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 Jan 2015 Petal pie
Haydn Swan
The milk of human kindness,
a bitter tincture to swallow,
hold the nose, sip it down,
malaise caught in a furrowed frown,

never to bite the hand that feeds,
just gnaw at the skin until it bleeds
the masters table has room for all,
fain take our fill from the crumbs that fall.
 Jan 2015 Petal pie
Edward Coles
The door slammed shut so long ago,
your shadow in the breeze,
I find the pencil and the song you wrote
that brought me to my knees.

Christmas came on lower branches,
the cheap seats, the lonely guitar,
I sang to the person who you used to be
and smoked out who you are.

Even now I am still diseased,
still struggling to find a G-d.

Thought I found him in the autumn leaves,
before I was certain, he was gone.

The window shook on its hind legs
as the widow swallowed her sleep,
the spider came out from his abattoir,
all searching in darkness deep.

In a single bed, teeth grit shut,
twisting sheets in the street-light glow,
I hold my pillow like a brand-new woman,
exchanging heat for the money I owe.

Even now I am still fatigued,
indebted to G-d and home-grown guilt.

I have learned to grow and plant my seed
far from shadows that bring me to wilt.
 Jan 2015 Petal pie
Elijah Almond
the dreams are the worst
the panic the waking poker face can't hide
everything so casual, so careful
the smiling politeness of the storm inside

and sleep

here is not why
all the forks in the road
only you thought  you were clever
always choosing the reckless side

and sleep

you get away with all your crimes
so now what's the plan?
do you have anything left to do?
endless questions the next step

sleep will take you

what will you say?
if you ever have to explain yourself truthfully
eyes ahead
the traffic roar, the night

it's dark but no sleep now

on the edge of the overpass
in the crisp autumn air
your one way ticket to midnight
is just a single step down there
 Jan 2015 Petal pie
Elijah Almond
you wake up
i think this is a time zone
you scatter the dirt
off your body
for a moment
when your  pretty face isn't built to a snore
another moment
you're just dreaming for

waking up
consciousness hand in hand
I'm sorry
did I have something to say?
I got distracted.  
I have some kind of plan

at least I'd have you believe that way
 Jan 2015 Petal pie
Elijah Almond
a man wants to help me
i fell down
i just fell down
yet he stopped his car

to see if I'm okay
the blood is just a scrape
my jeans have a rip
this is all my doing

i fell
i only fell
I survived
the blood is a miracle

I am alive
 Jan 2015 Petal pie
Elijah Almond
in the days of being vicious
through the inane,
mundane chatter.
we wonder who will miss us
so very savagely
defying for it to matter.

we proclaim we're not afraid
as we sob
wretched in hurt.
we dance on display,
legs flailing,
face down in the dirt.

...but when the tears get boring
just finally
so sick of yourself.
that's when you may **** down.
eyes so blankly
letting your lips hold the ground.
 Jan 2015 Petal pie
db cooper
The beauty of our love
Paints a canvas of ages
With the softest brush
Haiku for my wife.
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