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Sydney Carter Jul 2017
and the way
I held onto you,
as if my soul would ache
if the universe pulls us away;
made me understand
that I have missed you
for a thousand lifetimes.
Sydney Carter Jul 2017
you said you loved me,
a single lilac among others.
prettier, you said.
sweeter, softer.
you loved my delicacy,
sense of solitude,
my endearing growth.
sprouts whither,
and I find
myself asking
why must you
always turn back
to smell
the roses.
Sydney Carter Feb 2017
if ever they come for the bones of us;
for the hearts of us;
for the whole of us;
I'll fight until my very last breath
for everything that is you.
Sydney Carter Aug 2016
So, please, take my soul by the throat,
and crack my ribs with a fist full of longing.
Bend my body over the promise of forever
and take me down with a narrative that is ours

for this life means nothing,

     when my time isn't broken by you.
Sydney Carter May 2016
We once orbited the same light,
mirrored as a faded sun
within our own withered hearts,
and fighting wretched gravity
for the sake of each other's love.
We now exist on parallel planets,
waving politely in solar flares
and burning black holes
through the long, dark nights.

I just wish you missed me too.
Sydney Carter May 2016
Ever seen a ribbed-up heart
full of bone-caged love?

Thing beats like a wild animal
stuck behind bars.

And it's always screaming
someone's name.
Sydney Carter May 2016
It was one of those crisp, clear nights
when the moon begs you to run away,
and the wind whispers,
"you should never look back."
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