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Feb 26
11 months

11 sweet months
most would say
1 year, 12 months
has more significance
not so
for us
those double numbers
how they appear
e v e r y w h e r e
softens my heart
in sentimentality
more today
at 11 sweet months

there are still things
about how you give
your love to me
that floor me
my heart
in my chest
at the first sound
of your morning
half asleep voice
gently growling
against me
sweetly murmured
words of love & affection
your deft hands
in loving carress
desire & devotion
your generous mouth
gifting kisses
so many kisses
my happiness
first order of your day
it is still new to me
to be so beautifully loved
stirs me pit deep
feeds the need in me
to love
so fiercely
you will feel
how I carry you
with me
in my heart
as I feel you carry me
moving through the world
going about our day
each in separate ways
measuring the hours
in skipped heartbeats
until together again

followed by
the descend
by the ascend
has always held meaning
for me
waves of emotion
wash over me
carried by your current
blissfully seeking
stolen licks
of your sea foam essence
I could drink you
as an elixir
lose myself completely
in the taste of you
surrender willingly
to the pull of your love
how you push me
out past the breakers
your face radiating joy
when I beg
no more
no more
no more
you render me
in a state
of sated bliss
pulse thundering
in my head
myriads of
coloured starbursts
exploding behind my eyes

you are
for sure
but always
with sweet love
at the core
I want to lose myself
in your scent
camp out
in our secret fort
for days
with you
as my sustenance
devour you
with kisses
with caresses
secret incantations of love
against your skin
in those holy moments
of ******
our bodies
our breaths
our beats
as one

your love
how you give it
still surprises me
I catch myself
being carried away

11 sweet months
in the warmth
the tender light
of your love
the significance
of double numbers
ennobled by month

      1  +  1  = 2
   (circra 2(0)2(0)

J.C. 26/02/2020

(Of course my love, I finished this at 2.22am (spontaneously)
For you my love, and how numbers in doubles are everywhere for us, but mostly for how you communicate love, it is my darling, quite sublime.  Thank you for 11 sweet months (mostly) :)
Jayne E
Written by
Jayne E  F/New Zealand
(F/New Zealand)   
       Fawn, Crow, G Alan Johnson and Carlo C Gomez
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