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 Jan 2017 Petal pie
Her eyes are a metaphor,
   a conceit, fantasy

No shakespearean sonnet
   even a lyric, will suffice
   to describe the elegance she carries

Her smile, the greatest curve,
   all simile will be denied

Haikus and couplets
   even the long ones
   will not be enough

Her laughter is a song,
   a perfect harmony and melody

She is neither a hyperbole
   nor full of irony
   instead she is perfect rhyme

She is a walking poetry
   a personification of aesthetics

Almost an abstract
   unfathomable beauty
   out of the ordinary
So glad I'm able to write this one after a looonnngggg time.

***! ***! I can't believe this was selected as a Daily!!! I am beyond happy!! Never did I expect this to happen. Thank you everyone for taking time to read and appreciate this piece of mine ❤

Again, my overflowing gratitude to all of you
 Jan 2017 Petal pie
The con artist
 Jan 2017 Petal pie
He had a way
with a pen,
my friend
the part-time
con artist, full-
time drunkard
with twinkles
in his eyes
like stardust,
and wrinkles
from laughter
as loud as
a clap of thunder,
and it was
really a wonder
to watch him draw
his last breath
with such depth
like an outline
of a shadow,
a sinkhole
in the shade
on the side
of a dark ridge.
 Jan 2017 Petal pie
I've got many things
on my mind
I might as well
talk to you.

I'm twisted
I'm disturbed
I'm vice ridden
I'm desperate too.

You look okay
I might as well
talk to you.

My life has been spent in shadows
trying to emerge
I've swept the floor
washed the windows
did the dishes too
I guess that is what they call this life.

I've seen the tunnel on one too many codeine
Grandma sent me away

I've gone astray
I blew up my future
behind *******
My children say
I gambled it all away.

One mellows in their old age
No time for anger
No time for drama too.

I've learned to accept myself
Accept you

That testerone
it blows up
it calms down

Sleep it goes way too fast
I wake up to another day.

I've rubbed myself raw
I know what it means to be deranged
I know what it means to long for it too.

You understand.
Don't nod off now
I'm coming to the most interesting part

But I woke up
in another horizon
Woke up on another plain
Another dimension has called my name
This life I now savor.

As you have said
I know it is predictable moves
A complicated game
I never learned to play.

Another opportunity
to prove I'm never
what I'm supposed to be.

I've done the best I could
with what I've got
With that I am at peace

I apologize for everything
I have ever been,
But I am alive
I'm still breathing
have another day to
prove it all again

I've got things on my mind
I might as well talk to you.
I know this a little bleak,
But truly Happy New Year
to our Hello Poetry community.
 Jan 2017 Petal pie
Joshua Haines
The strands hanging from her Selsun Blue scalp
like pasty, jittery children's legs;
beyond buckwheat, before bottle-ship shoulders.
And she's so kind with her philosphy books and new diet,
I think back to when she was four and where she believed in me,
for the first time.

Her jawline is made up of alien angles,
she has tattooed forearms;
peach fuzz skin decorated with cheap, olive maps,
pointing towards a choreographed heart,
towards a neon mind.

And she has one thousand paper coffee cups
discarded across the urban earth,
spilling out onto the asphalt jungle,
much like every chance she gives.
Bloodied and twenty-four,
an abstract thought in a lonely existence.
I've never known.
 Feb 2015 Petal pie
Justin G
I couldn't fall in love so I fell asleep
I traveled with a group of four  
In a gray-black jeep

I couldn't fall in love so I fell asleep
Yeah, we went down that road
We saw the gray skies
I wore the black wool
She dyed the white sheep
She lived a lie once
I lived to die twice

I couldn't fall in love so I fell asleep
As I close my eyes
I wonder why?
Why must I be a passenger?
Why am I just this bachelor?
Yesterday was my birthday
I just turned twenty-five
What a long long drive
I think I'm finally ready to strive
But however...
I couldn't fall in love
Or fall asleep
So when I dwell
Just beep
 Jan 2015 Petal pie
 Jan 2015 Petal pie
I recently got reminded... Oh how I am caught
In a delicate web of disillusions
Make me see what is actually not
Make invisible my heart's secret questions

Been successful in putting aside all grief
But truth has it's way to make you pay
You can bury all grievances; you can mask all disbelief
But it'll all catch up; these things you've kept at bay

Make your silly compromises
To have the the best you just make allowances
Keep up your futile pretences
Accommodate your selfish preferences

Day had dawned where each question need their answer
Questions I've shrugged and left unaddressed
Indistinguishable when fact and fiction begin to blur
When dreams and reality have coalesced

Tonight I lay with the load I bring
Body asleep with my heart fully awake
Blessing or curse, this rude awakening
Decisions and choices left for the following suns to make
 Jan 2015 Petal pie
Joseph Paris
Shakespeare: "doubt that the stars are fire, doubt that the sun moves, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt that I love you"
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