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Molly Apr 5
It is nights like this
When we recite in meticulous detail a moment in time when our minds were intertwined, exactly 4745 days ago…
my heart says it was yesterday
Because what is time, really,  to a heart?

My bones whisper to me that in a parallel universe
it is us who grow old together
Attached at the hip while we stare at the stars
Holding joy in our hands
Molly Mar 25
I am learning that slow is good
Slow is growing
You do not have to run to reach the sky
The sky will come to you when you are ready

The trees know this
The rain too
Rivers and their curves aren’t created in an afternoon
Breathe slow ache slow fall in love slowly and with purpose for this is
how you hold
time in your hands
Molly Feb 14
I am learning  
I am magic
I am a force to be reckoned
I am the reckoning
I am free I am running wild like fire I am fire
I am heartache and yearning held together by bravery
I am brighter than my darkness
I am light I am light
Molly Jan 15
We are gathered here today for  the part of me who repeats over and over “not good enough”
Today is the day I burn the part that thinks it’s only worth doing if it’s perfect
It’s only worth saying if it gets praise it’s only worth living if it’s achieving
Today is the day this version of me dies

And isn’t it beautiful
Isn’t it heartbreaking
The seeds I grew inside myself, some of them rotten
What a gift
what a tragedy

Today is the funeral.
Today I rise.
Molly Jan 9
Dear 2022,

I have arrived
bare and alive
flawed and unruly

wrapped in lavender
Last year I held joy in my palms
washed my face in it
Last year I showered in eucalyptus
I let my hair grow past my hips
Painted my toes with honey to show the bees they’re welcome here

Last year I began by asking for kindness and comfort and love and I learned I didn’t need to ask the sky

I can create all these things for myself
I can plant them and nurture them
I can nurture me and love me and pour sunshine over me

So 2022
Here I am
Stepping into you
Ready to be planted
I am here with open arms
Asking for nothing
Except for one more trip around the sun
Molly Jan 3
(To your inner child)

Tell her she needn’t weather the storm on her own this time

Wrap her in lavender and sing to her and dress her in courage. Tell her she is as powerful as her wildest dreams.

Let her rest in your arms,
Watch the sunrise together.
Accompany her grief, comb the knots out of her hair
Let her run barefoot in the dirt with no consequence

Write her love letters, mail the ones she wrote for those who were incapable of receiving
Burn the ones where she blamed herself.

“Too much too wild too selfish too human too challenging too loud too loving too anguished”

Burn it all, let her hold the match so she understands she is the master of her fate.

Hold her tiny hand in yours until she dissipates
Absorbed into the roots of your inner garden;

She is owed a place there, but she will no longer overshadow the other wildflowers.
Molly Jan 2
I always wanted to walk through fire
But now that I’m here
Surrounded in flames

Soul burning

I don’t want to walk
I want to dance
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