing for that thrill that one more time
when once again, you sweetly whisper my name...

J. C. honey-baby ...undated.
This was a note, a comment left for my love,so I spaced it and a poem was born.
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