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Molly Feb 15
“You are infinite”
I whisper to the flower petals
They get lonely, too.
Molly Feb 2
Dear 2021,

Please be gentle with my heart
Show me how to love bigger and often
Teach me how to open my chest to the sun and let it dance within my ribcage
Let me run wild
In solitude and in company
Let me dream of wildflowers, ones that grow through the cracks
I want to be like them, courageous and triumphant

Dear 2021,
Show me the road back to myself
Fall in love with the journey
Fall in love with me
Wrap me up in your arms, and whisper to me
You are whole, you are worthy, you are wildflowers you are
Dearest 2021, I am ready
To grow another year wiser.
“Fingertips trembling, though they may be.”
Last line is by Anis Mojhani, from his poem Shake the Dust
Molly Sep 2020
When your bones are tired
And your heart is weary
Eyelids heavy

Do you pause to remember what the grass feels like between your toes?
To remind yourself of the summers when you had hours to spend dancing in the sun
Observing an ants journey across the sidewalk
You would measure the time passing by watching the clouds
The shapes morphing slow enough you couldn’t see, but you’d blink and then they’d be different
Blink and it’s all different

Summer turns into fall
I blinked and you became a stranger
Your eyes are familiar but your insides are different like the weather

The flowers come and go
I managed to bring some of them inside before the winter
Gathered them up with the memories of you from when we were young and careless
When we cared more
About giving than not being hurt
Molly Aug 2020
This year taught me

You're more resilient than you think
that there is comfort and joy in solitude

hugs are like honey

I learned you can find happiness where you least expect it

That the only way out is through

there are more outreached, helping hands than you think

how grand it is
to simply be
toes dipped in the river
sunset kissing your forehead
trusting it will rise again
Trusting this is not the end
Molly May 2020
To the daughters who were born without a safe haven

To the mothers who baptized their daughters not in holy water
but in their heartache

To the daughter who raised her mother first
then herself

To the mother who thought being a mother would save her
to the daughter who taught her mother through her existence alone she could never make her whole

to the daughters who tried to make her whole anyway

to the mothers and daughters who resent each other and
don't know why

To the daughter who struggles to decide
between pleasing her mother
and pleasing herself

to the daughter who finally learns what it feels like
to choose herself
to the mother that does the same

to the mothers and daughters who run from unconditional love because they've never known the feeling

may you find peace
for yourself and for her
Molly May 2020
And I learned that my breath
Will continue to flow
inhales and exhales between my lips
Just like the ebbs and flows of a riverbed

My belly rises and falls
As if to illustrate that beginning over and over
Is not a bad thing
Inhale after inhale is inevitable
Exhales, like failures, serve a purpose
To begin again
Over and over
To begin again.
Molly Apr 2020
Under the current circumstances
I am finding certain moments in time to bring tears to my eyes
Out of sheer gratitude for their existence
I am determined to soak each up
absorb them through my skin
carry them with me
I cling to them so I do not take them for granted ever again

An embrace
a familiar face in real life
not on a screen
birds chirping
overhearing a conversation as strangers pass you on the sidewalk
a quick chat with the barista
catching someones eye in the park
the park
the freedom to explore with no restrictions
washing your hands before a meal to be polite
and not to stay alive

feeling safe

my tears gather to remind me that I am
I continue to be  
painfully gratefully joyously alive
in spite of it all
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