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Chijioke Nnamani Aug 2017
Tonight I saw two stars kissing way up in the sky
And I wandered if when the stars looked down here, we glowed too
whether one star said to another “that’s mine” or
“make a wish” or “lets see how many of them we can count”
Chijioke Nnamani Aug 2017
Who needs approval
When you’ve got identity

Who needs peace
When you have truth

Who needs possessions
When you have prosperity

When you have love

When you have trust

Good looks
When you’ve got self worth

The jeans
When you’ve got the genes

Who needs understanding
When you’ve got perspective

When you’ve got purpose

When you’ve got rest

Who needs to be seen
When you can be felt

When you can have respect

Who needs more likes
When you can have more love

When you have forgiveness

Who needs to overthink
When you can just do it

Who needs to Choose
When you can have it all

Who needs their thing
When you’ve got your thing

Who needs fear
When you’ve got a plan
Chijioke Nnamani Aug 2017
I try to catch my words
mid-air towards you
But I miss
They hit, they scar, they wound
So I send new words
But healing takes more than a hundred sorries
Chijioke Nnamani Aug 2017
I leave one city behind like a terrible past
Hunted by its pleasant memories
I pursue new adventures in another
Moving from shape to shape on the atlas
Life was meant for journey
Chijioke Nnamani Aug 2017
My life is a book.
My times with you are dog-eared.
I won't miss my place.
A haiku
Chijioke Nnamani Apr 2017
Alone with the mirror,
You stare into your eyes;
You look better than you thought;
Then you suddenly don’t;
You sigh.

Alone with the mirror,
You shine your teeth and stick out your tongue,
Run through your hair and push up your *****;
You try a few dances you saw on TV,
But you kind of ****.

Alone with the mirror,
You wish the eye bags weren’t there—
Your face would have been just perfect.
So you pout in a way that hides them;
Then you take selfies.

Alone with the mirror,
You practice what you’ll say tonight:
“You’re great and I like you but not just like that.”
With a smile you say, “Can we still be friends?”
You know this sounds terrible so you practice five other ways to say it.

Alone with the mirror,
You realize you are who you are,
And there’s not much you can do
But embrace it.
first published by Brittle Paper.
Chijioke Nnamani Aug 2016
This is how you fly
You look for a high plane
Not because you can't lift off the ground
But because you need wind to help
And there's good wind on the hill

This is how you fly
You stretch out your hands sideways
Not because you need it that way
But because it makes flight easier
And you need this to be easy

This is how you fly
You jump without fear
Not because you can't jump scared
But because fear is really heavy
And you need to travel light

This is how you fly
You lift yourself higher
Not because you can't fly low
But because you'll bump into things
And you want this to be smooth

This is how you fly
You smile and enjoy it
Not because you can't be bothered
But because you'll feel happy
And flight is better when you are
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