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Feb 22

bright are January's skies
robust light poured
into antipodeal
azure blue
by slow moving
cotton ball cumulus
feeding into endless
cerulean horizons

the effulgent outer world
into my inner pnuema
and heat rushes in
melting to puddles of wanting
my intended precept
of cool headedness

the fires of missing you
so blazingly perfervid
they strike envy
into Olympus Mons
molten heart
scorching every
living thing in vengeance

I am mapped internally
by embered markers
in all the hues of longing
which bleed in through
fevered *****

like a forest scorched
laid to barren hot dust
by racing bushfires
time hangs in the heat haze
begging for the quench
only found in your kiss
soothe these
internal infernos

my eyes ache
through the dusty
miraged heat
to fix you
in my sightlines

only then
will these raging fires
be subdued


This is inspired by, and a direct 'bounce off' one of Crows poems here, 'Hibernal' (link below) that I absolutely loved.Β Β Thank you Crow, for letting me take the liberty, of using yoir poem 'Hibernal' as a jumping off point for this one
Jayne E
Written by
Jayne E  F/New Zealand
(F/New Zealand)   
   ap, M-E, Carlo C Gomez and Perry
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