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 Sep 2017 princessninann
my hands became so numb
my heart too
I stopped fully
because there's no one to dedicate these for

the once again opened door
there're new sceneries to see
it's time to stand anew
flip new chapters and restart!
I've been in hiatus for four months as a poet due to personal and emotional reasons, which can be obviously seen on my old posted poems.

I'm glad I was able to get back on my feet and write poems again. It's good to be back!
 Jan 2016 princessninann
She is now my X.
And I still can't accept the reason Y.
 Jun 2015 princessninann
"Action speaks louder than voice" ,
only works in uncommitted relationships.

You are not his only choice,
but always steals a kiss.
He reaches for your hand to hold,
but you're not sure if it's just for tease.

Waits for you 'till your shift's off,
other times it's your hair already turning grey.
He drives you home,
then drives another the next day.

Then he suddenly distanced himself,
saying he have other plans.
You swallowed your pride and plead,
asked him for a second chance.

He had a firm no,
but with a vague reason.
With a broken heart, you know what to do,
and that is to accept and move on.

You're in the middle of the process,
and yet he interrupts.
He does what he does best,
and is again closing the gaps.

You're in a tight spot,
but you should know better.
Listen to us with no buts,
we don't want you to be hurt again by that heart-breaker.

What have we told you,
about what we felt about that person?
Someone who purposely do,
leave holes for his victims to fall.

So guard your heart more,
do not let just anyone to penetrate through.
You should lock the door,
give the only key to someone who is true.

And the next time you take the free fall again,
we'll just always be here as your friend.
And if you ask us out to dinner to tell your pain,
we'll just remind you then and there..

"Action speaks louder than voice." ,
only works in uncommitted relationships.
If you're in a committed relationship, clear communication is crucial.

For our dear friend leeannejjang.
Cheer up and move on!

From your friends, Je & Kam.
I was blinded by the word "Love".
Like entering a world full of sparks.
I remembered the time when they try to pull me out,
But I was to stubborn to stop.

I didn't listen to their advices,
I never gave any second glance.
I offered my heart,
As a ticket to a place I thought would last.

One day, everything shattered in front of me.
I tried to fix things but never succeed.
I plead to give me a seconde chance,
But was not granted.

I was like a child being thrown out of a house,
Looking for a place to hide,
When the storm arrive.

I cried in the corner,
Waiting for him to rescue me.
But he never did.

I walk.
I run.
But then, this time they pulled me again,
Back to the reality I thought I will never see again.

They saved me from the depths of the dark hole I created for myself.
Slowly, I'm trying to fix myself,
patching up the fragments left broken somewhere.
Thank you to my good friends JK. and all those who gave me their unending support. Ill be back to who I am. Just wait for me.
Painted in my life,
Always in my heart,
Unable to forget my
Love for you will always remain.

Gone in the wind,
Acted like nobody cares.
Because you left me alone,
Reality slowly pops me like a balloon.
I never thought you would leave like this
Even the wind didn't feel,
Like a ghost that never exist.

Hoping someday I can smile,
Out of this black hole I hide.
Forgetting about the past,
Ending  a story that can never last,
Risking everything I have.
Am I too late?
Why didn't you wait?
We could be together,
If you wait for me a little longer.
Now, our happily ever afer,
Becomes a never after.
Today, you left me again.
Alone in this dusty roads.
You know how much I want to cry?
That the very person I wanna be with,
Doesn't care for me a bit.

Today, I realize I am not your priority.
When you are always on my top list.
I waited for you to call my name,
But you never did.

Today, I was so hurt.
That I just want to runaway from you.
From all the memories with you.
Because everytime I think you of I'm slowy fading away.

Today, I want to say to you "I really wanted to hate you, but I love you."
Ps. PGH, I think I need to forget that I love you or else I will drown myself and never get back.
"Isang stored card po."
Sabay abot ng 100piso.
Pinasok sa makina "toot".
Bumaba sa hagdan.
"Hay, nakakpagod."
Nakita ang mahabang pila ng mga taong nagaantay.
Napa-buntong hininga.
5...10...15minuto wala pa din.
Ako'y lumingon sa kanan't kaliwa.
Inobserbahan ang mga taong iritable na sa pagaantay.

Sa kaliwa, nakita ko ang isang lalaki,
Postura, nakasalamin at kagalang galang ang suot.
Mukha nagtatrabaho sa isang malakingkumapanya at may mataas na posisyon.
Abala sa pagtingin sa relos na rolex ang tatak.
Ako'y napatanong sa sarili ko,
"bakit niya mas piniling pumila dito kung saan malulukot ang suot na barong?"

Sa kanan naman ay isang studyanteng binata,
Naka-uniporme, maangas ang dating.
May naksaksak na earphones sa magkabilang tenga at sumasabay ang indak ng mga paa.
Nais ko sana makihati sa musikang kanya naririnig.

Sa likod ko ay isang babae,
Napapamura na sa inis.
Mukhang malalate na sa opisina.
Naka-make up at nakheels.
Gusto ko siya bulangan,
"Ate, kalma lang. Hindi mapapabilis ng pagmumura mo ang pagdating nian."

At sa wakas dumating na,
Ang hinihintay ng lahat.
Inihanda ko na ang sarili,
dahil sigurado ako ay maitutulak, masisiksik,
matatapakan at masisiko sa loob ng train ng MRT.
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