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 Feb 2020 PJ Poesy
Max Neumann
a man and i need you
my soul is still a boy
my body has a huge c...
and i give you this toy
 Jan 2020 PJ Poesy
Mrs Anybody
We are children of the internet
slowly forgetting how it was
without social media

We are children of the internet
learning a false image of reality

We are children of the internet
being told we have to be perfect

We are children of the internet
being bullied by faces we will never see

We are children of the internet
hiding behind screens

We are victims of modern technology
We are victims of progress

We are the children of the internet
 Jan 2019 PJ Poesy
 Jan 2019 PJ Poesy
In 2019,
I want more.

Want more sunrises
More rolling out of bed with a purpose

More afternoons curled in a love seat

I want a garden
inside me and in my backyard

More friends
More nuzzles from dogs

More oceans

More allowance to make mistakes
After all, you were brave enough to try.

More stillness
More belly laughs
More love letters

More sway in my hips
Cool breeze on my lips

More looking in the mirror to see my smile
not the width of my thighs

More finding shapes in the clouds

More moments that leave me breathless

More life
All the painfully messy beautifully chaotic morsels
dripping from my chin

In 2019,
I want more.
 Jan 2019 PJ Poesy
You don't make it easy.

I'm not an easy person to be around.
I make that clear.
Still, they shrug it off going, I'm sure you're not that bad.
No, I am.

I have cheated, I am abrasive, argumentative, opinionated and spiky

But everyone likes me when I have some use
And that, at times, breaks me.
 Jan 2019 PJ Poesy
 Jan 2019 PJ Poesy
you can vent
but we only care if you do so delicately
 Jan 2019 PJ Poesy
My dog is pure heart
Unconditional loving
Innocence in motion
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