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May 6

our bodies
once their
quintessential best
thought indefectible
the flourish
of faultless skin
now faintly etched
into the map
of our experiences
we change
relax into our form
less perfect
more confident ease
than tempestuous storm

the human voice
stays forever
the same

7 years
silence broken
you were 22
at first word
into hearing you
using pet names
you'd long ago lost
the right to utter
speaking easy
as if none of it happened
still with your
smooth charm
like butter
that silken voice
abstracting my choice
once more

did you
forget the
slaughter house
you made of our love
left it bleeding out
a good kick and a shove
in the gutter

you pour it on thick
like molasses
off your tongue
"remember em's?"
"when we were young...
....and in love?"
"my alpha & my omega
nose & toes
under cover lovers.."

My jaw still clicks
at times
when I'm tense
(like now)
a souvenir
click click click...
as your jaw *****
you miss me
we should
'get together'...
....'for old times sake'
did you forget
I'm filled with regret
or just miss
some of my bones
to break?

SundayΒ Β morning
one bourbon too many
a sentimental lament
your bent
a return to nervousness
night terrors
& cold panic
for me.

Your voice
just as it was
by time
you say so
is mine
loves fruit
rotted on the vine
the pull of
your ocean eyes
scented nape
of your neck
the warmth
your body lent
to mine
not enough
to untangle the tendrils
or merge again
the unentwined
good try
but the point now
forever moot
head fuckery
at its best
always was
your strong suit

Β© J.C.
Apologies, to those who read before the tweaks.. I was not quite happy with this one, so this is the 3rd don't come so easy or just flow out of the pen, especially those which are painful to pen...appreciate your patience & understanding.. J.**
Jayne E
Written by
Jayne E  F/New Zealand
(F/New Zealand)   
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