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princessninann Jun 2015
I prepared myself
I prepared the gift
I prepared his friends
I prepared his family

I have all the preparations
What I'm going to do
What I'm going to say
What I'm going show.

I have all the messages
I have all the photos
I have all the preparations
What happened?

Something ruined the day
I have to see him
and show to him that I value this day
But it's too late

I want to see you happy
and smile and laugh with my gifts
I want to see you being grateful
of friends and families and of God

God is still good
His love for you is enough
I love you, my beloved.
Enjoy your day.
princessninann Apr 2015
another month has come
different days but the same love
princessninann Apr 2015
Said the robin to the sparrow,
"I would really like to know
Why those anxious human beings
rush around and worry so."

Said the sparrow to the robin,
"Friend, I think that it must be
That they have no Heavenly Father
such as cares for you and me."
The poem was titled, “Overheard in an Orchard” by Elizabeth Cheney.
Title changed by me. I was moved by this poem :)
princessninann Jun 2015
Maraming taon ang nasayang, mga pangarap na biglang nabasag,
'di na maibabalik sa dati, para itong tinapay na sinira ng amag.
Matagal na kong nagtitiis, matagal na kong naghihintay
na muli **** ibalik ang apoy ng iyong pagmamahal.

Akala mo ba 'di ako nanghinayang sa mga binuong pangarap?
Sayang ang dala kong mantikilya,  ang tinapay sana'y  'di inamag.
Ang apoy na sinasabi **** sa akin ay nawaglit
hindi mo lang alam ikaw din mismo ang umihip.

Nagsawa ka na bang ihatid-sundo ako sa bahay?
Nagsawa ka na bang pakinggan ang mga drama ko sa buhay?
Hindi ko naman gusto na ikaw ay mapagod,
Nais ko lang na mapansin mo ko at sa ibang bagay 'wag kang masubsob.

Matapos ang isang nakakapagod na araw, ihahatid pa kita sa 'yong bahay,
Dahil pag hindi, paniguradong tayo'y mag-aaway.
'yon ang nakakapagod - ang away, lalo na't may problema din
ako sa aking buhay
na kahit kailan 'di mo napansin, dahil subsob ka sa ibang bagay

Sabi ko "ayoko na", sabi mo pagod ka na.
Tumakbo ako, mga luha'y naghahabulan sa paglabas,
mga tanong na walang sagot, "hahabulin ba nya ako? Hindi na ba nya ko mahal?"
'Di ako lumingon, gumulo aking isipan. Nais ko lang ay pigilan mo ko aking mahal.

Sabi mo, ayaw mo na, sabi ko, "pagod na ako",
Pagod na akong magpigil ng luha at maghabol sa iyong bawat
pagtakas at pagtakbo
Mga tanong na walang sagot, " Ayaw nya bang manatili?
Hindi na ba nya ako mahal?"
'Di ka lumingon, gumulo ang aking isipan. Nais ko lang ay huminto ka aking mahal.

Kung maibabalik ko lang ang takbo ng panahon,
Kung maibabalik ko lang ang takbo ng panahon,
'di na 'ko tatakbo, ako'y mananatili, sasabihin kong minamahal kita*
Hahabulin kita at pipigilan, sasabihin kong minamahal kita
"You never know what you have until you lose it, and once you lost it, you can never get it back"

Title taken from Gloc 9's song.

English translation:

ouy evol i

Many years were wasted, dreams that were broken
We cannot go back like molded bread
I've been enduring, I've been waiting
For your fire to rekindle again

Do you think you're the only one who regretted it?
I've brought butter for our bread, but its too late
The fire you said I had lost
You're oblivious, its the fire you had blown

Are you tired of bringing me home?
Are you tired of hearing me mourn?
I didn't mean to exhaust you
I just want you to notice me too

After a tiring day, I have to fetch and bring you home
If not, we'll end up fighting very soon
That's what's exhausting, 'cause I too, have things to mourn for
Which you never noticed, 'cause your hands are already full

I said, "This is enough.", you said, "I'm tired."
I ran away, tears fell even without a try
Unanswed questions, "Aren't you going to run after me? Don't you love my anymore?"
I never looked back, but how I wanted you to not let me go

You said you've had enough, I said "I'm tired"
To hold my tears and run after you, oh I'm very tired
Unanswered questions, "Don't you want to stay? Don't you love me anymore?"
You never looked back, but how I wanted you to stop so I can hold you close

If I can bring back the time
If I can bring back the time
I won't run away anymore, I'll stay and tell you I love you
I'll run after you and stop you to tell you I love you.
princessninann May 2015
For the past years, your existence didn't matter.
For the coming years, your existence will always matter.
princessninann Jun 2015
If Doraemon is real,
I'll use his 'Hopter' to go above the clouds
Shout all my pains and get out from the crowd,
Wait for the rain and see the lightning strike the ground.

If Doraemon is real,
I'll use his 'anywhere door' to travel around the world
Oh, I'll bring my wardrobe, my lover, my bed and even my dog
With one step, I can go anywhere and  write it on my blog.

If  Doraemon is real,
I'll use his 'copying toast' to get different certifications
I'll memorize Merriam, Websters, Harry Potter and have an oration
I'll be the smartest person alive and wait I can feel the mutation!

If Doraemon is real,
I'll use his 'dress up camera' to get all all the dress that I want
I'm going to wear Gucci, Prada, Channel and even Dolce and Gabbana
I'll be more than the Hollywood stars, yeah I don't need Santa.

But Doraemon is not real,
He's not even mine, he is Nobita's childhood best friend.
That show taught me a great lesson - you don't need any gadget
to be happy, to have friends, to be satisfied or to feel loved.
Inspired by Doraemon "Stand by me" Movie
princessninann Jun 2015
I am fearless knowing that You're with me.
I am fearless, who can be against me.
I am fearless, what to fear if I can do all things.
I am fearless and my language is faith.
princessninann Feb 2019
Before the world began
He wrapped me in His arms;
He hugged me and I felt His warm.
God chose me and it's not because of who I am!

I did not chose Him
He did not even come to mind.
I chose His enemy
Who rejected me and full of lies.

God chose me and I'm part of His family
The truth that He chose me is not worldly.
He saw in me all the good and ugly,
Still, He gave His Son at the calvary.

I am not an accident, I am not a mistake
God chose me and there's nothing to break.
God loves me and it's up to me if I stay
I chose Him and in Him I have my faith.
princessninann Jul 2015
i was breathing so hard
my tears started to come out
it hurts to know that I hurt you
i am pathetic and i feel painful

i was breathing heavily
i want to shout and cry
get out from my house
so no one could hear the misery of my heart.

i was crying so hard
i can't feel my breath
am i going to lose it
or am i going to lose him?
princessninann Apr 2015
You cannot see my guilt
but you can see my lies.
You cannot escape the sin
But why do I have to take it on the chin?

Those pleasures I enjoyed
Those consequences I forgot
And now, I see my death
They are holding my breath.

My heart was beating irregularly
Why are they looking at me?
Am I terrorist that killed a hundred child?
Why throw stones at me?

They judge like a god
They **** with their eyes
I know where to go
To the one who's good and love endures.

I'm on my knees
They'll take my life like a beast
I'm ready.
Then Love approached me.

"He that is without sin among you,
let him be the first to cast a stone at her."

I heard Him saying.
Those eyes who knows nothing
Now they stop throwing.

I found forgiveness
I found freedom
How can the One I hurt the most
Save me and forgive me?

Thou mercy is everlasting
Thou grace is overflowing
You broke my chain
and take my pain.

I found life
I found forgiveness
No guilt no shame.
Thank you for redemption.
This poem is in relation with  John 8:1-7.
8 1 but Jesus went to the Mount of Olives.

2 At dawn he appeared again in the temple courts, where all the people gathered around him, and he sat down to teach them. 3 The teachers of the law and the Pharisees brought in a woman caught in adultery. They made her stand before the group 4 and said to Jesus, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery. 5 In the Law Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?” 6 They were using this question as a trap, in order to have a basis for accusing him.

But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. 7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”
princessninann Jul 2015
Our sharing of "I LOVE YOU" is my favorite part.
Because it's not the conversation of our lips, but of hearts."
I love you ❤
princessninann Jun 2015
I want to get out and be free
I want to step out and be happy
I want to know where these feet can take me
I want to stand up and dance wildly.

Life is not easy, I know, but suicide is not the key.
Life is bitter, also it is sweet.
Learn to have a brave face but do not cheat.
If you want to do something then begin.

If not now, when? If not here, where?
You have to make a decision,
You have to make a step.
*If you don't, you'll meet regret.
I'll do it now. No turning back. Stand. Speak. Get out and be FREE.
princessninann May 2015
humans for sale*
you can lick their body
you can trade their kidney
you ignore them, and pretend you can't see.

Ignorance is the key to their death
Poverty is their destiny
Hunger is their enemy
Darkness is their only escape.

And you want to take them
getting all the benefits
selling their soul
exploiting their body.

How do you see these black children?
How do you see these poor people?
Robots? Slaves? For sale?
For ***? For money? For power?

Well, I see them as human
they cry, they love, they laugh.
I see you as the Demon,
you know nothing but evil.
for the victims of human trafficking, God is with your and for all the offenders, may God judge you.
princessninann May 2015
I'm going to write
about my pain
I know
you'll not read it.
For it is
so much
that reading it
gives you torture.

You'll want
to comfort me
to hug me
to encourage me
but you can't.
because I'm just
you pity and
you really don't care.
princessninann May 2015
Imagine the sun
dancing with the planet
waving her dress just to impress.

Imagine the sky
writing poems with the clouds
his tears are falling, he doesn't know why.

Imagine the sea
running with the fish
the waves want to hug you and give you a ride.

Imagine the moon
singing with the stars
reaching the highest pitch so that the night would be loud.

Imagine God*
smiling at you
asking when will you notice His love that's always with you.
God is waiting for you to see His unconditional love.
princessninann Apr 2015
I remember Your whisper of love.
I remember Your sweet loving hands.
I remember how you carry me through
And tell me than in my heart is always You.

I remember those days where fear is nothing.
I remember those years where dream is a big thing.
I remember my thirst for true, genuine intimacy,
And how true love envelopes the whole of me.

*I treasure it all with joy and love.
But my favorite memory’s yet to come.
princessninann May 2015
to know you is to know a king
to see you is a good feeling
to miss you is a crazy thing
to love you is really amazing
love is magic.
princessninann Apr 2015
No need for jealousy
I only love you I promise
I don't love him I swear

Stop imagining things
Things I stop thinking,
Things I regret for happening.

The moments I spend with you
are far more beautiful.
I can't think of tomorrow
without your smile on the picture.
princessninann Jun 2015
Can you see me tonight?
Can I hug you tight?
Talk to me with no anger
No, meet me without hesitation.

Forgive me for my selfish desire
Forgive me for leaving and calling you liar

I didn't know what to say
But right now, I want to see your eyes.

Forgive me for not asking if you're alright
Forgive me for being angry with you all the time

I didn't know that my words hurt you
But right now, I want to heal you.

Forgive me for not saying sorry
Forgive me for not fighting

Talk to me tonight, I'll wait until you open
That door and let me come in again.
Be strong and learn to forgive. Be courageous  and learn to ask for forgiveness.
"The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong." - Mahatma Gandhi
princessninann Jun 2015
Love and lust are not compatible.
Don't fool yourself.
You'll end up hurting or dying.
princessninann Apr 2015
Let me stay like this.
Holding your hands, touching your lips.
Let the sun silently strikes our skin.
Let the morning air moves in this small space.

Let me stay like this.
Looking at your beautiful face
Face I waited so long to see
Eyes closed, thinking of nothing, thinking of peace.

Let me stay like this.
Listening to the beats of your heart.
Closer, so that I can hear my name in every pump.
Your heart gives me peace, and my heart wants to jump.

Let me stay like this.
Let the time stops.
Don't go morning, don't leave me, my heart.
Don't leave me, my love. You're the morning I stare.
Your breath warms me. You're the soul I want to stay.

Let's stay like this, don't mind the tomorrow, don't mind the world.
princessninann Jan 2016
I want to write
I want to think
I want to express
I want to show.

for him? for you?
Love? Faith? Hope?

I want to write for the glory of God.
Give me back my pen.
Because I'll write for the One.
And I'll write about His Love.
princessninann Jul 2015
Trust shouldn't be our problem.
Because Love is not love without Trust.
princessninann Apr 2015
i feel pathetic.
i want to do something
i want to start searching
i want to go to that space,
space where his soul is waiting.

the feeling of not getting what I desire
because I am at the wrong place.

let my eyes see his eyes
let my hands embrace his back
let my heart beat and dance.

this feeling of excitement.
i want it now,
but i know i can’t.

i will sleep tonight and know that tomorrow
he will be by my side.

this feeling,
the feeling of missing someone.
princessninann Apr 2015
my heart wants to write something
my mind can't think of anything
my keyboard is waiting
my notepad is empty
white space

looking at my reflection..
"show me your heart" *, i said

I see joy and peace- nothing is dead

In pain, I have so many words
In hopelessness, I see a different world
In desperation, my head is freaking out
But in joy, everything is calm

No words, nothing to write
everything I see is so bright
I don't want my heart and head to fight
From now on, I'll not only speak about my knight

This nothingness reminds me of myself
The happiness I always hide in the shelf

I want to write about it
I want to start seeing it

Everyday - smile, hope and peace
"I tell you to treat yourself precious
and go out and tell us all your adventures"* ,
I said in sweet little whisper.

"no pain can turn you down
stand up and wear your crown"

**looking at my reflection
at last!
For myself, I have given affection.
"All the rain in the sky can't put out your fire".
do not **** yourself by your words, let your every word gives you LOVE AND LIFE.
princessninann Apr 2015
why is it so hard for me to do it.
but you did it with one click.
Please my love, don’t make it a habit.

It hurts to know that for you it’s easy.
It’s painful to know that my heart is heavy.

Forgive me for making you angry
Forgive me, coz distance is giving me jealousy.

You can come back with one click.
I’ll be waiting the whole night ‘til morning.
You can hug me, and kiss my cheek.

I promise, to overcome this jealousy.
Just promise me that you will always
be beside me.
That feeling when he blocked you on social media.
princessninann Apr 2015
Wake up my love, the road is waiting.
Prepare your bag, the sun is smiling.
Take you wheels, and set your things.
Get up now, the road is waiting.

Let’s travel and explore the world.
Those trees, beaches, lakes and falls.
I love to see how nature works
And listen to the stories of different folks.

Let’s play, run, sing and dance.
Let’s make each step full of love.
With you, I’ll stay on the line
On the road, there’s nothing to hide.

*Take pictures, buy souvenirs,
swim deeper,run faster,
eat more, jump higher,
move wider, laugh louder.
Let’s do crazy while I’m still holding.
Let’s go my love, the road is waiting.
princessninann Apr 2015
"Oo",* ang sagot ko,
dalawang taong hatid sundo.
Mga araw na hindi sigurado
kung ano ba talaga tayo.

"Oo", ang sagot ko,
Buong buhay ko
Ngayon lang ako naging sigurado
'Di ko maiikakait pintig ng puso.

"Oo", ang sagot ko,
Salamat dahil hanggang sa dulo
Hinintay **** tumibok muli ang puso
Di ka napagod, di ka huminto.

"Oo", ang sagot ko,
Mga matatamis na pangako
Mga araw na ikaw lang at ako
Tunay ngang pag-ibig ang nakita ko sa'yo.
Oo means Yes. "Yes", i answered.
princessninann Sep 2017
Nothing looks good.
Nothing looks fine.
My soul is weak.
My lips can’t speak.

I desire pleasure.
I despise pain.
I am running in circles.
I am running away
princessninann May 2015
Bente kwatro oras ang kilos
Mga gawain na tila' di natatapos
Pagtitimpi na hindi nauubos
Ano pa mahal kong Ina ang kaya **** ibuhos?

Hindi ka ba napapagod?
Araw-araw kang kumakayod
Walang day off, walang bonus, walang sahod.
Hindi ba nanghihina ang iyong mga tuhod?

Tinanggap mo ang pagiging ina
Kahit sa mga anak mo'y ikaw ay balewala.
Pagkaing isusubo na lang, ibinigay mo pa,
Sa bawat hakbang nila hindi ka nawala.

Tinanggap mo ang pagiging kahalili
Inalay sa'yong asawa ang buong sarili
Sa mga desisyon nya, ikaw ay walang masabi
Sa bawat hakbang nya ikaw ang katabi.

Hindi sapat ang salamat
Sa mga kalyo sa'yong palad
Sa hindi maindang sakit sa balikat
Kahit kailan wala kang sinumbat

Alam ko hindi sapat ang aking salamat
At hindi ka kayang tumbusan ng anumang salita
Mahal kong Ina, salamat po sa lahat lahat
Salamat po sa puso nyong 'di napapagod nagmamahal.
This is a filipino poem to all the filipino mothers :)
princessninann May 2015
tulungan mo 'ko sayo ay muling magtiwala
wag mo na ko bigyan ng rason upang magduda,
hindi naman masama maging tapat diba?
hindi rin masama magmahal ng isa.

kung si Eba ginawa para lamang kay Adan,
si Adan ba ay ginawa para sa dalawang Eba?
nagkamali ba ang Diyos sa disenyo Nyang ginawa?
tulungan mo 'ko, sinta na sayo ay muling magtiwala.

sabi nga ni Chito Miranda,
"ang tiwala parang tsokolate"
pag natunaw na, di na mababalik
sa dati nitong itsura, sa dati nitong sarap.

*babalik ako sayo, hindi dahil bumalik ang tiwala ko
babalik ako sayo, dahil tumitibok pa ang puso ko
babalik ako sayo, sana tama ang pinili ko
babalik ako sayo, dahil pinili kong magtiwala ulit sayo.
this is me giving my second chance, to love again and to trust again :)
princessninann Apr 2015
why is it always raining on me?
All I want is to see that rainbow.
Rain after rain. Waves after waves.
They are taking me under.

Why is it always dark?
All I want to see is the end of tunnel.
Wandering, looking for that ray of hope.
I'm calling out, fears pull me down.

Every moment I'm starting to believe,
I'm not broken, I'll keep hoping.
It took everything for me to see,
that my life’s not ending.

*This pain will make stronger.
I have to hold on a little bit longer.
poem while listening to Mandisa's song "Stronger"
princessninann Jun 2015
I don't feel like doin' anything
I don't feel like writin' a poem
I miss my bed, I want to go home
I don't want to move, I can't lift my bone.

I'm too lazy to think of words
My fingers cannot even write this verse
Not moving an inch would be worse
Oh I want to eat something, where's my purse?

I don't feel like goin' outside
I don't want to eat my meal tonight
I don't want to think and decode this byte
I'll sleep, watch movies, eat popcorn... bye.
I really feel lazy while listening to Bruno Mars' lazy song.
princessninann Apr 2015
Is your lover's love not enough?
what if I tell you
I found a beautiful Love
What if I tell you
that this Love is unconditional.

I believe you know this,
but ignore it like dust in the wind.

This Love knows your weaknesses
and forget its own happiness

This Love experienced the greatest pain,
willing to carry your miseries and shame.

Betrayal, curse, unfaithfulness, rejection
This Love is great, but no one paid attention.

This Love watches your every steps,
in failure and in success.

Its forgiveness is above the heaven
This Love is surely God-given!

This Love saved me from hell,
Though I denied it many times.

Oh, how beautiful This Love's hands
That took me from pit of Satan.

I want everyone to know this Love
No regrets.
Full of joy, hope and peace.

I pray that this words touch your heart
I pray that this Love will be your life.
The love of the Savior, the Christ, the Messiah. His name is Jesus.
princessninann Jun 2015
I value my dreams.
I value the relationships
I value the work
I value your every word.

*I'll leave the work
but not our relationship.
I'll leave the place
but not our memories.
Today will be the start of my last 30 days in my current work :)
To God be the glory for all my actions :)
princessninann Apr 2015
it's me.
the real me.
leaving without evidence.
leaving as if nothing happened.
It's me.
don't worry.
in a situation like this, I have to put on something useful.
to ease the pain.
to forget my mistakes.
wearing it again.
it feels nostalgic.
the mask.
very useful.
show the fake until everything is normal again.
deep inside my heart is beating painfully.
i can't expect anything anyway.
It's not something I have to fight.
I'm just expecting....
expecting too much.
And it hurts. it hurts so much that I feel numb.
same pain for the last years - the pain of leaving.
no, maybe the pain of being unloved, insecure, ignored and.....
Maybe i love him so much that leaving is the hardest thing to do now.
If I will not do the right thing, I'll just feel this pain over and over again.
or let this mistake become right??

what to do? what to do?
princessninann Jun 2020
Woman stares out the window
Her heart beats faster
Her hands tremble with joy
She knows he will come

Woman holding his hope
He left to do his purpose
She never said “Don’t leave”
Her desire is his happiness

Woman is selfless
She faithfully waits
Her sadness is not hidden
And brings it on his journey

Man, you did not leave
But went to your calling
Her love will keep you strong
Your courage is from her

You fought with her love
You stood with her tears
Her hope is your shield
Her faith is your sword
When a man goes to a journey, he fights his war, he journeys to find his calling and she waits because she loves him.
princessninann Jun 2015
Wordsworth** of this generation?
They want attention, fame not transformation.
where are the revolutionary poets?
princessninann May 2015
"uwi ka na"*, ang sambit nya
sa bawat araw sya'y naghihintay,
upang magkahawak aming mga kamay;
mga mata nya'y nais kong masilayan.
hintayin mo ko, aking mahal
sa pagdating ko'y, ika'y hahagkan.
worst torture -waiting when you know there's nothing you can do.

— The End —