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pk tunuri Jan 2020
My Life is just as same as running on a treadmill!!

It feels like, I'm running miles & miles!
Yet, I happen to find myself in the same position!!

Losing something!
Gaining Something!!
For all those who keep asking me how my life is?
Here's the best answer I could come up with
pk tunuri Jan 2020
I wish i could find a plane that takes to you
However far you are grandma, I'll come to see you

I'll give you all the kisses, you once gave me when I was a kid,
Will you let me spend my summer holidays, just like the old times?

I don't know on which planet you reside now
I just want to meet you once, can you please tell me how?

Don't worry! I'll find my way, be it mercury or mars
I just want to listen to your stories again, gazing at the stars.
pk tunuri Jan 2020
The one who amazed me, with so many stories,
In my childhood has left me, to the stars and beyond.
pk tunuri Jan 2020
As you keep making memories in life!
Some system functions may not work!!

pk tunuri Jul 2019
The only thing that humans can produce
working in pressure is nothing but ****
pk tunuri May 2019
Boy : 1 2 3
             Set me free

Girl: 6 5 4
            Are you sure

Friends*: 7 8 9
                  Everything will be fine
pk tunuri May 2019
Writing heals if you're in pain
Writing won't let your memories go in vain
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