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Molly Jan 2023
Dear 2023,

Last year I asked on my knees for one more trip around the sun and I’ve emerged as if I’ve spent the year laying in clover, arms open to the sky  

and while I laid there in stillness, all that I needed found me.

All that I needed came and laid down beside me and all that I needed stayed with me while I started over
wiser and braver and with more softness
More “let’s sleep a little longer” more “you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to”
Less harshness, more softness.

Dear 2023,

Teach me nothing is permanent.

Teach me to rise each morning with the pure fascination of the way my breath sounds and how my body feels and who I am that day- teach me to sit with her and stare into her eyes and ask her “what do you need?”

Teach me to hold others how they need to be held, not how I want to hold them. To treat them as newborns, tender and with gratitude. Let me hold myself the same way.

Let me speak all that is in my heart
Let me stare at my darkness and invite her in for tea, ask her what she’s afraid of.

Dear 2023

Engulf me in new beginnings and the gift of stepping into the arms of others and trusting there is good inside them too

I have tended to the garden inside of me and this year I will sit in the shade of all that I have grown, wild and free.
Molly Oct 2022
We are not taught  
not everyone is going to want to go on the journey with you,
and there is grief in that
the melancholy that comes with wishing you could bring everyone that matters along on the road to becoming
Of loving ourselves fiercely
Being wild and kind

Sharing the simplicity in silence and marvelling at the resilience of our hearts, of what we’re living for

Not everyone can see so far

But you can
and you will leave prints in the earth for those who are wondering “can I follow too?”
Molly Oct 2022
Outside of the confines of who we are told to be

Who will we dare to become?
Molly Jun 2022
Show me choosing the choice that leads me back to my heart

Show me moulting my skin every single spring every time I wash my hair because we are beings made of water and water, by nature, is in motion

No wonder I am most alive when my heart is pounding my soul stretching lungs full of sea air

Show me the beauty of living a thousand lives in one breath

Show me we are made for this life
Molly Apr 2022
It is nights like this
When we recite in meticulous detail a moment in time when our minds were intertwined, exactly 4745 days ago…
my heart says it was yesterday
Because what is time, really,  to a heart?

My bones whisper to me that in a parallel universe
it is us who grow old together
Attached at the hip while we stare at the stars
Holding joy in our hands
Molly Mar 2022
I am learning that slow is good
Slow is growing
You do not have to run to reach the sky
The sky will come to you when you are ready

The trees know this
The rain too
Rivers and their curves aren’t created in an afternoon
Breathe slow ache slow fall in love slowly and with purpose for this is
how you hold
time in your hands
Molly Feb 2022
I am learning  
I am magic
I am a force to be reckoned
I am the reckoning
I am free I am running wild like fire I am fire
I am heartache and yearning held together by bravery
I am brighter than my darkness
I am light I am light
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