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blank May 14
the empath slits her guts
but these cuts don’t bring relief
  Apr 22 blank
Annika J
maybe i don't want to be fixed

if i'm fixed
i can still be used
and i'll have to keep going
keep fighting

but if i stay broken
maybe i'll be thrown out
and replaced
so others can move on
and i can
blank Apr 22
my heart is abused by my mind
and it can just stare paralyzed
blank Apr 2019
maybe i don’t hate people
but i’m afraid they hate me
blank Mar 2019
there’s a virus in my brain
it’s always chaos on the screen
  Jan 2019 blank
In 2019,
I want more.

Want more sunrises
More rolling out of bed with a purpose

More afternoons curled in a love seat

I want a garden
inside me and in my backyard

More friends
More nuzzles from dogs

More oceans

More allowance to make mistakes
After all, you were brave enough to try.

More stillness
More belly laughs
More love letters

More sway in my hips
Cool breeze on my lips

More looking in the mirror to see my smile
not the width of my thighs

More finding shapes in the clouds

More moments that leave me breathless

More life
All the painfully messy beautifully chaotic morsels
dripping from my chin

In 2019,
I want more.
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