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princessninann Jun 2015
If Doraemon is real,
I'll use his 'Hopter' to go above the clouds
Shout all my pains and get out from the crowd,
Wait for the rain and see the lightning strike the ground.

If Doraemon is real,
I'll use his 'anywhere door' to travel around the world
Oh, I'll bring my wardrobe, my lover, my bed and even my dog
With one step, I can go anywhere and  write it on my blog.

If  Doraemon is real,
I'll use his 'copying toast' to get different certifications
I'll memorize Merriam, Websters, Harry Potter and have an oration
I'll be the smartest person alive and wait I can feel the mutation!

If Doraemon is real,
I'll use his 'dress up camera' to get all all the dress that I want
I'm going to wear Gucci, Prada, Channel and even Dolce and Gabbana
I'll be more than the Hollywood stars, yeah I don't need Santa.

But Doraemon is not real,
He's not even mine, he is Nobita's childhood best friend.
That show taught me a great lesson - you don't need any gadget
to be happy, to have friends, to be satisfied or to feel loved.
Inspired by Doraemon "Stand by me" Movie
princessninann Jun 2015
I don't feel like doin' anything
I don't feel like writin' a poem
I miss my bed, I want to go home
I don't want to move, I can't lift my bone.

I'm too lazy to think of words
My fingers cannot even write this verse
Not moving an inch would be worse
Oh I want to eat something, where's my purse?

I don't feel like goin' outside
I don't want to eat my meal tonight
I don't want to think and decode this byte
I'll sleep, watch movies, eat popcorn... bye.
I really feel lazy while listening to Bruno Mars' lazy song.
princessninann Jun 2015
I prepared myself
I prepared the gift
I prepared his friends
I prepared his family

I have all the preparations
What I'm going to do
What I'm going to say
What I'm going show.

I have all the messages
I have all the photos
I have all the preparations
What happened?

Something ruined the day
I have to see him
and show to him that I value this day
But it's too late

I want to see you happy
and smile and laugh with my gifts
I want to see you being grateful
of friends and families and of God

God is still good
His love for you is enough
I love you, my beloved.
Enjoy your day.
princessninann Jun 2015
Can you see me tonight?
Can I hug you tight?
Talk to me with no anger
No, meet me without hesitation.

Forgive me for my selfish desire
Forgive me for leaving and calling you liar

I didn't know what to say
But right now, I want to see your eyes.

Forgive me for not asking if you're alright
Forgive me for being angry with you all the time

I didn't know that my words hurt you
But right now, I want to heal you.

Forgive me for not saying sorry
Forgive me for not fighting

Talk to me tonight, I'll wait until you open
That door and let me come in again.
Be strong and learn to forgive. Be courageous  and learn to ask for forgiveness.
"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." - Mahatma Gandhi
princessninann Jun 2015
I value my dreams.
I value the relationships
I value the work
I value your every word.

*I'll leave the work
but not our relationship.
I'll leave the place
but not our memories.
Today will be the start of my last 30 days in my current work :)
To God be the glory for all my actions :)
princessninann Jun 2015
I want to get out and be free
I want to step out and be happy
I want to know where these feet can take me
I want to stand up and dance wildly.

Life is not easy, I know, but suicide is not the key.
Life is bitter, also it is sweet.
Learn to have a brave face but do not cheat.
If you want to do something then begin.

If not now, when? If not here, where?
You have to make a decision,
You have to make a step.
*If you don't, you'll meet regret.
I'll do it now. No turning back. Stand. Speak. Get out and be FREE.
princessninann Jun 2015
Wordsworth** of this generation?
They want attention, fame not transformation.
where are the revolutionary poets?
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