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astral soul river   
From the ashes
38/M/Utopia    Writing is my food and my light. Cover art work by Keith Sloan, "Some cherish the love they see in the poet's eyes; others ...
Left Foot Poet
To walk on the left, you must know right...They taunted Hillel, recite the whole Torah standing on on one foot! He replied, “Love thy neighbor ...
33/Other/wherever sin is aborning   
Bus Poet Stop
USA    eye am a recording devicespecial filters of my own prejudice. eye live in various bus stops where punctuation of life moments need not be, are ...
Nat Lipstadt
wrote many poems here over 7 yrs. Nat, sleeping, except for poems. only paying tribute to other poets, living or dead. Still writing plenty, scattered ...
nidhi jaiswal
18/F/india    don't forget someone between hello and goodbye,there was love so much love:)🌸🌸🌸simple girl with simplicity🌸🌸🌸passionate about write🌸🌸🌸poem,articles at age of 13 years old🌸🌸🌸 nidhi jaiswal
F    The untold poetry -Poetry is my happiness!!!!
What do you see(k)?
Clementine Valerie Black
24/F/texas    I erase and erase
Andrew Crawford
27/M/Ohio    Punk, cat dad, mentally ill... rhyming words about love, grief, and everything in between... things no one probably cares to hear but I cant help ...
Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso
M/Chile, San Antonio    " IN THE DANGER GROWS, WHICH ALSO SAVE US..." I ´m Touristic Consultant & Marketing , cinematic amateur writer, photographer and amateur illustrator. Musician aspiring ...
20/F/India    Entangled in this world of cacophonous harmony. I seek to find enlightenment in all aspects of life, down to the trivial things such as a ...
14/F/USA    I'm 14, live in the United states. Life is hard, keep trying!
Colin Makgill
Mostly just crazy sauce
Michael Stefan
36/M/Washington, D.C.    I am a disabled Veteran who spent the last decade gathering intelligence for the U.S. government. I started writing poetry and short stories in grade ...
Lure Pot
26/M/✓Stay at Home ✓Stay Safe!    I'm young- So, I sing of youth Every niceness is beloved So, I would like to be nice...
32/F/Australia    A teacher, writer, therapist, experimenter, traveler and creator.
M/scotland    “Perhaps one did not want to be loved so much as to be understood.”
David P Carroll
Ireland    David P Carroll Poems All Poetry is copyrighted to David P Carroll under a Dublin and European Union court of law. Was on TV ...
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