Nov 2017 PrttyBrd
limbs extended in surrender
slowly sapping expectation
humbled by the loss of leaves
casted to the fate of winds

moss casually draping down
bunting to the veranda below
naturally setting the stage
a balmy night's curtain call

perfume of coronated lime
headily rising to a salsa beat
the rhythm of a porch swing
rocking vaguely to memories

on a branch the bird alights
free to love and to be loved
conducting energy of promise
awakening roots to the fall
 Sep 2017 PrttyBrd
Sam Temple
Tangled mass of briers
chokes the trailhead leading into
a dark forest with echoing calls;
a murder flaps wildly and their
chorus fills the valley with song
both frightening and
exhilarating to my blood.
A chill creeps through me
as the mountain stream nearby
has entered my body at the neck
traveled every inch of my vein and artery
before leaving me at the ankle
and rejoining its own meandering body.
Is it the distant buzz of chainsaw
or simply a concert of crickets, each
tiny violin poised and ready to launch
that leaves me holding my breath?   /
 Jul 2017 PrttyBrd
 Jul 2017 PrttyBrd
I find myself
finding myself,
and sometimes I find myself

We talk it all
over for a while

Sometimes resolution
Sometimes revolution

Alone again
Wondering which steps
to follow

It's tough being human
All frailties and all

The fact our days are numbered
kind of  says it all

I told myself
in a short story
at a young age

Not to forget the dream,
The main character
He forgot the dream
And, oh

Sometimes though
when the music
is right
feeling it inside
in a trance
higher and higher
some may even call it

The moment though
it always passes

Sometimes when the mood
is right
it comes on back

Sometimes gotta go
Sometimes gotta stay
Sometimes wounded
Sometimes healing is
on its way
Sometimes in wise mind
trying to figure on out
how to stay.

Sometimes we're
going to find ourselves
finding ourselves
and find ourselves
along the way.
They call it guilt, John.
That's what the voice in the dark of the night,
would always whisper upon me.
But I was deaf, so I would never hear it.

Oh, it's just what they'll all say,
"It's not your fault",
That your brother died,
That you're a broken husk of a man.

Worry not, worry not, fair snakeskin,
fair caterpillar,
surely you, too,
will shed your skin and fly, fly away.

But he doesn't get to fly now does he?
No all he exists is,
as a sad, cold face,
dead, under the refraction of light,
that pool's death gleams.

Hmm, but you enjoy this don't you,
John, the voice said to me.
The tragic backstory, the shameless reason.
For such gleeful ecstasy, surerly,
The small price of the lie called brother,
of innocence, of life,
of something you never really had, something you never really lose,
what an even sacrifice, John, what a fair toll,
in fact how favored are you, to so enjoy,

I won't tell if you won't, she says, whispered. Why always a she and who? It finishes anyways; whether I want it to...

Spencer died,
So I can have,
my whip in hand.
That is my truth.
 Mar 2017 PrttyBrd
 Mar 2017 PrttyBrd
I have loved you still,
When I could no longer turn you into poetry.
I have loved you from afar,
When you needed space to spread your wings and navigate.
I have loved you freely,
Because labeling things usually restrict their growth
I have loved you in silence,
And you still heard every confession I never uttered.

I have loved you, unabashedly,
Let my words rage on,
I have loved you gently,
The way moon sings lullabies to a kid.
I have loved you in hues,
Both crimson and blue,
And so when the winter comes,
And your hands are cold,
I'd still be holding you.

I have loved you when you were a poem,
I have loved you when you were spiteful words thrown away, casually.
I have loved you at your best,
I have loved you when you yourself could not.
 Mar 2017 PrttyBrd
SG Holter
Spring love.
If either of us dies

It will be in celebration of
Winter passing.
Spring smells nice.

Us Norwegians live by
The weather.
When the

Hair stays on her
Pillow we both

Like there's no
I spell "love" however

I want.
Death adores its

Life and
Love hold hands and
Walk. We walk a lot.
The worst part about my life is
I still dream of you
And when I do
I wake myself up
Sit up slowly
And look to my left.
The me that needed you back then,
did not get the you who needed me
not as I was but who I used to be or
perhaps a better version of what I am now.

So our misbegotten love ached and tore,
and you belittled me with an angels laugh,
and I cursed you, forever marking you,
in the decrepit depths
of my now stone dead heart.

They say that everyone has
'The One' out there for them.
But they never tell you what to do,
when you meet them wrong,
and they are long gone.
A friend came to me,
and showed me some
genuine kindness.
I felt plastic.
My face wasn't right.
My pounds weighed heavily upon
my stone heart.
The alcohol
which brought some lies
in the form of false facade.
burnt away, thought the mask remained
She looked in my eyes
I hate the knowing.
Because I know not myself.
And I know all too well.
It is disgusting.
I wanted to tell her everything.
As I bit my tongue
I understand
I interrupted
I'll think about it
I appreciate it.
I listen but don't hear
I can't.
My life story is a burden
I refuse to place on others
This weight I bear.
This depression, always in the back.
She had seen.
Naked. Raw. Open. Exposed. Defeated.
I feel at a loss.
When I know I should have won.
Someone irreplaceable.
Someone I should not love.
But show me that genuine kindness.
Understand. And I am done.
My gift is my curse.
My heart beats for no one.
 Aug 2016 PrttyBrd
As I sit here on my patio
Watching the cars go by.
I think how peaceful this day is
As I see the USA FLAG flying high
Then inside I go, turn on the news...
And ask myself...WHY, WHY, WHY...
Do I watch this news
There is nothing good to hear
Another shooting,
Another storm, fires
and politics...WHY, WHY, WHY...
Hilary hates Trump and
Trump hates Hilary
We already know that
Isn't there something good to share?
I guess it doesn't help
To have ABC and CBS news apps
On my phone....ALERTS, ALERTS, ALERTS...
ooops there goes one now...
Catch ya later...

Life was so simple back when we didn't hear everything per news media.
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