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ry Nov 2018
For every time you doubt yourself
I wish I could
convince the universe to let us trade vision
so that you can
see yourself through my eyes
and then you will recognize
the woman, as strong as a tree
standing still after a hundred storms
the fighter who keeps on going
despite the arrows being shot at her direction
a person with so much love to be given
a friend as precious as the four leaf clover
someone with sparkling stars in her eyes
a presence, so you I can use every adjective I know to describe
you and it will always come back to the word
because you truly are
a human with flaws and doubts and anxiety crawling on your back
but you are still
For Tifa. You will be okay <3
ry Oct 2018
Loving you is like
jumping on a trampoline
one winter morning
knowing that I
will land on broken ices
piercing my skin
ry Oct 2018
happy birthday to
the girl that is no longer a girl
a grown up that has not grown
someone who is stuck
in between haunting past
and shaky future
the pitiful person who
hides behind false bravery
whose hope dies by each passing day
someone who is left with
a single thread
that hung her only moon.
As I get older, birthday gradually turns into burden.
Dear God, can I be happy this year?
ry Oct 2018
I break people
cut strings
bury feelings
break me
and I am
slowly erased
spitting blood
wishing for the world to just
because I don't want
take another
blind step.
ry Oct 2018
Little breeze came
dancing her way
dainty, gracefully

Little breeze came
with soft petals

Little breeze came
and I
gently, slowly
and then
all at once

— The End —