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blank 3d
2 midlife crises
by the age of 22
blank 6d
my emotions keep
throwing me out of whack
blank 6d
conventional wisdom
is pretty useless dumb
  6d blank
Anxious all the time that this world isn't for me
Fearing failure with every opportunity
Racing heart, trying to breathe, to think, searching for air,
Agony, so many emotions, too aware
Intrusive thoughts that don't make sense, loud, amplified
Dying before death arrives, I'm a coward inside.
blank May 10
how do your emotions
come in a rhyme
  May 10 blank
Mitch Prax
I now realize that
my biggest problem is me-
it always has been

11:11 PM
blank May 8
without language
poems would all be sensations
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