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Jul 2 · 146
Bad habit.
Jayne E Jul 2
Bad habit

the moment
you first sprinkled stardust
in my hair
caressed my cheek
the husky morning light
throwing faint shadows
bed sheets scattered
hearts caught
by surprise
then shattered
into shimmering bright
as pre dawn
had me forlorn
lost in your
my tears
kissed away
your tongues mixology
feeding back to me
my tears and my ***
breeding blending
alchemical lust
the birth of
a bad habit
born out of
a good love
this little bird
in your gilded cage
would become
locked out by
your inner rage
as madness descended
four lives upended
fighting the good fight
biting back against the strain
of this bad bad habit
loves first bloom
birds singing
before the sun rose
you tearing down
all my defences
raw desire
the fire the fire the fire
in your *****
becoming my ******
scribing incantations
secret spells
of love
of dreams
of wanting
with your ***
on my belly skin
glistening in the
early morning sun
when did the love
mutate to ownership
passion became obsession
your misbelief
my imagined transgressions
tearing the silk at its seams
then on your knees
begging to
redeem redeem redeem
too many heartbeats too late
the light snuffed out
stuffing the ****
in loves spout
sweet turned bitter now
just spit it all out
loves lamb slaughtered
throat cut and bleeding out
spitting my teeth on the floor
of our house built on 'love'
feeling my jaw crack splinter
under the strong hands
that once held me "safe'
'loved' me
wed me
then bled me
dry of all hope
love hanging
choked on the rope
kicking me
to pieces
and me
kicking this
bad bad habit


J.C. littlebird 03/07/2019
Funny, and not in a haha way, how memories invade our dreams, nightmares a crossover of the two, bitter mixing with sweet....messy breakups, nasty divorce, killing the one you love... Humanity insanity...
Jayne E Jul 2
[ I would engage but disengaged
enamoured masked fetid cage.
To sit spit splutter to cough it up
spit it all out
all over the pensive penners page
words turned **** fugly loves pup ]

Alla allua all al alala allis all is
Well that blends the well,
Wait! Wait!
(bit nipply in here)
nope that's not quite it, try,
All is ill that bends will..ok
One more go,
All is well that ends well
Right?   rite!  write? ok, ok,
this has been happenin for days,
pen sieves    
spinning lines
All over the place

Whirling dervishes spinning
lines crossing,
in my kind mind,
finds the bind,
blinds, then unbinds
Better yet     Get    in     behind
(Aussie shepherds call out)
Oh holy ****
dressed up like a duck
Ok..I got this, really I do,
let's seem to find a seam take two,
better yet...
mark it...scene set & action!

Bn California dreamin
little kittys pretty
Vannah & Clementine
their morning rituals feeding lines
a ***** pushing
faucet fed H20
odd observations
one kink 4 kitty cat
prefers to take her water right on tap
still my keys go  
tap   tap   tap
Queen Vannah aloof saunters to lap
to sit to think,
not counter fed drink,
she's way too cool for school,
what were we talking about?
it gets little hard to think
you standing naked
by the kitchen sink emotions spout,
refer crazy prior lines
fed by loves fire,
tossing feelings
in and out,
twist it,
turn it, up, down
shake it out

there is love of lovers,
there is love of mothers,
there is love of others,
sisters, cousins, friends, brothers
those kind of others
the cliché would say...
"It finds you when you stop seeking"
"expect it when you least expect it"
usually historically my reply maybe,
yawn -
mass conditioning speaking

funny tho how things work out,
how someone says
"how you feeling"
transmutes transcends
to not ok...
just flat out ascends
to big bursting clouds  
bountiful love reeling in,
from a kind word uttered

the hearts flower slowly opens
it's the hope
love carries upon it's soft
scented breeze,
it's the joy
love communicates
whilst on her knees,
and the tenderness
felt between them
she, he, the we,
in the squeeze

bunches of fist clutched sheets
bitten lips my heartbeat
thundering in my head
language of panted moans
native to our bed
fingers pressed
the the back of your head
your features lost
between my legs

ahhhh, yes, yes, yes!
loves steady heartbeat
the     thrum    thrum      thrum
wondrous beating
upon loves drum,
and how each new fresh
transformative experience
of love
transcends the past,
as again we relish,
the skipped beats
warm moistened seats,
the play the foray
a new wave way

as sweetly tendered lovely love,
delivers up finely sublime
all soaked delicious
steeped in rhyme,
that elusive now found,
brighter sunny day.
so, to end, what of love?
Id say,
let it play,
oh all for lovely love,
let it play!

J.C. honey-tiger 02/07/2019
Ok this is an edited added to, respaced rewrite...of an earlier piece.  It still may make no sense to anyone but me lol.
Jul 1 · 78
Jayne E Jul 1

the sound of my name from your lips

the way you tease me with funny quips

the break in your voice for my pain

the infinite tiny kisses you do rain

the way you never tire of my voice

the sound of your sighs oh how I rejoice

the feel of your breath on my necks nape

the warmth of your arms when we wake

the sleepy vows of love and affection

the communication shared with no deflection

the way you warm up my toes when cold

the desire to be together until we're old

the embraces never ending after our ***

the love we share simple yet so complex

J.C. honey-baby 02/07/2019.
Jul 1 · 67
one. (for you M.)
Jayne E Jul 1
with honeyed lip
and fervent tip
into my mouth
my body
you dip
all my senses
on override
pulling my tides
my *******
from your lips
my ***
from your hips
and what they bring
making my body sing
breaking dawn
breaking into light
burning bright
cheeks hotter
than the sun
you shine
you shine
you are mine
I am thine
you me

J.C. honey-baby 02/07/2019
Jul 1 · 58
Jayne E Jul 1
At the thick end of night all are sleeping
not me for the black thoughts creep in,
not invited in nor welcome here
doesn't stop the monsters my dear,
they all dance in of different flavours
one constant all seek my graced favour.

I'm tired.

It may be fear dancing and leaping maybe memory keeps me from sleeping,
perhaps it's shame leading dancers play
laughing to beat back at my sunnier day
or a blonded man blue iced eyes tithing
knots throwing knives & no nice thing.

I'm tired.

It's been 30 plus years stuck in here playing dodgem cars with all these fears
smash one over hit one to the side,
just for another to hit on the fly collide,
one more trip on the helter skelter slide.  

I'm tired.  

So weary tears stain cheeks eyes bleary,
will it soon end or stay this way forever
strive to untie the bond break the tether
but the monsters ha! they know me better than any close friend, family or lover
so I'm stuck in here wed to this terror.

I'm tired.

As the clock slows beats me backwards again I paint on the smile feign the act
I'm ok to any friend say hey hey
much easier less **** to just pretend
rather than confess admit to say
I'm unable to unbend the bend
straighten the wires and unrip
so to interrupt the continuum slip.

I'm tired.

As thick pushes through into pointy end of dissolving night  
with pale washed out insipid
weak tea pre-dawn light
still no relent
no peace
no love
no joy
no relief in sight
I wonder if it'll ever sever
or never again going to be alright.

I'm tired.

J.C. honey-tiger 01/07/2019.
Jun 30 · 74
Love in the afternoon
Jayne E Jun 30
Sweet heart of mine
this is our zenith time
our halcyon days
filled with summer wines
from plump grapes on the vine
embraces most ardent
love taken under the sun
with you my lovely love

****** to Alcyone
your valored love
vanquished with great ease
all storms and high seas
lends peace to these our
passioned fields of adulation
no anchor to set ground
or landfall be found
for all else
but lovely loves love

my soft cheek I did press
to your devoted chest
you nuzzled at embonpoint breast
so tenderly at lovers rest
souls raised lofty on high
incandescent bodies in flight
made from pure golden light
lucent shimmering with bliss
we in union, none sweeter than this
you and I, my lovely love

I surrender, fervently I'm lost
in your deep eyes so intense
burnt amber depths of mercy
feed my soul no relent
bodies vibrant resonate as one
passional energy sparkling
runs through us with ardent intent
our love feels aeons old
never cold and none more bold
than this my lovely love

rolled tumbled tangled by waves
crashed and dashed under again
your body my beacon of shining light
renders me willingly tender your slave
unto you, my lovely love

For no peace can be made,
lest you set my body aflame
at passions peak call out my name,
all my wild fires beg to be tamed,
by you, my most lovely love.

at rest in lovers sweet embrace
body to body now interlaced
all my edged nerves now made still
drenched quenched by your elixir philtre
glistening sweet honeyed drops
dripped on hot skin sated all soft
is all that remains of our tenderest
afternoon filled with lovers delight
your head laid tender upon my breast
our eyes shining with loves light
my most lovely love.

J.C. honey-tiger 30/06/2019.
Jun 30 · 56
mornings passion
Jayne E Jun 30
Long before the sun has said hello
your face lays so close on my pillow
your breath carresses my necks nape
this is the way we both love to wake

Flattened palm warm laid on my belly
movements slow we choose to dally
our bodies joined from toes to hips
in sleepiness we let all pretences slip

This is my favoured way to wake
with you knowing I'm yours free to take
so with my body I show you how
I need you to be one with me now

Your breath warm, fervent in my ear
inevitable, no choice, I pull you in near
(draw you to my inner atmosphere)
excited molecules cause quite a reaction
undeniable unfightable hot attraction

My ardent moans and ****** sighs
undo any maybes or hesitant why's
my radiated heat, wetness invites you in
your warm firmness signals let's begin

Slowly deeply hips rolled and ******
no stolen kisses unspoken deep trust
delicious delirious both giving over
surrendering my body to you my lover

Your hand so tender upon my breast
my hand on you 'tween my thighs wrest
passions rising hearts beating harder
breaths short in this our sweet ardour

The world still quietly sleeping without
inside our loves expression plays out
your lips your teeth carressing my neck
my cheeks aflame I am at your beck

I feel your excitement building higher
the ****** the pull the heat of our fire
it brings me on pushes past the breach
desire for release you squeeze my peach

More urgent now still close we hold
movements stronger deeper more bold
I crave to feel your ****** letting go
it triggers my own hot lava to flow

We both are gluttons here it is true
never getting enough me nor you
always needing to push on until spent
smile in soft repose at passions vent.

J.C. honey-tiger (grroowwlll!) 30/06/2019.

A little ditty about the 'fire'...
Jun 28 · 45
Night breezes
Jayne E Jun 28
you sweep in on scented night breeze
with utterings that bring you to my knees
intentions set here clear to please
her nature relents freely to your tease

this heady scent intoxicates thee
your affections now aggrandize me
this penners pen will panegyrize you
appetencies too sweet be blown through

this dance transcends base hypnotic
sifts the filaments within unto ******
her delta grande radiates blue a' glow
your beacon signal guides to my flow

as our desire rises to bliss yet unknown
tides overwhelm us then drive us home
the breakers wild crash break all around us
within calm eye our peace is found just.

J.C. honey-tiger 15/05/2019.
Jun 26 · 76
satellite skies
Jayne E Jun 26
satellite skies (3 months of love)

satellite soaked skies
stars to unknowing eyes
crossed moonbeams
not quite as they seem
a mistaken cosmic sign
astral bodies do align
our bodies do align

starbursts on leavened tides
I see it as nebulae collide
star to star you + me
the colours my eyes do see
hues myriad your love gifts me

eyes closed sighs aflame alight
you're burning me up so bright
as nebulae collide this night
setting my skin on fire
untempered desire

my love
set all the stars to collide
love shine crystalline in your eyes

infinite fires burn in my heart
our love stands a universe apart
you loved me back from deep gloom
this love is no love in a vacuum

J.C. honey-baby 25/2019
I had reached a place where, I had not so much, given up on love, but was used to being alone, I've never minded my own company, loneliness is not something I've really suffered from. So, I was ok with it, even though, having dipped my toes back in the sea of the possibility of being aligned with another, and had my heart, take a hit after being ghosted, it reaffirmed for me (or so I thought) that perhaps it was better to he alone...then, ironically, through the pain, I met 'someone', neither of us knowing, when he reached out to me, sensing my pain, my sadness, that we would discover, uncover, a connection and bond so deep, that it often hurts deeply just to simply think about touching him, him touching me, holding me, being with him... I never really prescribed yo the whole 'there is one person out there made especially to fit perfectly with you', but I have to reassess that now...after 3 months my/our feelings still grow daily for each other, surprising us both in the most wonderful ways.  You know this is for you my darling honey bee, I know you will read this, I Love you M, more than I thought it was possible to love another, you move me deeply in every way, physically, emotionally, mentally.  You make me so happy it hurts...happy 3 month anniversary baby **
Jun 25 · 130
Hummingbird hummingbird
Jayne E Jun 25
Hummingbird hummingbird
you are so sweet
with wings kept at constant beat
tiny legs to weak to stand
80 beats per second is your command
In sonic rapidity you do entrance
all who see & hear this magical dance

J.C. honey- owl 01/06/2019
Jun 24 · 54
Jayne E Jun 24
we transcend
space transmutes
time unbends
black shards
new found light
dull coal lines
to sparkled
liquify the night
colours bright
we rearrange
time lines
slip the knot
as we redefine
follow the dot
to refine
reunite in perfect time.

J.C. honey-tiger 25/06/2019, 3.05am.
Jun 22 · 89
tears rain
Jayne E Jun 22
Black raindrops splat splot
icy streaking window pane
hot tears my cheeks stain.

tock tick backwards clock
teeth bared the monsters do knock
pushing dawn tick tock

J.C. honey-owl 23/06/2019 - 4.34am.
Two haikus that seemed to me to work together...
Jun 21 · 80
Bad dreams
Jayne E Jun 21
Nights veil pulls back the misted past
no sleep found here no needed rest
you invade my dreamscape thick and fast
with sounds and images set to test

your scent wafts into my sleeping head
Unwell fingers carress unwilling skin
it's pain in truckloads stuck in my bed
with your sick desires my prison again

I strive I struggle to kick to the surface
free myself from your deathly embrace
feel the pulling of your unholy purpose
the need for breath becomes my race

memories mixing all sweet with the bitter
lured by false joys, sweet sugared lies
trapped in sleep my body jolts and jitters
my voice small whipmers, begs and cries

This landscape paints an unpretty scene
in shadows you watch as the films unspool
garbled words off your lips the tilt and lean
your cold smile flashing full and cruel

The one I loved the one who I trusted
you had my heart my devotion my love
tore it all down my passions all rusted
smashed it apart with iron ****** glove

Sleep, sleep, rest dreamless and heavy
I ache to drop like a stone in deep rivers
too many nights made my pain your levy
jolts awake shaking in cold sweats shivers.

J.C. 21/06/2019 4.30am.
Nightmares are common for me. They, nor the historical abuse I suffered, do not define me, just something I have to deal with at times.  This has been a long 'episode' of them lasting almost 2months of nightly bad dreams...
Jun 18 · 36
cause célèbre
Jayne E Jun 18
Gloria Vanderbilt died today
princess Diana, was on the news
beautifully dead,
walking the dusty trails
of Angolan land mine fields,
without protection
of any shields.

"I cried the day that Bowie died"
(and the world cried with you)
we shed our tears
our sighs & why's,
when a famous one dies,
but what of the good human
who slips away
without any voices,
without any words,
to say?

The one who gave much more
than they could spare
passes away, shown no care
the loved yet forgotten,
once fine
the downtrodden.

The mother who sang lullabies
dried millions of tears,
hushed thousands of sighs
with warm embraces,
with loving care,
slips into the nothing,
exits an unaffected world.

The lover once lovely
dead in an alley a ditch,
too many hits,
too many scars,
unseen unfelt unmissed(sic)
by hundreds of
passing cars

Beauty rotting
cold blood clotting,
passersby passing by
would they even care
that she was broken
long before dead,
by a world callous and cruel
undid her lovely head?

I understand fame,
I understand célèbre,
I understand shame,
I hang my head.

J.C. honey-baby 18/06/2019
Jun 15 · 124
Tiny kisses
Jayne E Jun 15
It's the vibration of you
carrying love clear to see
the resonance of two
aligned, us, we, you + me

balance found
the surprising delight of
newly trod fertile ground
the ways we relate
openly communicate
unbinds joy limitless,
and so it abounds

the warmth of your belly skin
against my cheek laid dear
tender caresses do begin
with your warmest embraces
as you draw me in closer, near

breath carried tiny kisses
infinite in number
bringing too
a newly found peace
I am content and renewed
curled in your arms to slumber

emotional landscapes
painted in hues of affection
open hearts open minds
receptive & kind
no need of deflection

or even protection
safe, warm, happy at peace
to discover this sweeter love
and  true loves release.

J.C. honey-tiger 15/06/2019.
Jun 14 · 58
Jayne E Jun 14

Michael, how your name feels leaving my lips
Michael, the way you love me like honey drips
Michael, how you say my name when passions high
Michael, the way you feel so right no need for why's
Michael, how my heart sings when you are near
Michael, the way you care for me so tender dear
Michael, how my pulse quickens for your touch
Michael, the way I love you, knowing you love me just as much.
Michael, how I need you in my life forever more
Michael, the way you, my one and only, I do adore.

J.C. Honey-tiger 14/06/2019.
For my love..
Jayne E Jun 13
Roses red roses are so ruby red
Loves skies are so cerulean blue
you my lovely love fill my head
with loves myriad colours every hue

Pansies pink,pansies so peachy skin pink
Loves fields so viridian of green luscious
you my lovely love are all that I can think
loves abundance of thoughts so delicious

Poppies purple swirled sleepy passion
Morpheus winds over fields of sleepy dust
you my lovely love always be my fashion
your sleepy sent kisses and lip blown lust

Tulips black tulips so rare inky velvety soft
loves flowing rivers carried me to your heart
you my lovely love lift me up so high aloft
this rare sublime love will see us never apart...

J.C. honey-flower 17/06/2019.
Jayne E Jun 12
It's one of those days
in no good way I'm shaking
from deep in my core
I'm shaking
been yelled at hissed at
It's one of those days
in no good way I'm weeping
from deep in my core
I'm weeping
been spat on shat on
it's one of those days
too much to do too undone to do it
got rained on nay hailed on
beaten up by nature man and
the universe
It's one of those days
told I write ****** verse
many expletives used to curse
Ok I give up
roll in the hearse
it's one of those days
I get it I'm a *******
for human consumption not fit
so pass me over on me spit
it's one of those days.
toss me aside I'm just anti matter
a toying thing emotions scatter
while you're there put the boot in too
It's one of those days
make me oil at your service
go on, go ahead I deserve it
for daring to breathe to even think it
for opening up then believing
it's one of those days.

J.C. honey-tiger 13/06/2019.
Ok so this is slightly edited but written more than a few months ago, on a particularly bad day.. just a contrast piece really, we are all so much more than just our lyrical lovely lines of love..right...? Write! **
Jun 12 · 564
Jayne E Jun 12
From ******* sweet tips
and curve of hip
milky thighs and sighs
of feminine mystique

Its the inner sighs, smiles
and why's,
the mothers touch
that heals so much
the loving reach,
across the breech,
soothes woes of man
she is Woman.

J.C. 09/03/2019
Jun 11 · 51
Comment on love...
Jayne E Jun 11
worlds of difference made in our whirlwind days
the most lovely way that you say all that you say,
lends life, lifts my heart in most marvelous new ways
when you are gone even for the smallest of time,
the ache descends and with it unbends all my rhymes,
so I breathe for that next moment so sweet and so true,
when once more I am able to be with you...
I could go on and on and on and then on some more,
how this new thing has touched me, how I do so adore,
but mostly my dearest, your dearest dear true heart
moving me so deeply, my dear I know not where to start
your words, your voice, gifted upon your soft generous lips,
all these my lovely, do more than unchain my hips,
draw me in to you, make me the moth to your flame,
fill me with longing for that thrill that one more time
when once again, you sweetly whisper my name...

J. C. honey-baby ...undated.
This was a note, a comment left for my love,so I spaced it and a poem was born.
Jun 7 · 53
I want I need you...
Jayne E Jun 7
I want to bury my face in the musk of your lovely fuzzy belly
I need you to chart my body guided
by your map of kisses
I want your lovers caress's and how
they turn my legs to jelly
I need to hear your fervered breath feel the beat my heart missses

I want to breathe your scent feel your passion as it does rise
I need to show you my flower bloom see how you bid my colours unfold
I want you to plot your kisses course make landfall between my thighs
I need you to feel my ardour burning hot never cold

I want to feel our bodies connect as one burning like bright ash
I need to touch every inch of you
press my skin upon your skin
I want to give you 50 strokes
delivered by my lovers lash
I need you to lock eyes with mine my love, bodies entwined let's begin.

J.C. "honey-tiger" 07/06/2019.
#desire #lovers #body love #passion #my one true love
Jun 6 · 132
Oceans of bones
Jayne E Jun 6
Night binds me blue in blackened silk
elemental sleep stolen by deadest dark
needing rest, comfort, kindness's milk
sifted tears & sobs do leave their mark

feels so solitary stark

no escape hatch though I crave release
as wants pull me unto vapoured arms
no succour here I will feel no peace
only bitter pills and swallowed harms

crested light brings harsher days
tattered remnants of coppered dreams
reminds me its the psyche that pays
as fragile silk tears joy at its seams

of winters mourn

dawns bring the bitten blinded sighs
a glassed in cage for wing clipped birds
oblivion obscura in the masses eyes
ears deadened to my silence unheard

oceans full of childs supple soft bones
his hunters blade glistens the breaks
the wind whispers tortured moans
the sliced knife tip just takes and takes

the sea swallows me down

Its serene to the point of painful, pretty
this forest where sprites could be at play
no lighter folly for this game is too gritty
secret lair to lead his new lambs to slay

as these vignettes proxy via my dreams
projector unspools reels sickly unsweet
his breath putrefies unpeals my screams
his scent petrifies my heart shale & sleet

a once fierce heart lays flayed.

J.C. littlebird 07/06/2019.
Jayne E Jun 6
I am a seeker for the light
fighting to flee this blackened night
filled with dreams of nights gone by
tossing me restless, my heart a sigh
in these dreams
your beautiful hands are my slaughter
pulling, holding me under the water
my breath is ebbing fading fast
is this it, sweet release is it here at last?
battlefields play out in my sleep
you want me here, my soul to keep
with you here under the black rushing water
where you took your life in my name..
my eternal torture
drove your beloved Holden off the peak
of the Gorge into the wild Buller River
your body unfound for more than 40 weeks, all hope slowly did wither
at the ripe old age of 23, you chose
to take your life because of me
or so the note said, unrequited love
love not received yet given
but I DID love you, how could I know
you were so broken
by horrors endured, which remained unspoken
if you'd let me see your injured child
I could have helped, been gentle, more mild
but you knew who I was then, young, hungry
free spirited - wild,
isn't that the 'me' you fell for after all?
then surrounded yourself with a ten foot wall.
I never betrayed you, never dallied or strayed
maybe you'd have trusted more
if you had stayed.
It's all ancient history now, but you still haunt my dreams
I wake up in cold sweat, body shaking,
stifled screams.
Fighting my way back up through the
black water
fleeing your beautiful hands,
my eternal torture

J.C... undated.
Jun 6 · 618
Her good mind...
Jayne E Jun 6
Honest sweet intuition
feel no dark
in her good mind
grow more silent
to listen with my tear
is warm comfort.

J.C. honey-tiger  01/06/2019
This was written about my daughter when she was little.
Jun 5 · 66
Jayne E Jun 5
with passing peers
faster pass the years
and shifting gears
not so smoothly run
in moonlights bathe
our sunset days
too soon over after just begun

J.C. honey-owl 05/06/2019
Jun 4 · 72
Jayne E Jun 4
When the hands of time
get lost in the rhyme
when they pull you back back
and space does crack crack
it's torment in a truckloads ride
with fraught mind nowhere to hide

it's the real life boogey man
showing you just how he can
take you down down in one blink
then sleep is here & on the brink
of hell you teeter totter pirouette
the curtains shut the scene is set

back back you hurl back in time
to the darkest days & the darker nights
it's the ice cream truck that never comes
it's the cold blades glint as warm blood runs
it's the sun shining just over there
it's the monster creeping ever near

when the sun won't rise fast enough
his smooth skin hands bring the rough
and the dance won't stop only the clock
frozen in time backwards tock tick tock
it's the sickening taste of copper & dirt
& knife slices are the least of the hurt

when the scars dont heal just remain
it's the constant bleed the lingering pain
of a child's heart broken & left to rot
it's never enough & its an awful lot
see the world dissovle see trust rust
feed the need inside the want the must
try to grasp on tight a filament of hope
or contemplate swinging rough rope

it's these lines bleeding all over the place
searching seeking a familiar warm face
is it giving in or is it reaching out
or just more my sickened pen to spout
even after he's long & cold in earth deep
it's the knowing I am his forever to keep
my stolen child my innocence my hope
the faint scars left in skin of rough hewn rope.

J.C. 05/06/2019.
Ok so apologies for the 'darker' writes recently, its just how it is when past atrocities rear their **** head, and thr monster comes creeping into your dreams/nightmares.
Jun 3 · 176
Jayne E Jun 3
When is karma
as anger rises
or we become

When is karma
when we fail the test
or is it when
we stand on one
to be higher than the rest

When is karma
as we tread with care
to not hurt another
or oblivious succumb
to the snake charmer

When is karma
when others look and jeer
or when happiness calls
we find our dearest dear
then they all draw near

When is karma
is it as I close last time
your beautiful eyes
or alone in the cold bed
at night I lie

When is karma
is it the perfect dawn
of a perfect cold day
as I wake all safe and warm
when new true love is in play

J.C. honey-tiger 03/06/2019
Jayne E Jun 3
A friend once dear
told me what I now hold near
the one thing of which we can be sure
is the breath we breathe in out no more

I've thought on this many times
even when struggling with rhymes
to breathe for sure is to survive
but to live really live how to thrive?

lost in the dark the cold dark hell
for years I stumbled, I tripped, I fell
over past atrocities rained on as child
struggled with the hurting of one so mild

Years have passed not sure I'd claim wise
but, from the jaws of hell myself I prised
to search to find my bright sunnier day
again a few stumbles, bumbles on the way

Until finally the sun rose fierce and so warm
as around my heart honey-bees did swarm
as I look back now, the pain still very real
now joy too plays a part so happiness I feel

we can move past those pains carved deep
the injustices rained not needed to keep
imprisoned or freed the choice is mine
so keep breathing in out one breath a time

J.C. honey-tiger 03/06/2019.
Jun 3 · 111
Sleepless again...
Jayne E Jun 3
My dreams awake to the taste of rust
coppery flavours that eroded all trust
a child's sweeter mind strives to find
a soothe to unlock to free to unbind

history hurling rocks at my tired head
all the years unfolding a sleepless bed
escape routes blocked frozen clocks
the tock the tick backwards knocks

It's brutal this night colder than rest
it's harder this one, a tougher test
cold deep mud dragging me down
cloying my skin peeled by sick clown

his knife runs thru warm blood cold skin
this cold dark hell he has me trapped in
if I could just prise open sleeping eyes
if I could only stifle his laugh to my cries

if I could run thru him faster than light
if only I could've fought with my might
maybe I'd be freer than this cold dark
maybe it'd lighten my heart left stark

J.C. honey-assassin 04/06/2019.
May 31 · 141
Firefly femme fatale
Jayne E May 31
Alluring flashing fireflies
light up the evening sky
beware the tricky femme fatale
for if she lures you in
you're sure to die.
A perfect mimic predator
emits the mating signal awry
to entrap the unsuspecting and
randy male firefly
He approaches, saunters sideways
into her elaborate trap
oh no! Shes got you! 
now he's just a supper snack!

J.C. honey-tiger 31/05/2019.
I wrote this after seeing a nature documentary about animal mating rituals .
May 31 · 36
Let go let love...
Jayne E May 31
Don't fret after love lost
or love not yet found
I promise you in your future
opportunities abound.
The thing about love
it rarely comes when we seek it
but when least expected
along comes the mate
that's just the right fit.
I believe if we lose lust for result
throw it out to the universe
all in loves name
that's when it will catapult
back to us again.
There is someone out there
that is just right for you
let go and let love
and he will come shining through
It may be a week, a month, a year
and I know its hard when you want
to hold another dear
Have patience, have faith
just enjoy being you &
one day when you least seek it
your one will become 'two'.

J.C. honey-assassin 31/05/2019.
May 31 · 411
S.O.M.E.O.N.E. #2
Jayne E May 31
**** seductive sensual serene super!
Open optimistic orbital original!
Mesmeric moral magnanimous mine!
Emotional exciting empath electric!
Obliging outstanding orator ohh ohh!
Natural naughty neat nice nourishing!
Excellent ****** effusive exceptional!

J.C. honey-tiger 28/05/2019
Another variation on my sweetest sweets pseudynom..'someone', this one each word in the line must also start with the first letter...
Jayne E May 29
Summers morn in my garden
the red admirals all in flight
as they waft on a light breeze
wings catch sun a visual delight

Ive watched them morph
from chrysalis on swan plant
in my garden many grown
so delicate they do enchant

We call them monarchs
wings opaque fiery red
as I work over my garden
they flutter around my head

one lands on my shoulder
while I dig the hard ground
sits drying it's wings
just hanging around

does it know me as guard
of its fibrous womb
spun as diaphanous thread
until time comes to bloom

Breaking to fly free
from hard chrysalis shell,
a gift of true beauty
wings aloft high & well

delicate in wafting flight
mass migraters from
the Gulf of Mexico now
wouldn't that be a sight.

content for now with
this my quite lovely swarm
as I lie back eyes skyward
in the grass all soft, all warm.

J.C. honey-tiger 22/02/2019.
I grow swan plants in my garden have done for years now, the monarch, or red admiral caterpillars live this poisonous plant and make their chrysalis' on.  Its a delight when they hatch in Summer.
May 29 · 43
Dots and Dashes...
Jayne E May 29
Dots and dashes

Dots and dashes dits  and dahs  
sending coded messages
across 'enemy' lines flung afar
muscle memory might mete out
this coded message of love
for you dearest dear to try work out
the mystery is not in what it says
rather how it transmits and portrays

this brand new thing new joy for me too
in all of my years only now felt for you
my dots & dashes, my dits & dahs  
strives to transmit my love for you dear
when passion colludes is message clear
I try to reign in but my dashes & dots
a mind of their own message garbles lost
as the fever kicks in makes my body rock

confusing I'm sure to the dotless mass
your love is a Morse code masterclass
a language adept secret for thee and me
its symbols & ciphers uncovered by you
transmuted by words whispered near true
and by trembled thigh and shaken knee
a new language clearly has been found
its mysteries shown love clearly abounds

J,C. Honey-assassin 15/04/2019.
Haha, we have our own codes and 'secret' languages... to communicate our love for one another...
May 29 · 43
Loves (s)warm
Jayne E May 29
Back in my bed under covers
A place made perfect for lovers
All softened light lovely & warm
my honey-bee's love upon me does swarm

show me now dearest I beg of you
the things your lovers body can do
to quieten down my building storms
as my passions rain down see me transform

from sweet quiet rose to rolling like thunder
all my mysteries will pull you under
into my now swirling eddies
my body made just for you is more than ready
to show you how much I do love thee
by loosened tresses or on bended knee
Its urgent my passion & will see your fire freed

I beg you to
burn me down to ember red ashes rain down on me loves sweeter lashes
your mind I love but it cannot be denied
your honeyed ***** I crave to release my sighs
so take me now with strong wild desire
I will give it all back to send us much higher

my tongue my hands my ***** my hips
uttered soft words drip from my lips
no doubt felt for how much I want you
on my knees, love, I beg you take me do

J.C. honey-assassin 29/05/2019.
May 29 · 36
Wordy weirdos...
Jayne E May 29
Weird not wired
I drew so did you
Not dire how we do
All the weird
that weirdos do

one weird day an'
words I? (per) se
how we found
our weird way
weirdness abound

if you weird on me
I'd love to too
weird all over you
we did weird see
weird on weird lovely

wordie ******
swim don't sink
I think in pink
weirdos in sync
I could would do
****** love you!

J.C. honey-assassin 22/04/2019.
Umm..ok..well yes, its a bit if an in joke, that we are both "weird", lolz...that's all I'm saying about that!
May 29 · 86
Jayne E May 29
S - ay my name and I melt dissolve
O - pen mind find my hearts resolve
M - e and you its written in the stars
E - ternally one now we never to part
O - ft knowing my words before I do
N - ever tiring of being on with you
E - nigmatic bright feeling lovely you..

J.C. honey-assassin 29/05/2019.
Ok so my beloveds 'online' name well one of his pseudonyms, is "someone".. Hence the poem...
May 29 · 52
One month..
Jayne E May 29
31 days flying from moon thru to sun
It's the seed blown by seas just begun
Night speeds thru day then o'er again
Losing time with you to begin to no end
Its the flash of a single particle of light
It's the beauty of a solar flare so bright
It's how you moved my heart to flight

744 hours dissolve as dust in a vaccum
Hours fracture 2 zero with u in my room
Sun throws light, moon traces shadows
All exists in a moment our time slows
To     1    t e n t h    o f   a   s e c o n d
44 640  minutes, I dream we to be infinite
By now and how I'm soul deep so into it

2,678,400 seconds spent in joy with you
Totally in awe of all that you live and do
Each of my senses set to quiver shiver
I beg of you drown me in your love river
Deeper than blackest mariana trench
Yet lightest shower yr love does drench
Not 1 second I'd trade not2 be with you
Would see me forlorn leave me blue.

25/04/2019 J.C. honey-assasin.
May 29 · 35
Jayne E May 29
Adrift, floating on this sea
Solitary, darkest night encircles me.
Unable to see, I feel the
Pea soup fog enveloping me
Craving land, seeking light
Or deeply sought dual toned
diaphonic night-call,
to guide me home.

J.C. honey-assasin 29/05/2019
May 25 · 103
The penners pen...
Jayne E May 25
Its just words laid on the page
how we feel in our own spiel
keeping it real, on love, loss, rage
the penners pen scribing a path
along loves true way or
drawing a laugh
whichever way
you like to play
with word
or silent
soft or violent
building with our lines
strings of projection
seeking depth of connection
reaching in or reaching out
all is positive when ink does spout
its a penners way of working it out
what we write and how we feel
the reader seeing feeling
a different deal
can be
subjective, reflective, objective
it is for me predominantly
cathartic, a soothe, a salve
at times the release valve
writing, to me,
feels like a biological necessity
either simple or in complexity
pick up the pen
reading the lines
trails of emotion
one word at a time.

J.C. 26/05/2019
Jayne E May 25
Its messy oh yes
and when the hound
refuses to confess
at best refutes indignant
the treachery then significant
when its plainly calculated
evidence piles up, saturated
deceit creeps in sideways
lies lay down on the page
under the guise of "oh so sage"
throwing up hands in mock rage
what to say? what to do?
stoop down there in your dirt
scoop it up to expose you?
or just let it slide slither
like your shed snake skin
to wither on dry forked tongue
ethics loose and low hung
to fade away for another day
of "oh woe"
no one around to stroke your ego!
oh yes I know how it rolls
that two faced scene
been read and it is obscene
professing elevation
but disdain is the revelation
caught in the trap
fly to Venus
or just to spew up vile bile
most heinous...
to speak of love is one thing
to act with love another
lip service cheap
served up on tap flowing
when the yeasts not risen
open the oven not knowing
and it falls flat on its face
finds you amidst a schism
not of your making
just a set-up
ripe for the taking
well, I guess,
I do digress
crux of the matter is
no time for duplicity
my roll is with loyalty
so all this messy messed up prose
just too obtuse
for those who stick up their nose.

J.C. honey-tiger 25/05/2019.
Ok, this is a bit different from ny usual wtite, it was penned in response to very duplicitous, deceitful behaviour... Nasty stuff, and very surprising and hurtful as came from someone I had helped a lot & professed to be my dear friend!
Jayne E May 24
My baby feeds to me
foods of love
coats my lips
with sweet honey
off his
finger tips
his tongue
warm wet sticky
explores my mouth
little bites
***** & licky
my love
my honey-bee
my honey-honey
gifts me warm
green tea kisses
green tea
mix with honey
makes the sticky
a little runny
his warm
his fingers
and curious tongue
with love
slow dancing
in my mouth
too delicious
to resist
my honey-bee
my honey-honey
he kisses
all the honey
my honey-bee
my baby baby
my honey honey...

J.C. honey-tiger 25/05/2019
My love and I share a love of honey.. He is my honey-bee, my honey-honey, and I am his honey-tiger, his honey-owl, his honey-baby...
May 24 · 120
Lets begin...
Jayne E May 24
Let's begin
This is not for lust but rather desire
engage and ignite united ****** fire
I want your eyes on me now
As I slowly undress
Yielding my body to you
To feast upon first with those
most intense hungry eyes
As I step slowly out of my
light summer dress

Unloose my hair, tumbling tresses
fall down over shoulder,
as skin starts to  tingle
already a smoulder
with thoughts of what's yet to come
My lovely, my lover most lovely
we have only just begun

My breath is all tremble
as you watch me undress
delicious, delirious, salacious,
unbearable bliss

Run the back of your fingers down
naked flank to my thighs
trail your fingers back up now,
the length of my spine

Now pull me into you
with firm tenderness to
feel your skin your skin your skin
on my skin, my skin on yours

Kiss me deep as you hold me
pressed tight hip to hip
and ignite me now fully with
fingers and lips, tongues dancing
between us hands lost between thighs,
so begins the beginning
of moans, ardent sighs

The need becomes urgent
shudders form deep within
I need you to taste this graceless state
you have put me in, I'm begging you,
release me, as the earthquakes begin

You give yourself to me
time for restraint fading fast
neither quite sure how much
longer this can last

It's now I do show you how all
my colours unfold,
it's now that
you teach me your secret  
armour fou flying bold

arms hooked under my thighs
backed up to the wall
fully with me intense
does begin my great fall

as rapture increases, breaths
both coming fast, I cling to
you perfervidly, the hot fiery
rush of release has me fraught
pulse thunders in my head
surrender at last,
here it comes, here I ***,
ahhhhhh....I die I am dead
La petite Mort.

J.C. 25/02/2019
May 24 · 219
A child renewed...
Jayne E May 24
A Child Renewed..

Break me beautiful rend and unbend me.
intent seemed pure not to pre tend me
sleek incensed fumed sacred fire
intense repented doused love pyre

break me golden full of shimmered light
myriad colours flicker soft my soul alight
pirrohuetted dance lines guide me in
softer sillohuetted form yields to win

Break me immaculate washed free of sin
prayers fervently uttered all soaked in jinn
exalted humility painted over starry skies
deconstructed ego purified my soul flys

Break me resplendent I am renewed child
scar lines healed all gentle loving & mild
rejuvenated released free to trust again
restored to love and so let happiness win

J.C. 23/03/2019.
May 23 · 77
Aurora Australis...
Jayne E May 23
Come dance with me love
on this magical night
under the Aurora Australis
breathtaking polar light
a sight of beauty indeed
the vista of night sky
Southern lights firing
as solar winds feed
magical light show colours fly
snow beneath our feet forgotten
as breath freezes in the air
magnetic energy excites oxygen
caused by beautiful solar flares
come dance with me my darling
forgetting all our cares
under this rare gift from the Sun
although seen in the dead
of a freezing winters night
come lay in the snow
all cold now forgotten
as our pounding hearts take flight.

J.C. 23/05/2019.
May 23 · 70
Sirens song
Jayne E May 23
Ione Plexaure Calypso
daughters of Poseidon
sisters three
temptress's of highest order
beckon me
onwards under blanket of darkness
evening star sole guiding light
nocturnes singing sweetly
deliver me through this night.
Nereid nymph's steer me
blind seafarers stolen sight
rarest fair silk drawn white
are your intimate delights,
best listen softly singing,
hearts can never leave,
but know allure,
that in those luscious seas,
bring calm waters, a gentle breeze,
my repose, my peace

J.C. 15/02/2019.
May 23 · 57
Jayne E May 23
Red dragon
Black sea

White chip
Crested Tui

Blue Stilton
Green tea

(That was Sunday afternoon for me)

J.C. 23/05/2019.
May 23 · 38
Astral dreaming
Jayne E May 23
Tripping the light fantastic
along the astral plane
all time runs concurrent
a secret most arcane.
The me that is now, that was then
that will tomorrow be too
all exist in their own space
running parallel in time.

As I dance through the Aether
searching for the light
astral plane dreaming
in the dead of the night.

Catch a glimpse of each me
they say that's deja vu
but have you never wondered
how it can be that you already knew
how it all plays out before you
moments before it occurs
"Already seen" say the French
closed minds may call it,
neurology, a curse.

But I know a secret,
a secret verily arcane
I've seen the world's spin in unison
whilst I tripped the light fantastic
along the Astral plane
all time moving concurrently
all versions spinning precisely
at once
the then, the now & future me
separate yet together
such a beautiful dance.

Come traverse the aether with me
take a leap, take a chance
I will show you the past & the future
all existing in the now
brush off your preconceptions
take my hand, I'll lead the way
but remember before we take flight
keep hold of an anchor
to ground you to this world
we can only visit briefly for
a moment in the night
upset the fragile balance and
all worlds will collide.

J.C. honey-tiger 11/11/2018.
May 23 · 44
My love...
Jayne E May 23
The pale silken canvas of my skin
is where this tale of true love begins
caresses traverse my body's plains
in lovers repose tender care remains

You took my hand and led me where
until freed by your love I did not dare
to explore deep emotional landscapes
now by my free will  I seek no escape

It's true we feel a connection so deep
at times your devotion makes me weep
tears of pure joy bliss hitherto unknown
roots now deep from loves seeds sown

To think of life lived without you near
is agony pure torture wrought my dear
I push the thoughts out cast far away
and pray in my life you will always stay

the winds of heartache blew us together
who'd know we'd find our truest forever
you found me bruised and my heart torn
to turn blue to joy blast away all forlorn

I'm thankful every day I wake with you
you took the chance to see me through
my tears and hurt wounded by another
to pull me to your warmth, eternal lover.

J.C. honey-owl 23/05/2019.
May 22 · 62
The need to feel...
Jayne E May 22
I need to feel something
other than myself, today, sifted,
blown apart and separated,
exalted touched venerated

need to feel sighed back to life,
renewed, recharged and
clitorally activated by someone
other than myself, other than
masturbated, getting underrated,
validated and well just outdated

need to feel the wet wet wet to forget by an others hand tongue lips teeth, *****, **** fingertips

or by voice to direct instruct
enjoin adjure command, by demand
the shuddering rivers choked internal,
to be undammed released,
with earthquakes trembles freed,
to deliver me swept downstream

by currents bidden on tied of your
steadied voice and fervency driven,
beyond what's taken and what's given,
need to taste blood drawn by lip bitten
stroked and coaxed, choked little kitten

if my mind thought sick
then dis ease me please,
I beg forgiven, just sweet release me,
from this prison of stifled moans groans,
held on loan while desire lay risen

this need is real uncontrived,
it can't be hidden much longer,
need this dam to burst,
shatter crack and shiver
lest it perish me, or my me will wither
in decline waste away to dust,
repine disappear with her

I need this need please please me steady,
unlade this load cargo it is heavy,
these aching ***** much more than ready,
to fill the cup with nectar heady
to feel the rush the pull and push,
on my knees begging please, I need.

J.C. 18/03/2019.
Word of warning this one is s little spicy, explicit in parts...
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