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Ah yes,
A new year to completely **** up.
I promised myself I wouldn't drink the next half decade.
I failed within the first three minutes
Happy new year
A poem every day
mlk Jan 2019
I'd rather
not bother
Day 3: Three strikes and I'm out!
Aaron LaLux Jan 2017
Open Anahata

I know,
we haven’t spoken in awhile,
and sure,
we see,
each other’s updates occasionally on our Facbook profiles,

and maybe we send a message,
every now and then,
but computers are a poor substitute,
for true human interaction,

what happened,

how have we become buried,
deep underneath more immediate thoughts,
and the farther down the messages you send be go,
the more the message you’re trying to send me gets lost,

but I still get the picture,
I acknowledge that you would’ve married me,
even though I told you I’m not fit to be a husband,
you didn’t care because you loved me unconditionally,

you love me unconditionally,
and I see now what that’s worth,
so please come home again,
I’ll welcome you with open arms and open heart,

an open door,
and an open mind,
mi casa tu casa mi amor,
please come inside,

I’ve been waiting for this moment again,
for such an incredibly long time,

I’m sorry I should have written you more after you left,
I’m sorry I should have sat with you more before you left,
I’m sorry I’m not sorry,
I’m sorry I was not ready yet,

but I’m ready now,
I fully accept,
everything you are,
and everything you’ve left,

I know,
we haven’t spoken in awhile,
but I see now,
what we can be now,
and believe me it is beautiful,

come home come home,
I will welcome you,
with an open heart and open arms…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Meg B Jan 2015
It's the first of the year,
and the only resolution
I can think of
is that I wanna
fall in love.

Not the kind
that's unrequited,
the sort of love that's uninvited.

Not the kind
that hurts
that leaves you
so mangled and broken
you never wanna
love again.

Not the kind
that makes you mean,
the kind without trust
that makes you green
with envy.

Not the kind
that is forbidden,
that you gotta hide.

The kinda love
I wanna find
is the kind
that consumes me,
that fuels me,
that moves me.

The up-all-night
bearing our souls,
the non-stop laughter,
beautiful disaster,
I show you all my flaws,
you love me with no makeup on,
that's our song,
you leave me words on post-its,
we hold hands just because,
and all my poetry is

In 2015 I wanna
find someone who touches my soul,
who lets me touch his back,
who unfolds into my arms
and lets me share my fears.
I want love
that's real,
that's deep,
that's too good to be true.

In 2015
I wanna fall in love,
I wanna find my

— The End —